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  • Can anyone please recommend an integrative medicine practitioner? I’d love for my regular provider to provide alternative medicine in addition to prescribing western medicines ie antibiotics, etc. Thanks!

     Hi- Deena Neff MD is excellent. Very knowledgeable and caring! Her number is 510-486-1400 Hope that helps!

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MD who can work with alternative practitioners

March 2005

I'm looking for a doctor for myself who is on the Blue Cross plan. I would like to find someone who can work as a team with alternative (non-MD) practitioners, when I need a prescription or other MD-only stuff.
Needs a regular doctor

Recommendations received:

  • Francine Yep North Oakland Family Practice

    Holistic Doctors

    Feb 2003

    Anyone have any experience with either Dr. Ann Williams (Montclair) or Dr. Marcey Shapiro (Albany)? I'm looking to switch from EB Family practice to a more holistic practice. Thanks! JV

    Recommendations received:

  • Marcey Shapiro
  • Anne Williams