Pediatricians Who Practice Non-Western Medicine

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January 2005

any recommendations or references for a Naturopathic Physicians/Homeopath Pediatrician in the area? PReferrable an MD who is also trained in alternative meds such as Homeopathy. Thanks - Steff

My daughters have been going to Jay Sordean since my 6 year old was an infant. He's a ND and OMD, does acupuncture with adults and a needle-less Japanese form of acupuncture with children, in addition to homeopathy and herbal recommendations. He seems to have good intuition and the treatments always help a lot. Also the homeopathic remedies from his office are ground into powder to put in water, not sure if this is the intention but I like that the kids are not associating feeling bad with pill-popping. His office is named the Redwood Clinic, on Telegraph Ave. across from Whole Foods, # 849-1176. Our insurance has been covering and/ or reimbursing for it, too. Chris
You may also be interested in talking to/seeing Carla Cassler. She is a licensed acupuncturist who also uses homeopathy and chinese herbs. Carla has a lot of medical background and also a lot of pediatric training in homeopathy.She sees LOTS of kids of all ages. Her office is on Solano and Ensenada in Bkly. Her number is 526-5256. Carla has treated our whole family for years. She's really great (and has 2 kids of her own). Good luck finding someone who can help you. June
Amanda Lien is a wonderful Naturopathic doctor on College Avenue. She's very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Her number is 499-7947 or drlien AT Good luck DL
I recommend Christine Ciavarella. She is a homeopath who treats adults and children, though it appears that the bulk of her clientele is children-- and for good reason. She has a wonderful presence with families, and she gives loving care. She has an nurse practitioner's license, so, when necessary, can prescribe meds and request lab work. I utilize her services when I feel that i can't get what my son needs from his regular pediatrician. We have a PPO, so about 70% of the cost is covered. Know that you must do an initial long visit with Christine, and it is a little steep, but then the subsequent visits are lower-priced, and she even does free ear clinics for kids. She's great. I forget her number, but it's in El Cerrito, and it's listed as Hahnemann Medical CLinic (sp?). Al
April 2004

I have a 2 month old son. My wife and I do not want to vaccinate and our pediatricians, the KIWIs have not been very supportive. We are interested in non-western medicine and would like to find a Dr who is a Homeopath or Naturalpath, etc. who also is an MD so they take our insurance (Blue Shield HMO). Any suggestions? It's just so expensive to see someone otherwise. Thank you. Emanuel

Christine Ciavarella at the Hannehmann clinic in El Cerrito is a homeopathic pediatrician. She treats adults also, but just about everyone I've ever known with kids who used homeopathy went to Christine. She's really warm and sweet adn KNOWS HER STUFF. I believe she's also a medical assistant (but not an MD). She really knows a lot of medical stuff though. Her number is 524- 3117.
Two suggestions. First, for an alternative doc, Christine Ciavarella is great. She is a homeopath and is an ND (not MD). If you have a PPO, you'll probably get at least a percentage covered. The other option is to seek out a pediatrician who is open to alternatives and to vaccine choice: Janet Perlman or Robin Winokur (sp). Deferring vaccines, too
I have used homeopath Christine Ciavarella P.A.(524-3117)for all the medical care for myself and my children for 20 years. She is cosigned by an MD. They do not bill insurance, but you can fill out the forms yourself. She does all my GYN stuff as well as treats my children. Of course by now we are so healthy we haven't really needed anyone else. I do maintain a relationship with a regular MD, just in case, like when I turned 50 I got lots of baseline tests run. Christine is wonderful with children, and with adults for that matter. She's in El Cerrito plaza, on the edge of Albany.
Hello. i highly recommend Pediatric Alternatives in Mill Valley. , particularly Lindy Woodard, MD. they are 2 doctors, Lindy and Stacia Lansmann. Lindy is also a homeopath. Our son is almost 2 . we've been going since he was born. we don't vaccinate and won't . Many of their clients don't. they are really supportive of parents choosing and use mostly eastern medicine in their practice, but know when western medicine would be necessary. they have a chiropractor on staff and support (at least Lindy does) extended breastfeeding and co sleeping also. they are both great as far as health issues go. Stacia didn't seem as pleased with our extended breastfeeding and co sleeping so i recommend Lindy more. but that'w where everyone in know who doesn't vaccinate goes. congrats on your decision! feel free to email me off list if you want more info. attachparent
We drive from Berkeley to Mill Valley to see Lindy Woodard with Pediatric Alternatives. She and her partner are MDs and homeopaths and work with both Eastern and Western medicine. I could go on for days about how wonderful this practice is--and we have been to many. Elizabeth
Consider the option of two pediatricians: an alternative doctor (a chiropractor, naturopath or acupuncturist specializing in children)and an MD, giving you the best of both worlds.

I am a chiropractor with years of experience treating children. We offer alternative care including cranial work and natural therapies for illness in children with an emphasis on prevention. I ask my patients to maintain a relationship with an MD who is there for problems beyond the conservative scope, ie. infections that require antibiotics. Incidentally, much of my work is covered by Blue Cross and other insurance. Dr. Arn Strasser

I would also recommend Sada Anand Miller, DC, for chiropractic, Chinese herbs, and holistic dietary advice. She's really made a difference in how I eat and how I feel. She's on Pill Hill, downtown Oakland. Bonnie