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  • Kaiser Pediatrician

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    Hi all- Any recommendations for a Kaiser-based pediatrician? Prefer Walnut Creek, but open to Berkeley, Oakland, etc. Thanks!

    We are very happy with Dr. Chouw in Oakland. She sees both our daughters and is responsive, personable and caring. 

    Dr. Nelson-Munson is great in Berkeley. Awesome with kids and super smart!

    Our son goes to William Ong in Walnut Creek and we have been very happy with him. 

    We have really enjoyed Dr. Silvia Delius based at Kaiser Oakland.

    I highly recommend Dr. Rangarajan, a GP at Oakland Kaiser who specializes in pediatrics.  He was recommended to us by our previous physician when he retired from Kaiser a few years ago as the smartest GP he knew.  We've found him to be super smart, knowledgeable, intuitive, and skilled at handling all kinds of personality types.  

    "Dr. Ran" as folks call him, is young-ish (40s?), and is a native of Michigan -- his M.D. is from Ann Arbor.  If the  BPN system doesn't block the link, you can read about him here: including his philosophy of medicine.  (If you can't see it, you can simply google Rangarajan MD Oakland Kaiser and his page should pop right up.)

    Dr. Rangarajan sees adults, too!  I recommended him to my 52-year-old cousin, and she's been very happy to be under his care. 

  • We welcome any recommendations for an integrative breastfeeding/ co-sleeping friendly pediatrician at Kaiser Berkeley or Richmond locations (or at least one who doesn’t feel the need to be negative about these choices as we round the year mark). Looking for feedback from parents of toddlers rather than infants as the rhetoric seems to shift drastically after the 4 month mark. 

    I’ve had a challenging series of interactions with our current pediatrician and am looking forward to switching insurance carriers later this spring and the opportunity to select a new provider.

    Suggestions for PCP for adults also welcome!
    Thank you! 

    Dr. Tenney at Kaiser Berkeley has been totally chill about extended breastfeeding & co sleeping. She is generally very chill, razor sharp, very curious, and we love her as a pediatrician. 

    Dr. Junge was in the Kaiser Oakland Office but is now in Berkeley medical offices. I found him to be very supportive of our decisions (I breastfed into toddlerhood). 

    Dr Kaaren Nelson-Munson at Kaiser Berkeley (family medicine) is great. Currently we have a 2-yr-old who nurses and co-sleeps and she is fully supportive. We also had an awful series of interactions around these things with our first Kaiser pediatrician, and switched because of it... Since she's in family medicine she sees adults too.

    4 months?? Do you mean 4 years? I'm sort of kidding, but really - you're getting talked to about weaning around the 1 year mark? That's... interesting. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jennifer Tenney (formerly at Kaiser Oakland, now at Kaiser Berkeley, which is a wonderful campus). I honestly believe you can do no better when it comes to Pediatricians. She is all the things: supportive, informed, conscientious, caring, friendly, super smart! I breast-fed my youngest until he was almost 4! It was just at bedtime for the last 2 years or so, but it was fine. One caveat: Dr. Tenney's "panel" may be full - I don't know that she's accepting new patients - but you can always try! 

    Kaaren Nelson-Munson at Kaiser Berkeley- she's a family practice doc so can see both kids and adults. Was very supportive of breastfeeding, including into toddlerhood. 

    Dr. Jennifer Tenney. She’s wonderful. 

    In my experience, Kaiser is super pro-breastfeeding. The materials I've gotten from Kaiser recommend breastfeeding for "at least" the first year. My baby is nearing the one-year mark and we're still breastfeeding, and our pediatrician (Dr. Jennifer Tenney) has been supportive and never suggested I should stop. I don't know about co-sleeping, but I don't think anyone really cares about co-sleeping once a kid is around 1 since there's no plausible danger anymore, and if it works for you, it works! 

    Dr. Christina Sullivan at Kaiser Berkeley

  • Holistic Kaiser pediatrician

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    Hi BPN, 

    Does anyone know of a holistic kaiser pediatrician in the East Bay? My son was born at home, we’re a crunchy family, etc. Looking for a kind hearted, flexible doctor to visit. 

    Thanks and be well! 

    Dr Karen Nelson Munson at Kaiser Oakland is great. She's a family practice doc so she can be the PCP for the parents too. I also gave birth at home. 

  • Our little boy was born in February and had a birth injury that makes him high risk for cerebral palsy and developmental delays, our current Kaiser pediatrician doesn't seem great at considering his difficult start in life, and the extra support we need as a family, any recommendations? We go to Oakland Kaiser currently but live in El Cerrito.

    I'm so sorry your son had a birth injury.  I hope he progress well. My son has special needs and our pediatrician is Dr. Amy Sobel (in Pinole, which should be closer to you and EASY parking!) and I love her. My son's pediatric neurologist is Dr. Jean Hayward (if you need one, she's at Oakland) who is fantastic, SO smart, but while we love her, she is more scientist than therapist.  Good luck!

    I can't recommend a pediatrician, but want to be sure you are connected with Regional Center of the East Bay.  They will provide therapists to support your baby's development. You can self-refer, so no need to wait until you choose a new pediatrician.

    Congratulations on the birth of your newborn son.  What an exciting and wondrous time.  I'm sure it must feel really scary right now.  I have been in your shoes.  I'm not sure she is taking new patients but we have been seeing Sharon Henry at Kaiser Richmond.  I cannot vouch for her as a pediatrician for a newborn because my son was born in SF and I did not have Kaiser then.  She was great with my son as a toddler and older.  Definitely see if your chosen doctor can connect you with the Regional Center.  I find that getting some services for my son was part of the health plan (neurology) but there was a charge for an OT eval.  Regional Center was all free but that was set up for my son via the hospital where he was born.  I also recommend speaking to an organization outside of Kaiser that may have resources for you.  When I was living in Sf, I spoke to people at Support for Families of Children with Disabilities. Maybe you can call them and see if they have any support resources for parents who just want someone to listen.  Or, maybe they can direct you to another organization in the East Bay.  Maybe you can also contact First 5 to see if they have any resources?  One thing that helped me a lot during this time was to have my own therapist.  It was very stressful as we had wracked up a ton of bills from my son's stay in the NICU on top of worrying about whether or not he would ever sit up on his own or worrying about whether he would graduate high school.  I have no idea what happened to your son but I'm sure he is getting a lot from the love and attention you are giving him.  Are you set up to see a nurse who will check up on your child every few weeks?  We received that service.  The hospital set that up for us.  The nurse checked on his milestones, abilities and made it fun for the baby.  Inevitably, our son got a diagnosis of mild cerebral palsy.  From there, he was able to get PT and OT.  He had a slight weakness on one of his legs for a while but on the whole, his outcome was better than I anticipated based on what they warned me about.  I would be happy to talk to you on the phone or email if you want to hear our story, some of the things I did, if it helps you.  My son is 13 now.  I wish your family all the best and I hope your son's outcome improves.   I believe you can contact me via BPN but I'll have to check on that when I'm done with this post.  I might have to make some adjustments so you can do that.  

  • Hello, parents. Having my first baby this September 2017 and I'm seeking for a Kaiser Oakland Pediatrician or Family Practitioner who is open to alternative / delayed vaccine schedule. Thanks.

    Hi and congrats on your upcoming new arrival! I understand this is not responsive to your question, but I would encourage you to consider sticking to the schedule that has been researched, vetted, and approved of by the American Academy of Pediatrics. I know it seems like a lot of shots for a little baby. But this is my story. My baby got whooping cough (pertussis) in 2013 when he was three months old. It was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. And was I glad we he'd had his two-month DTaP vaccine on time a month earlier at 2 months of age (they are scheduled for two months, four months, and six months). If I'd gone with an "alternative / delayed" schedule, he could have died. Because he'd had his first vaccine at 2 months, he had at least some immunity to help him fight the disease. Though he was very sick and hospitalized for a week, he was healthy enough to stay out if the ICU -- and he survived what is often a fatal disease for young infants who have no immunizations at all. Just something to consider.

    - Oakland mama who is pretty crunchy, but not when it comes to life-threatening diseases

    I think you are going to have a hard time finding one unless your baby is born with a medical condition that requires it (and you wouldn't want that!). Your baby is not even born yet, my advice is try not to start overthinking things now or the next 20 years are going to be a lot more complicated than necessary. (signed, mom of an healthy 17 year old who has had every vaccination as scheduled including optional ones HPV and meningitis)

  • Kaiser pediatrician (Oakland preferred)

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    Does anyone one have a recommendation for a Kaiser pediatrician? I have a 2 month old and am particularly looking for someone who isn't condescending and is also open to working with parents who want to space out vaccinations. 


    Hi, hopefully you saw all the reviews on the BPN website for Kaiser Oakland pediatricians? If not, you might want to take a look. If I were you I would check on Kaiser's website to see which pediatricians are accepting new patients, and just pick one.  You can always change later if you don't like the one you picked. I am on my third kid at Kaiser Oakland, and I have met a lot of pediatricians at Kaiser over the years. I never had a pediatrician at Kaiser who was condescending, to me or to my kids. Quite the opposite. Stay positive and expect the best!

    We see Jennifer Tenny and really like her (we have a six month old). She's very kind, thoughtful, and always willing to spend time talking to us -- I never feel rushed! We are vaccinating, but I hear from other parents that she is open to working with alternative spacing. Her panel was closed when we were first looking, but I kept calling and it randomly opened up -- which I guess is pretty common. 

    Roberta Cunningham. 

    We love love love Dr. Nora Garcia at Kaiser Oakland. She's really thoughtful and caring and great at interacting with the kids. 

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Pediatrician/Kaiser alternative med/alt vaccines

Aug 2014

we just had our baby girl last Saturday and need to find a pediatrician in Oak, Walnut, Pinole Kaiser (preference in that order) who is open to alternative/natural medicine and vaccine options. Any recs are much appreciated Valeria

My child sees Dr. Lynn Arsenault at Kaiser Park Shadelands in Walnut Creek. Although she encourages me to follow Kaiser's medical recommendations, she respects my rights as a parent to delay vaccinations. I don't see her more than once a year because my child has never been ill enough to need a trip to the doctor. Happy Kaiser Parent

Pediatrician who follows CDC's vaccine schedule

Jun 2014

I'm having a baby this Fall and am looking for recommendations for a pediatrician over at Kaiser Oakland who is insistent regarding CDC-recommended vaccine schedules with her/his patients. Many thanks! M

Congratulations on your new baby! As a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, and the Immunization Lead for Pediatrics at Kaiser Oakland/Alameda, I can whole-heartedly tell you that none of our docs are wishy-washy about vaccines. 100% of us fully support the CDC immunization schedule. While we have a policy of NOT turning away patients whose parents choose not to protect their children with timely immunizations, (some private clinics do), any of our pediatricians would warmly welcome you into their practice. Katrina Saba, MD

Kaiser Oakland Pediatrician for vegan family

Dec 2011

Does anyone know of a pediatrician at Kaiser open and knowledgeable about veganism ? Or at least someone who you feel is not too ''Kaiser'' ? I am also doing an alternative vaccine schedule, skipping some, etc. I have had 2 different pediatricians so far and I hate that everytime they really try to scare me about the vaccines and are completely useless as far as nutrition for a vegan child (beside telling me he needs milk and protein). Thanks ! Vegan mum

I wouldn't ask your Pediatritian about nutritional advice, they aren't trained in nutrition. I found myself very frustrated in your same situation. The fill out questions I found especially annoying and geared towards a certain bias. I debated whether to even answer the questions truthfully. Seek out your own nutrition answers. I found the book Don't Drink your Milk and the film Forks over Knives especially convincing in the dangers of cow milk and casein. As far as kaiser doctors go I would't bother trying to get support from them. I found after several dissaponting experiences that the Residents were the most open, supportive and don't have the same time constraints. You do however have to get a new doctor every so often since they often move on as they are only doing their residency at kaiser. I have been much happier with them. My child has been super healthy and hasn't even missed a day of preschool in 3 years despite all the other kids being sick. I have Kaiser for any emergency and despite their recent phone call reminder have never given my child a flu shot either. We also co-slept which a lot of mainstream doctors don't support. A wonderful experience I am so glad to have had. Don't let the doctors discourage you, stick to your convictions. Anon

We've seen several Kaiser pediatricians over the years who were quite good, but I doubt you'll find one who will make you feel OK about skipping vaccines and having a toddler/child on a vegan diet. It is unethical to fail to vaccinate your child and it is the pediatrician's responsibility to try and help you see why you should. You are relying on others to vaccinate their children so you don't have to. I think you will have to use alternative health care to find someone who would support vegan diet choices for your baby/toddler. Sign me skeptical that Kaiser is right for you

I hope your baby is getting adequate protein and fat, because children need a lot more than adults for their rapid growth and brain development during the first five years. You will have to work very hard for your child to get enough on a vegan diet. The adults in the family will be fine on a vegan diet, but maybe not the chbild, so please take this very seriously.

Attachment parenting pediatricians at Kaiser

Aug 2011

We just switched to Kaiser and I'm looking for a ped who is pro-attachment parenting. Any city around Oakland is fine, Richmond, Hayward, Walnut Creek, Alameda. I'm looking for somone who won't stare blankly at me about breast feeding, co-sleeping, positive discipline, home schooling, etc. I am a biology researcher and want an intelligent conversation based on the latest research, including Sears and McKenna, instead of outdated ideas that science/formula is better than mother. Thanks, R C

Good luck finding a single pediatrician in a 100-mile radius who recommends formula over breastfeeding. Even when my first child was born at Kaiser 28 years ago, no one was recommending formula. Not sure where you got the impression this is the status quo - maybe outdated parenting books? At any rate, I would wager that you would be very happy with just about any of the pediatricians at Kaiser, and if you are not happy, you can always change.

We have Dr. Phan Phu thru Kaiser Oakland . Kaiser doesn't give you much choice especially when the ones that come highly recommended are not taking new patients. However, I did find an old recommendation for him and when I read his bio - I thought ok why not. We have been very very pleased with him. I was surprised, since this was Kaiser after all. We are an attachment parenting family - cloth diapers, co- sleeping, extending bf..etc. He had NO problems whatsoever..including our choice to follow an alternative vaccination schedule. He had even suggested at 6 mos old to try and put our son on the potty. We always wanted to EC so we did and it had worked great up until we put him into a daycare that wouldn't accept cloth . Anyway, he listens to you and answers questions and he sometimes will give his opinion but does not push mainstream AAP statistics. He really does have a conversation with you. Also, when our son had a double ear infection - he did not push for us to use antibiotics without any prompting from us at all! Anon

I would highly recommend Dr. Robert Schaff at Kaiser Pinole . We are a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, cloth diapering family and have been with Dr. Schaff since our son was born. When he moved to the Pinole office we followed him, even though it was slightly farther for us (we live in Berkeley). He is excellent- kind, caring, energetic, nonjudgemental, and best of all, he will discuss your child's care with you in scientific terms trusting that you are educated enough to be a part of the dialogue and never talking down to you or condescending. love our ped

I would say that Kaiser in general is very pro-breastfeeding so I don't think any Kaiser pediatrician would try to push formula on you. They have free lactation consultants available in person or by phone. I breastfed my son well past 2-years and never got anything but praise from our main pediatrician and any others we saw. We also co-slept until around 6-months and never had any problem discussing this with our pediatrician. anon

It never ceases to amaze me how many people on BPN think that most pediatricians have missed the message that breastmilk is better than formula. And I'm sure if you're a biology researcher you're aware of the scientific quality and relevance of Sears' and McKenna's research vs. studies that look at large numbers of SIDS cases (the relevant endpoint) while attempting to minimize confounding factors. I know a lot of Kaiser Oakland and Alameda pediatricians and most of them are up-to-date and open-minded, so unfortunately I can't narrow it down to a specific recommendation. pro-attachment parenting, anti-AP movement's smug tone

After going to 4 different pediatricians through kaiser, we have finally found a truly pro-AP doctor: Dr. Casey Brown , at the Richmond Kaiser. We randomly saw her after our son had an ear infection and our regular pediatrician was out. After that visit, I switched all of my kids to her. Her panel is open (Aug 2011) since she is new to kaiser. She was not just neutral about us co-sleeping, still night nursing (at 10 months), etc, but she was supportive and encouraging, which I had never felt from another kaiser pediatrician. (I even had one tell me I should try to limit night nursing at 3 months of age!). Best of all, she has kids of her own and interacted with my baby and my older son (who was along for the visit) in a caring, playful, and friendly way that made us all feel at ease in her presence. She helped me make an informed decision about antibiotics too. I can't recommend her highly enough and feel so blessed to have randomly discovered her. Totally worth the 15 minute drive to Richmond- considering parking is a breeze there, it really isn't much longer to get there than going to the Oakland kaiser from our house in Berkeley. Happy with our pediatrician- finally!!!

July 2010

Re: Looking for a hassle free pediatrician's office

Kaiser. No billing. No insurance snafus. No waiting. No hassles making appointments. 24/7 pediatric emergency room. Doctors answer your emails. Pharmacy onsite. Lab onsite. Everything is easy. Recent Kaiser convert

Pediatricians at Oakland kaiser open to...

April 2010

We are having a home birth and are wondering if folks know of pediatricians that are open to non western ways of caring for children that do not automatically result in prescriptions and who are also supportive of breastfeeding,breastfeeding and returning to work as well as attachment parenting methods. Thoughts and suggestions are very much appreciated, thanks! CM

We have been very happy with Dr Tenney at Kaiser . We didn't have a home birth, but we've found Dr Tenney to be VERY supportive of our wishes to use an alternative vaccination schedule, avoid prescriptions, etc. In fact, she even expected we would have done our research and come to our own decisions about how to approach our child's medical care. As for breastfeeding, she's also been nothing but supportive. Kaiser Oakland has an office of lactation consultants on the same floor as the main pediatrics office. The consultants are wonderful (especially Nneka!!!) and will meet with you as often as you need. They're also available by phone if you have questions and can help with everything from latch problems to supply issues to work and pumping. Good luck!

Appointment availability for pediatrics

Nov 2006

I would like to hear any positive/negative experiences with Kaiser's Richmond or Oakland pediatric services, mainly regarding appointment availability in ''urgent'' cases. Can you get an appoinment for the same day if needed? We've not chosen our doctor yet, neither are not sure whether to take Kaiser or United Health Care, so I'd be happy to hear recommendations on any other pediatric services in/near Berkeley MM

My kids are older now and Kaiser periodically changes their operations, so you might want to call and check, but as of a couple of years ago, you could get same day app'ts every day of the week, incl weekend days. And evening appt's. And major holidays, as they have doctors of different faiths so they can work around each other's holidays. That has been one of the most important features of Kaiser, for which we have endured other shortcomings: same day (they're called ''Urgent Care'') appointments, evening app'ts, and holiday app'ts. I even had the need for stitches in the evening for one my kids falling down on a pool deck, and they took him in and performed the finest little stitches surgery under his chin. You can't see the scar. A mom very pleased with Kaiser Oakland Pediatrics

This is exactly where Kaiser shines. You will absolutely be able to get a same-day, urgent care appointment in Pediatrics. That includes weekends, as long as it is a truly urgent matter (and they err on the safe side in defining ''urgent''). My experience with the advice nurses (who do the phone screening before the appt.) is that if you are concerned, they are concerned, and it's generally the case that they are talking us into a visit more than the other way around! The Peds advice nurses are available 24/7. You won't necessarily get to see your ''regular'' doctor if it's a same-day appointment. Don't know about Oakland, but if you go with Richmond, you're pretty much guaranteed a good pediatrician no matter who you see

More responses to this question are posted under Oakland Kaiser Pediatricians and Richmond Kaiser Pediatricians

Can I meet my pediatrician before baby is born?

Sept. 2004

I'm due with our 1st child in a month. I called Kaiser to sign up with a pediatrician (based on all my friends' advice to find a pediatrician now), but was told I can't sign up with anyone until the baby is born. I think the rep's exact words were ''you can't sign up for a doctor without a Kaiser number, and your baby doesn't have a Kaiser number until she's born, so you can't sign her up with a doctor.'' Oy. Now I'm wondering if that Kaiser rep. was actually correct. So here's the question: have you signed your child up with a Kaiser pediatrician before their birth? If not, have you at least *met* Kaiser pediatricians before the birth? How willing are they to meet with parents for an initial visit to see if we like their style? Thanks!

This was more than 13 years ago, but when I was pregnant with my first son, my husband and I made several appointments at Richmond Kaiser to interview various pediatricians. This was before the newer phone/appointment system they have now. No one squalked, but I have to say the Drs. were ALL surprised because I guess not too many people do this. Don't even tell them when you make the appointment that it's for you,just give the name and your Kaiser number. Good luck, assertive Kaiser member

How great that you are trying to finalize all the details before the baby arrives. I am also a Kaiser mom and tried to pick a Ped before my baby was born, too. But you really do have to wait until the baby is born before getting the M.D. Our baby had some trouble and was in the NICU at first and so we met quite a few Kaiser docs. You know, I have liked all of the Drs. we have met in our son's first year and we have met quite a few given the other problems that he has run up against. He is super healthy now, and the thing that you will love about Kaiser is that it is a great health plan for babies and kids. You will be able to have so much more assistance with Kaiser than with a regular health plan, which is why picking out a Ped for a kid with Kaiser is not so crucial. I have been very reassured by calling the advice nurse at 2 or 3 a.m. to ask about my son's high temp or ''croup'' breathing. And the advice nurse has always been incredibly helpful and has gotten me in to see a Dr. first thing in the morning. You kind of end up seeing whatever Dr. is available when your kid is sick. But the convenience and flexibility far outweigh the drawbacks of not seeing the same Dr. every time. We still see his original Ped that treated him in the NICU for checkups and shots. I also love that they have Saturday hours. The only thing you could start doing is stocking up on Infant Tylenol, Motrin, a bulb syringe (for nose goobers) and a thermometer and memorize the pediatric phone number 752- 1200- you will be calling it often. Best wishes to you! lou

Kaiser pediatrician for asthma

Feb. 2004

I've seen many recommendations for Dr. James Nickelson as an allergy/asthma expert...but does anyone have any recommendations for a Kaiser pediatrician with the same expertise? We could go to Walnut Creek, Oakland, Alameda or Park Shadelands.

Recommendations received:

  • Caskey Weston NP, Kaiser Oakland

    Kaiser pediatrician flexible on vaccines

    June 2003

    I am interested in finding a pediatrician at Oakland Kaiser who will be open-minded about a child not being fully vaccinated. I read the archives on this and someone had suggested a dr. at Richmond Kaiser but none for Oakland and I thought it was worth a repost. I have also seen the archives on Kaiser pediatricians parents recommended but I would love to hear from any parents currently using Oakland Kaiser. I need a dr. for me too so any recommendations would be welcome. Feel free to email me. Thanks. Susan

    Recommendations received:

  • Roberta Cunningham Kaiser Oakland
  • Colleen Shipler Kaiser Oakland
    March 2002

    Can anyone recommend a Kaiser pediatrician who is not pushy about vaccinations? Someone who takes their time and is open to alternative healthcare? A plus if they're a woman of color. Melinh

    Recommendations received:

  • Roberta Cunningham Kaiser Oakland
  • Colleen Shipler NP at Kaiser Oakland
  • Dr. Karen Sorrey at Richmond Kaiser

    Kaiser pediatrician for a Preemie

    April 2002

    Can anyone recommend a good Kaiser pediatrician at Oakland or Richmond that has been GREAT with their preemie? Angie

    Recommendations received:

  • Siew Chan-Warner Kaiser Oakland
  • Ann Tipton Kaiser Oakland