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Hi All. I am looking for an excellent new primary care doctor who takes UC Blue and Gold (Healthnet) and is accepting new patients. I am in my 60's, in good health, but with some long-term issues that need monitoring. I would love to find a practice with a good website and modern facilities (my previous doc's office was shabby and dirty, and they have no web presence at all). I live in Berkeley but am willing to travel for a great doctor. Thanks!!

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I had to switch my primary care physician last year and chose Dr. Andria Johnson with John Muir Health.  Her office is located in the John Muir Health/UCSF Health Berkeley Outpatient Center. I found her very thorough and personable.  The office is modern and the office procedures are very up to date (email notifications, patient online portal for test results and appointment scheduling.

Best of luck in your search