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Aug 2011

Re: Seeking easy-going general practice doctor
Not sure if she's compatible with your insurance, but both my children and I have seen Dr. Francine Yep at North Oakland Family Practice. The kids and adults in my family have all felt listened to and respected during our appointments. I suspect she is very good with young women. You deserve the respect you are looking for.

Jan 2011

Re: Seeking African-American Doctor
I recommend Avis Logan at North Oakland Family Practice. My primary care doc is affiliated with this practice, and I've seen Dr. Logan a few times over the years. She always seems accessible, compassionate, and thorough. The practice is well-run, too. JM

Jan 2011

Re: Seeking African-American prediatrician
I've seen Dr. Andria Johnson at North Oakland Family Practice, and I've had positive experiences with her. My family (including two young children) are regular patients of Dr. Yep at the same practice.

Dec 2009

Re: Need Hills Physician M.D.
I love my doctor, Francine Yep, at North Oakland Family Practice, part of the Hills Physicians Group. her office is on Telegraph and 33. She is smart and friendly.

April 2008

Re: Patient GP for elderly mom
Dr. John Good is great for geriatrics. He's on Telegraph in Oakland. I'm sorry I don't have his number. He was my elderly momt's physician for several years. He's very caring, returns phone calls, a really nice guy (I thought he was someone I could be friends with) and seems to be a good doctor. I'm sure he's in the phone book. I know he sees all age people but I think he has a large geriatric following. Good luck. anon

Oct 2007

My husband and I are looking for new primary care physicians, and I read very positive things about Dr. Francine Yep from North Oakland Family Practice. Unfortunately, she isn't accepting new patients, so I'm wondering if anyone has comments about her partners (who are accepting), Dr. Avis Logan, Dr. John C. Good, or Dr. Edwin Munich, as well as their staff and office. Also, I'd appreciate hearing about anyone else you'd like to recommend in the Berkeley/Oakland area. We're looking for an MD who might occasionally call back personally, rather than always the office staff, open-minded, good communication skills, and of course, knowledgeable. Thanks!

Dr. Yep is my doctor but she works part time so when I need a same day appointment I see whoever is available and they all good. I would recommend Dr. Munich highly, also Dr. Logan is wonderful. NOFM Satisfied Customer

I have seen Dr. Yep, Dr. Munich, and Dr. Logan at North Oakland Family Practice. Dr. Logan is very friendly and approachable. Dr. Munich is a bit more reserved. The problem I have with North Oakland Family Practice is more organizational. I have often waited for 30 minutes to an hour to see a doctor. I have called the office to get advice about my flu symptoms and never received a call back. I get the impression that there is a general lack of communication from the front office to the nurses to the doctors. I plan on switching out of the practice next month. dissattisfied

Just wanted to report our whole family of four has Dr Munich at NOFP as our primary care physician and we've been very happy with his care and that of others in the office (esp. Kate who we usually see when Dr. Munich isn't available). I've found him caring and willing to spend time when I need it. The flip side of this is he's often running late. And I do agree the office doesn't always run smoothly and some of the nurses/assistants are great but others not great at all. But the quality of care is good and we've been there 7+ years. - Happy patients of Dr Munich

Feb 2007

Re: Young Woman looking for reliable Doctor
Francine Yep, General Practice doctor is wonderful. She is knowledgable, takes her time with you (it never feels rushed), she answers your questions thoroughly and ensures you understand before you walk out of her door. Happy with GP

Sept 2006

Re: Great doctor
I am pleased with the care I've received from my primary care group, North Oakland Family Practice (3100 Telegraph Ave # 510-286-8160). So far I have seen Dr. Good and Kathleen Gillis, FNP and am impressed with and appreciative of the care I've received.

Kathleen Gillis is a nurse practitioner and was easier to schedule with and was great, funny, thoughtful and very responsive to my needs. I had also brought with me my active 6 month old son, and she was unfazed by the distraction--in fact she really helped with him even though she was seeing me as her patient.

When I saw Dr. Good I was impressed at his attentiveness and time he spent with me. He was very supportive and caring as he listened to my every complaint (I was 8 months pregnant and sick with sinuitis).

I can imagine that the rest of the doctors at North Oakland Family Practice are as competent as these two practitioners--but I can definitely vouge for Dr. Good and Kathleen Gillis. It's a great feeling to trust your doctor (and nurse practitioner). I highly recommend them. -maria

Nov 2006

Re: General practioner who takes Blue Cross Shield
I have Blue Shield insurance and I'm a happy patient of Dr. Francine Yep. She's a family practitioner in the Hill Group. She works out of North Oakland Family Practice near Summit. Several friends of mine also go to her and we're all really pleased with the care we get. anon

Sept 2005

Re: Female GP in Alameda or Oakland
Hi. I've been a patient at North Oakland Family Practice for 15 years. There are two male doctors, two female physician's assistants, and two (three?) female doctors. We've seen everyone there. The physician's assistants function just like doctors; in seeing them, which I've done often, I am not aware of a difference. Everyone has great bedside manner and stays in the room long enough to make sure your questions are answered. They are not into overly invasive things, medications, or other practices that I find questionable. They always explain choices and will make recommendations if asked but will also let the patient make the decision if not asked. We have two daughters, four and six, and we've used the practice as their pediatricians from the start. The practice handles routine gynecological matters as well. We love everybody there. We get same-day responses to our phone messages. They have a same-day appointment opportunity, so when something sudden happens, you're not stuck with the ER (unless it's night or weekend). They also have some extended hours. I can't speak highly enough about the practice. They're at 3100 Telegraph Avenue, 2nd floor, in Oakland. (510) 286-8160. Good luck. Laurel

March 2005

Re: MD who can work with alternative practitioners
I highly recommend Dr. Francine Yep with North Oakland Family Practice for a family praticioner. She often prescribes alternative remedies first before trying antibiotics. Her physician's assistant, Jane Hysen is also great and they can see the whole family.

Feb 2005

Re: Physician who has time for longer appts
My husband, 20 month old son & I all see Dr. Avis Logan at North Oakland Family Practice. Incidentally, they share office space with Janet Perlman's practive. Dr. Logan is really great. She never rushes through appointments, but I never have to wait too long to see her either. She doesn't push treatments or medicines on us, but is appropriately concerned about our health. My son has had some respiratory problems this winter & when I showed some reluctance to using steroids, she suggested seeing a homeopath. She also got me a nebulizer & prescribed an Albuturol solution that I can mix myself so I don't have to give him a full dose if not necessary. We also have only selectively immunized our son, and she has never made us feel like that was wrong (some ped's I interviewed said they wouldn't even see a child who wasn't fully immunized!). I've also seen Nanci, an NP in the same office & thought she was just fine. We love Dr. Logan! Happy with NOFP

March 2004

Re: Hill Physicians Primary Care Doctors
Francine Yep with with Hill and she's my primary care dr. and my baby's. I have only good things to say about her--she always has plenty of time to talk, listen; she is open to and even suggests alternative treatments (accupuncture, chiropractor). It's easy to get appointments with her. She's very easy to talk to and I always feel comfortable with her. She came to the hospital every day I was there when my baby was born (she didn't have to). Also, the other doctors in her practice are wonderful--I had to see another one when she was on vacation once and loved him also. She was recommended to me by someone else who also has had only good experiences with her

Re: Hill Physicians Primary Care Doctors
Francine Yep at North Oakland Family Practice has been my primary care doctor for the last several years, and I highly recommend her. She listens, she takes the time to explain things clearly, and I consistently get the impression she's paying attention to my overall well-being, not just focusing on whatever symptom has brought me in. Jennifer

Dec 2002

Re: African-American Family doctors (Dec 2002)
My primary care doctor is a family doctor, and she is African American. Her name is Avis Logan. My husband and I have both been very happy with her. She has three kids and so she can relate to parents. She works part time, so her availability is more limited than some doctors, but it hasn't been a problem for us. Her office is on Telegraph near Summit Hospital in Oakland (I don't have the address in front of me). Her number is 510-286-8160. Debbie

Dec 2002

Re: African-American Family doctors (Dec 2002)
I go to Avis Logan at North Oakland Family Practice (on Telegraph right by Summit, phone 286-8160). They are a family practice so can deal with the whole family. I'm never sick but the few times I've seen doctor Logan she's been very thoughtful and nice, taking the time to deal with the emotional side of physical problems. My husband sees another doctor in the practice and likes him as well. I don't know how they are for children as my daughter goes to another pediatrician (long story, not because I don't like Dr. Logan). Anna

Dec 2002

Re: African-American Family doctors (Dec 2002)
I've been happy with my 2 visits to my PCP, an African- American woman named Dr. Avis Logan. I've seen her for my annual exam and minor issues. She works with North Oakland Family Practice. She is at 3100 Telegraph Ave. near Summit Hospital and can be reached at 510-286-8160. Kirsten

May 2002

Re: Pediatrician who has time for longer appts
We have loved Dr. Francine Yep at North Oakland Family Practice, who has cared for our now-2-year-old since birth. She never seems rushed, even at routine appointments. I am constantly amazed by how calm and easygoing her manner is. When we moved 40 miles away, we decided to stay with her practice because we liked her so much. We were also pleased with her response to our concerns about vaccinations (basically, she let us decide which ones to get and when). Virginia

October 2001


Once again I would recommend North Oakland Family Practice which has several female family doctors and physicians assistants of several racial/ethnic backgrounds. The major liability I have come up against is that they belong to Hill Physicians, which no longer has an agreement for service with either Summit nor (as recently announced) Childrens Hospitals (but I have been with my PA at this practice for 20 years and will stick with them nonetheless). Nicole


I've only seen Francine Yep at North Oakland Family practice twice so far (being new to PacifiCare myself), but so far have had good experiences. She took the time to ask general questions about well-being in addition to targeted questions about the problem I was seeing her for. She also relates very well to kids (chatted up my 3-year-old, who was with me for both appointments), in case that's of interest to you. Jennifer


From: Laurie

We take our kids to our family practitioners, who accept Health Net. I've gone to them for years. They all have kids and are great with both of mine (four year old and almost 4 month old). The doctors are John Good and Francine Yep and the PA's who we usually see are Jane Hysen and Nanci Beatty. Their number is 286-8160.

From: Nicole

I heartily endorse the recommendation for North Oakland Family Practice (Dr.s John Good, Francine Yep, Avis ___, and Physicians Assistants Jane Hysen and Nancy Beatty). Jane Hysen has been my primary practicitioner for over 15 years (I have followed her through four medical plans!). They are open, progressive, and multicultural. They don't automatically prescibe antibiotics no matter what you went in for. As an adoptive mom, I also like that several of them have adopted kids. They listen and give you as much time as you need, once you are in the room, but the down side of this is that sometimes even if you have an appointment, you have to wait a while to be seen. On the other hand, for an emergency, you (or your child) can almost always be seen the same day. Another slight down side is that they don't answer the phone directly until 8:30 AM, or between 12 noon and 1:30. They are on Webster St. in Oakland across the street from Summit Medical Ctr. There's relatively cheap parking in the bldg. (because of the sometimes long appointments, parking at the street meters just makes me nervous), and a pharmacy on the ground floor which fills prescriptions in about 15-30 minutes.

From: Gabriele

I wholeheartedly endorse North Oakland Family Practice ((Dr.s John Good, Francine Yep, Avis ___, and Physicians Assistants Jane Hysen and Nancy Beatty). My husband just switched to this group and after his first visit for a physical with Francine Yep is already very impressed . I too have followed them for 20 years through many medical plans since their beginnings as Rockridge Medical Group (UCB's first HMO alternative to Kaiser) when Alan Steinbach was my primary practitioner and delivered my last three children in '81, '84 and '85. We were also involved with Jane Hysen since the group's beginnings and the group's philosophy of family practice is very much apparent in her. She is very knowledgeable and communicates very effectively and caringly with each individual family member. This was especially important for my now grown girls when they were in their teen years, and continues to be so for the rest of us still with her. I have myself not experienced nor heard from anyone else about such a caring group of medical practitioners. They are truly family practitioners in the old sense, showing an interest in each family member and the family as a whole. Yes, there are often long waits, but I would rather wait with the knowledge that once it's my turn I will be given whatever time is required and will not be sent away with a quick fix. I now live in Richmond and their office is not very convenient for us but we will remain with the group unless something drastically changes.