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San Francisco, CA
(415) 885-7478

2330 Post St., Suite 320 (Suite 260 for Acute Care) San Francisco, CA 94143-1660

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    Lee R. Atkinson-McEvoy, Sabrina Fernandez, Marta Kosinski, Carol Miller, Joslyn Nolasco, Julie O'Brien, Nanah Park, Noel Rosales, Emily Roth, John Takayama, Marina Tan, Alan Uba

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RE: pediatrican for vegetarian family
I've been seeing Jennifer Miller who is part of UCSF Mount Zion on Divisadero. The whole office has been very supportive of our 13 month old and my husband who wants to limit her meat and dairy. She may have recommendations in the East Bay. Liz

Shanta 10/99

I don't know of a pediatrician but thought you might want to try some of the UCSF physicians. I've used pediatric specialists and couldn't have made my way through some unique situations without them. They have all been excellent (Opthalmologist Creig Hoyt, Audiologist Toni Will, Neonatal Follow-up Director Bob Piecuch) For a recommendation as to where to start, I would call the Follow-up Clinic and ask the nurse who works there if anyone is particularly experienced with childhood asthma. Her name is Debra Port and she is very very nice. Their number is 415-476-7324

Beth 10/99

We love Dr.Jane Anderson at UCSF-Mt.Zion Pediatric Group. She is wonderful - low key, caring, always available, and highly experienced. The office staff is great, and there is always a resident or an attending physician at the advice desk to answer questions at any time of day. The office is on Post by Divisidero, phone is (415) 885-7478, and they are a Brown and Toland medical group.

Colette 10/99

I give the highest possible recommendation to my daughter's pediatrician, Dr. Jane Anderson. She is an incredible doctor: extremely knowledgeable, a real advocate for her patients when that is necessary, compassionate, caring, and open-minded! She is faculty at UCSF, and her office is affiliated with Mount Zion (located across the street from the hosital.) Not only is she amazing, the other doctors in her practice are great too, as are the nurses! We've dealt with some serious health problems, unfortunately, and therefore know how important it can be to have outstanding pediatric care. Dr. Anderson's phone number is (415) 885-7478.

From: Raissa & Denis (10/98)

We highly recommend Dr. Carl Johnson, of the Univ. of California -- San Francisco. His office is at 2330 Post St (Divisadero), (415) 885-7478. You can set up a free screening interview with Dr. Johnson to meet him and see if he'd be a good fit for you. As far as we know he is currently accepting new patients. Good luck! --Raissa Lerner and Denis Udall.