Anne Williams, MD

No longer in business
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  • Dr. Williams does not seem to be in practice as of Nov 2020

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Editor Note: Anne Williams is now assosiated with the Chiro-Medical Group in San Francisco.

April 2006

I tried to contact Dr. Anne Williams in Montclair after someone recommmended her; her number has been disconnected. Does anyone know if she still practices? Does anyone have somebody they'd like to recommend? I liked the idea of a smart and concerned MD with an inquisitive/critical look at Western Medicine, and who could practice acupuncture. Myriam

She was experiencing some health problems of her own and decided to shut down her (solo) practice in Montclair. She was hoping to take a break and then eventually join someone else's group practice, but I haven't heard yet that she has. Hope others have a more recent update -- I haven't found another doc who I like nearly as much! Leah

Hi, You are correct, Dr. Williams is no longer practicing in Montclair. We got a letter from her last year. She was going to take sometime off and then decide where her next road will lead her. Would love to have her back in Montclair, too. anon

Dr. Williams closed her practice last summer. We switched to Dr. Gjeltema in Albany and have been happy so far. Former Dr. Williams Patient

Re: Holistic Doctors (Feb 2003)
I switched to Dr. Anne Williams about six months ago, and like her very much. She really listened to my catalog of random/annoying health issues and complaints (something my previous Dr. didn't) and seemed genuinely interested in finding out what could be causing them. She's obviously very open to ''complimentary'' therapies, such as Chinese herbs, but also didn't hesitate to prescribe traditional pharmaceuticals for my allergies and mild depression. Dr. Williams' practice is a small one and she seems to allot plenty of time for each appointment, so I've never felt the get-'em-in, get-'em-out-fast pressure that's common at larger practices. Good luck with your decision!

Feb 2003

Does anyone have anything to say -- either positive or negative -- about Dr. Anne Williams in Montclair? Two years after moving to the East Bay, I'm looking for a doctor I don't have to cross a bridge to see, and Dr. Williams' office would be very convenient. I checked the web site for previous postings, but there was nothing on her there. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance! Leah

Dr. Williams is trained in both Western medicine and acupuncture. She has more confidence in the former, but I have seen her for the latter. She's very down-to-earth and open about her thinking about any health issues. She wants to integrate the two approaches in her treatment. I've also found her to be generous with her time and have had no problems scheduling last-minute appointments. If you want a really authoritative person, though, she might not be for you. She dwells on the ambiguities and contradictions in medicine, which I actually find interesting, but others might find disconcerting. -- Ilana