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  • New to the East Bay (Albany) and new to Kaiser. We will be going to be Richmond location. Baby is just 11 months old and has already seen 4 pediatricians in his little life. Looking for an AP and breast feeding friendly, bed sharing and delayed vaccine tolerant pediatrician. Does this magical unicorn exist? Thanks in advance! 

    Dr. Sharon Henry has been our pediatrician since we joined KP about 6 years ago. I wish I could have her as my doc. She's sweet so kids love her. Never talks down. Smart and responsive. 

    If it would work to drive a little further, please don't rule out Pinole Kaiser. Their department of family doctors includes a number of DO's as well as MD's, both have full medical degrees, plenty of MDs are great, but I have found DO's to be more amenable to ALL the things you mentioned. We have a DO who supports parental decisions about vaccinations, you can message me for the name because I don't think anyone wants to advertise seemingly controversial stances out of context. Pinole Kaiser is also smaller, very calm, really easy parking (though Richmond has much better parking than Oakland) and you can still use Richmond for emergencies or anything else that's not at Pinole. 

    Our son is 3 months old and has been receiving care from Dr. Ferrazares at Richmond Kaiser.  He came on recommendation from my OB/GYN, who has had an adolescent son in the care of Dr. Ferrazares for years. So far, he has been really kind and very supportive of breastfeeding. There are a few LCNs on site in the Pediatrics department that he can set you up with for further consultation, which I needed in the first month.  This past month I've been struggling to build up my back-to-work breast milk supply and emailed the doctor to see if I could get my hospital grade breast pump rental renewed for an extra month--he took care of it the same day and gave me 2 extra months. We didn't delay any of the vaccines at the 2 month visit, so I'm not sure whether he (or any of the other Kaiser doctors) would push-back against that.  I can say that I've been pleasantly surprised with Kaiser's overall message during prenatal care--they are very supportive of things like skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, and respecting a family's birth plan. The labor & delivery class we took included a reminder to decide whether to vaccinate our child with a warning that public schools will require them.  So, I'm assuming they'd be open to your chosen vax schedule. 

    Good Luck & Welcome to the East Bay! 

    We live in El Cerrito, and go to Kaiser Pinole for our regular pediatrician stuff. I recommend Dr Mahar there but we've also seen Dr Leo and liked him too. Pinole is much smaller, easier to park, shorter pharmacy lines, etc. You just have to be aware of not booking an appointment there in later afternoon or face rush hour traffic. Same thing to Richmond, really, plus there can be a morning rush hour on 580 toward Richmond when the Richmond Bridge backs up. Welcome to East Bay traffic patterns! :P

    Hi, were new to the neighborhood too and just took our LO to Dr. Nick Huynh. He's in Walnut Creek but respected our choices. Very close to great shopping, so you could make it a fun day!

    Dr. Karen Kruger is a very caring, understanding and non judgmental pediatrician. We've experienced a few others when she was out of town or booked but none compare to her. We've had her for the past 14 years and she has been very supportive of our breastfeeding/vaccination/co sleeping choices from the beginning. She is very open minded and will discuss pros and cons, timelines, and so much more. She is also very loving toward the kids and makes the whole experience of being at the hospital so calming for them. We live in Pinole but continue to drive to Richmond to see her. 

    We also loved Karen Kruger but she is moving to pediatric intensive care at KP Oakland. We switched to Dr. Cohen (Stephen?) who we had once for urgent care and thought was excellent. (Kind, gentle, thoughtful.)

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I'm sorry that you've had to deal with that. Our family loves Dr. Cohen at Richmond Kaiser. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and kind. I would suggest emailing these concerns to whatever doctor you choose ahead of your appointment, so that they are aware and can be sensitive to your child's needs. Good luck!

RE: Kaiser Oakland vs Richmond ()

We love Richmond, and in fact when my daughter brought a friend with her one visit, the friend (who goes to Oakland Kaiser) said she wished she could go there. My daughter is 19 now, but that was only 3 years ago. We've found doctors there who we really like. Her Pediatrician was Dr. Desler (a woman), and I'd highly recommend her. 

Why is it better? Free parking is a biggie. It's smaller, or more compact, so it's really easy to go from one department to another. And it has everything we have ever needed. 

RE: Kaiser Oakland vs Richmond ()


We also live in a Berkeley and my family is insured with Kaiser. I am 4 months PP and was seen at at the Oakland facilities for prenatal check ups and delivery. I loved the Oakland hospital but was not fond of the Oakland clinic facilities. Mainly because they are very busy and I found the care not to be as personalized, and also because of the there's different buildings which can make it confusing. So, after a great recommendation for a pediatrician in Richmond, I decided to visit the Richmond facilities for my son's well child appointments. So far, I have loved the personalized care. Everyone is very nice and professional (not always the case in Oakland), very understanding if I happen to be late to an appointment, I like that all departments are in one building, and there's a big parking structure. Our pediatrician is EXCELLENT. The only down side is that the facility is not close to a freeway exit and I have to plan my appointments to avoid peak traffic hours. 

RE: ISO Kaiser Richmond Doctors ()

I really like our son's (10 mos) doctor Dr. Phu. He's nice, straight forward and informative. My current OB is Dr. Zayas, I saw her through my pregnancy and she listens well, is gentle and is very caring. Probably the best OB I've had at Kaiser.
Congrats on the job. Kaiser has improved by leaps and bounds the past few years!

RE: ISO Kaiser Richmond Doctors ()

Congratulations on the new job! 

We love Dr. Desler in Richmond Pediatrics. If she has room on her patient list, I would meet with her. My daughter loves to see her, even when sick, even when shots are coming. She listens, she follows up, she truly cares. 

Dr. Wang in Family Medicine is great for adults, but we don't have any experience with her for kids.

Good luck!

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Aug 2013

RE: Time to switch away from Kaiser pediatrics?

You didn't mention which Kaiser location you go to but I'm assuming it's Oakland. We go to Kaiser in Richmond and have been very satisfied. It is much easier to navigate and the parking is super easy. it doesn't take us any longer to get there from central-ish Berkeley and the waits aren't too long. The pharmacies are pretty quick as well. The pediatricians have all been really terrific. Lisa

I think you should first try to switch to another kaiser first. We go to richmond (for ped & adult) and never have waits like you describe. parking is easy, pediatricians are great. I assume you are currently going to oakland, tho you didn't say. Anyway, sign me - fan of richmond kaiser mike

Have you tried Richmond Kaiser? You can take the BART to about 2 1/2 blocks away. There is free parking in the parking structure at Kaiser. I switched here from the Oakland Kaiser and have been very happy with it. I also had very good experiences at Shadelands Kaiser in Walnut Creek. I have also heard good reviews on the Pinole center but it is fairly small, I believe. cocosar

March 2013

Can you please recommend a pediatrician in Keiser Richmond for my newborn baby? Thank you! Sofia

Karen Kruger at Kaiser Richmond is AMAZING!!! We loved her and were sad when we moved and changed insurances. She always put my 'new mother' anxiety at ease and took great care of my daughter after our NICU stay. She's awesome Carol

I highly recommend Dr. Casey Brown. I've had several different pediatricians with my 3 children and she is the best by far. SO supportive, approachable, thorough, and non-judgmental. All of my children (10, 8, and 2 years) love her, and we do too! Not sure if her panel is open, but you should definitely look and see. LOVE our pediatrician!

We're very happy with Dr Gizzi (Gee-zee) at Kaiser Richmond. Great with both my boys- one is 12 and the other 9 months. He really knows how to relate to kids of all ages (and parents!). He's warm, patient, answers emails/messages promptly and actually gets know his patients. Love my ped

I CANNOT say enough good things about Karen Kruger. She sees all my kids and I wish she saw grown ups too! Miriam

Nov 2011

Can anyone recommend a good pediatrician at the Kaiser Richmond medical center? I was looking for reviews of the pediatricians there, but could not find anything. I am a first time mom, and have lots and lots of questions and concerns, so I would like to find a pediatrician who is very knowledgeable, kind, and who is very patient to answer my questions. Any help is much appreciated. Xun

Hi there and congratulations on being a new mom! We have now been with Kaiser Richmond for 2 yrs and have been very happy with our choice of Dr. Karen Krueger. She is down to earth, great bedside manner, playful, and efficient. We have never felt rushed, but rather listened to and open to any of our anxious parent questions. Hope this helps......good luck http://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/provider/karenjkruger/resources/d c/conditionlist?conditionlist=diseasesconditions.xml anon

Sept 2011

Re: OBGYN at Walnut Creek Kaiser & Pediatrician
Our pediatrician is in Richmond as well. We see dr. Kruger. I'm not sure if she is taking patients but she is great. Dr. Henry is also great and we saw one dr at pinole who was also great (wish I could remember her name). overall I think many of the pedis are good in those 2 offices. You can schedule a meet and greet type of apt and you can switch pedis as many times as you want. The kids' records will all be there so change if needed until you find the right one. We love kaiser around here. Amanda

August 2011

Re: Attachment parenting pediatricians at Kaiser
After going to 4 different pediatricians through kaiser, we have finally found a truly pro-AP doctor: Dr. Casey Brown, at the Richmond Kaiser. We randomly saw her after our son had an ear infection and our regular pediatrician was out. After that visit, I switched all of my kids to her. Her panel is open (Aug 2011) since she is new to kaiser. She was not just neutral about us co-sleeping, still night nursing (at 10 months), etc, but she was supportive and encouraging, which I had never felt from another kaiser pediatrician. (I even had one tell me I should try to limit night nursing at 3 months of age!). Best of all, she has kids of her own and interacted with my baby and my older son (who was along for the visit) in a caring, playful, and friendly way that made us all feel at ease in her presence. She helped me make an informed decision about antibiotics too. I can't recommend her highly enough and feel so blessed to have randomly discovered her. Totally worth the 15 minute drive to Richmond- considering parking is a breeze there, it really isn't much longer to get there than going to the Oakland kaiser from our house in Berkeley. Happy with our pediatrician- finally!!!

April 2011

Re: Kaiser Richmond physicians
I have found fabulous doctors at Richmond Kaiser: Dr Rachel Hartshorn - OB DrSarah Horner - pediatrician

Feb 2011

Hi All, I'm looking for a recommendation for a female pediatrician at Kaiser Richmond who is open to alternative schedules on vaccination or no schedule on vaccination. Thanks in advance! anon

I doubt you will find any Kaiser ped who is okay with delayed/deleted vaccinations. I raised the issues in The Vaccine Book with my son's old ped at Oakland Kaiser, and she explained why she believed it was unsound. Unlikely any Kaiser doc would be enthusiastic about something that contradicts the AAP recommendation.

That said, we've seen two female peds at Richmond Kaiser, Dr Henry and Dr Hernandez, and I wouldn't recommend either. We've also seen Dr Mahl (a man), and I found him to be very warm, pleasant, and competent. Kaiser kids' mom

My ped at Kasier Richmond was fine with us on a different vaccination schedule. Her words '' as long as we did the research and had a good understanding''. She also gave her opinion of what was most important. Dr. Horner. very nice, friendly and low-key. my friend sees Dr Kruger and had a similar experience.

Sept 2010

I will have a new baby soon I am looking for be any recommendations on Pediatricians at Oak Kaiser.

Would you consider traveling to Richmond? Every single pediatrician we have seen there has been wonderful, and their parking situation is so much simpler (and FREE!) compared to oakland! I love it there! Dr. Desler is our amazing, wonderful pediatrician.... but like I said, I have really appreciated every one we have seen! three-time Mama

Nov 2009

We are relocating to the East Bay from L.A. in January. I'm going to need a lot of advice and recommendations from this wonderful BPN, starting with a good Pediatrician in the Kaiser network. I have a 3 and 1 year old. Does anyone have a beloved Pediatrician? And can you tell me a little about why you love this doctor? Please: Kaiser doctors only. Jeanne

Dr. Sarah Horner is wonderful. She's at Kaiser Richmond. John

June 2009

Hello, I am insured with Kaiser and I am looking for a pediatrician for my new baby (due July). I want someone who is open to discussing the possibility that not all vaccinations for infants are absolutely necessary and someone who will consider changing the AAP's recommended schedule and/or even leaving some vaccinations out. Has anyone good experience discussing the pros and cons about vaccinations openly with a Kaiser pediatrician and not feeling pressured into doing vaccinations you don't feel comfortable with? I live in the East Bay, so Richmond or Oakland Kaiser would be best. Thanks for the advice, Catherine

We see Dr Horner at Richmond Kaiser. only seen her twice (our daughter is only 2mths). She is very open about alternate vaccination schedules. Her words '' if you do the research you can make an informed decision''. We opted only for the meningitis ones at 2mths, skipped HepB & polio and are undecided about when to begin DTaP She is lovely, great with our baby. I suggest getting an appointment early in the day, she seems a little more harried in the evening (has appts till 5.30pm)

May 2009

Re: Kaiser Doc Recommendations?
We can highly recommend Kaiser pediatrian Dr. Sarah Horner at Richmond. John

Jan 2008

I am a soon-to-be first-time mom (due 2/2/08) looking for a good pedicatrician at Kaiser Richmond for my little one. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks, Ann.

We have seen two pediatricians we recommend at Kaiser Richmond Dr. Desler and Dr. Kruger. We were happy with their bedside manner and attention to detail for our newborn daughter. The doctor we were not impressed with was Dr. Scott-Anwah who we felt had a cold bedside manner (talked more than listened, rushed us out, providing mundane advice to solve some issue even though we kept saying, yes, we already do that). Kaiser Mom of a Little One

I highly recommend Margret (Peggy) Desler at Richmond Kaiser. She was recommend to me through a friend. My daughter is 19 months and so far we have had a great experience with Dr. Desler. She is a mother of four, so she has pretty much seen everything first hand. Also I very much appreciate her relaxed and friendly manner. Kim

We've been very happy with Dr. Schaff at Kaiser Richmond. I panicked when my first arrived early and took the first available appointment which happened to be with Dr. Schaff. I found him to be very kind and patient and he explains everything. Our visits never felt rushed. Unfortunately we left Kaiser due to change of work benefits but we would have stayed with Dr. Schaff indefinitely. happy parent

We have been very happy with Dr. Cherilyn Brunetti, and also, with every other pediatrician we have seen at Kaiser Richmond when we have made sick appointments and had to see whomever was available. The doctors there, especially the women, are just fantastic, and they are all real people with real families of their own and take you and your concerns seriously and empathetically. I highly recommend Kaiser Richmond pediatrics, all around. Happy Kaiser member

Nov 2007

Re: Caring Pediatrician at Kaiser Oakland?
I know you didn't mention Kaiser Richmond, but we have now seen no less than four different pediatricians there and I have been happy with each one of them. I like it WAAAAY better than Oakland since parking is free and the whole experience is way less stressful before I even get in the door. Dr. Desler (F) is our regular ped., and while she is quick and efficient she is also very aware of our children's needs to sit w/ mom and only examine when absolutely necessary, and then, as quickly as possible. We've also seen Dr. Leo (Male), Dr. Kruger (female), and Dr. Mahl (male). I won't go into details about all of these doctors, but they were all generally easy going, quick to listen to my concerns and modify treatment where applicable, and I would have probably chosen any one of them if I had to, to see on a regular basis. (But we already love Dr. Desler so no need to switch!) Kimberly

May 2007

Can anyone recommend a pediatrician at Kaiser Richmond? I gave birth at Kaiser Oakland, but we live in El Cerrito, and it would be a lot easier to take my son to a pediatrician in Richmond. All the recommendations on the website are a few years old. Thanks! Jennifer

don't know why you find dated info because there should be a lot of recent posts on kaiser richmond peds. we all love it there. the docs are all competent and nice. you'll have to find out who has an open panel. some you will groove with better than others. access is great and the assistants are nice as well. they have an aquarium in the waiting room, although it looks like some of the fish went belly up. kmom

March 2007

Hi, I'm new to Kaiser and really need to find a good doctor (can be a pediatrician or a family practicioner) for my 1 year old daughter. Since I have delayed a handful of her vaccinations, getting into the room with someone who say, doesn't agree with this at all and vehemenently opposes it, would be a downer for me. I'd like recommendations on Dr.s who are open, kind, patient, give plenty of time to the appt., and who also consider alternative care options....Any suggestions/rec's for either facility. Thanks in advance! New Kaiser Mama

We love Karen Kruger with Richmond Kaiser. She is very open and non-judgemental. We have had concerns about vaccinations, and she has listened and offered her opinion and then let us choose. I'd say check her out-if you don't like her, then you can change. Good luck! Patty

Dr. Karen Kruger is a pediatrician at Richmond Kaiser. She is fantastic. My son has been a very healthy child (3 1/2 years). So, we have not had to deal with any major issues. However, whenever we see her she is always willing to give us all of our options. That includes what I deem to be non- standard options. For example, the one time my son had a slight ear infection she suggested that I get the antibiotics to have on hand for the weekend, but that I could opt not to give them to him and see how he does. That way he could fight it off naturally, which he did. Having grown up taking antibiotics, it was a nice change. She is also very kind and patient with quetsions and such. I think you should give her a try. Good luck! anon

Hi there, We love Dr. Anjana Ray at Kaiser Richmond. She is gentle, kind, and is really good with not just my daughter, but me as well -- she has taken the time to sit and really listen to me a couple of times when I've been upset at appointments. Erika

Dr. Krueger at Richmond Kaiser is great and she won't give you any guilt about the vaccinations. She is all the things you are looking for in a doctor. I have 2 small children and they have been going to her for 3 years.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Karen Kruger. I think she is the kind of doctor you are looking for because she's extremely open-minded and not at all judgemental. She is very good at presenting choices and letting you make your own decisions, whether it's about immunizations, procedures, medication choices, etc. She also SO nice, patient, respectful and down-to-earth. Kaiser mom

Also recommended: Kaiser Oakland

Nov 2006

I would like to hear any positive/negative experiences with Kaiser's Richmond or Oakland pediatric services, mainly regarding appointment availability in ''urgent'' cases. Can you get an appoinment for the same day if needed? We've not chosen our doctor yet, neither are not sure whether to take Kaiser or United Health Care, so I'd be happy to hear recommendations on any other pediatric services in/near Berkeley MM

We have had a great experience at Kaiser Richmond's Pediatric department. Given our son is only three and has been a very healthy child. However, we have had to make a few urgent same day appointments. They have always squeezed us in. Dr. Kruger is my son's doctor. She is awesome. She came highly recommended from an Oakland doctor who we really liked. She is very laid back and straight forward. Kaiser may be challenging in some aspects, but pediatrics is one area I think they really have it together. Julie

kaiser richmond peds is a great department. there's never any trouble with access and the docs are all good and very warm, as are the ma's and receptionists. it's one of the best departments in the region. kmom

We've been really happy with Kaiser Richmond Pediatrics. We see Dr. Karen Kruger and she's wonderful. My 2-year old talks about her (positively) all the time. We've also been quite pleased with the availability of urgent care appointments- even on Saturdays. On occasion, we've seen other pediatricians including Dr. Ray, Dr. Brunetti, and Dr. Schaff at the Richmond facility and they've all been great. I've had hit-or-miss experiences with the rest of Kaiser, but I can wholeheartedly endorse the pediatrics service in Richmond. Sandra

I use Richmond Kaiser pediatrics. Kaiser has an advice line where you talk to a nurse who assesses how serious your problem is (''Come in NOW to the ER, I'll tell them to expect you,'' or ''Can you come for an appointment at 2 pm today? we have an opening then.'') Fevers, purple feet, torn mouth interior, weird poop, parenting problems. The most serious one, they said come into the emergency room -- they don't want problems with small babies to get worse. The other times we called the advice nurse and needed to come in the same day for urgent care, we could. Kaiser is great. I haven't had a problem with same day care when needed (for me or baby or husband). For well-baby visits, we see Dr. Robert Schaff. Nice guy, suggests things well, not preachy, guides adequately, but I network with other moms to learn how/when to do things. A friend recommended Dr. Lindesman, but she was cutting her doctoring for more admin stuff so we chose Schaff. She was great when we met her in one of our urgent care visits. Dr. Patrick Diaz, baby-faced doctor works the Oakland ER and pediatric ward, nice, explains things well, reassures. I don't remember the ER pediatrician at Richmond -- pretty Indian woman, competent and gentle. And all the lactation consultants at Kaiser Richmond and Oakland were awesome -- learned something from each of them. And hallelujah that I do NOT know every doctor at both locations! Keep that kid healthy! As they say, Thrive

We've been going to Kaiser Richmond for the last year. The only urgent appointment I needed to schedule in pediatrics, I was able to schedule same-day, although not with my son's primary pediatrician. The other instance I might have wanted an urgent appointment, I was able to email the pediatrician instead and she wrote back with info so that I didn't need to. (I emailed her in the middle of the night and she wrote back by 8:30 the next morning.) My husband had a Dr. at Kasier Oakland, but one visit to Richmond and he wanted to switch! Parking is easier (although still not great), it's actually FREE, and it's not so busy. However, there's not much nearby like at Oakland...mmmmh, Fentons! p.s. the doctors we've seen are Leo and Dessler and I really like them both!! kimberly

We love Dr. Karen Kruger at Kaiser Richmond. She is very open- minded and comforting while also highly professional and knowledgeable at the same time. We have seen Dr. Kruger since my daughter was born 2 years ago. In your post you asked about urgent care. In the situations where we needed to see a doctor right away (same day or next day), we have been able to see Dr. Kruger about half the time. If your main doctor isn't available, then Kaiser will get you in to see another doctor, and we have always been very pleased with the other doctors we've seen as well Kaiser mom

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June 2006

Does anyone have a good experience with a pediatrician at Kaiser Richmond? What's good about them? Do you know if they are accepting new patients? Thanks jb

My sons have seen a couple of Richmond Pediatricians for emergencies and they have all been very good. However, we love Dr. Leo. He is calm, warm, thoughtful and somehow, even on short notice, we have been able to get an appointment with him, a number of times even on Saturdays. He also has returned calls himself regarding basic questions about medications, etc anon

March 2006

Richmond Kaiser has a FABULOUS pediatrics unit. Dr. M Berman is head of pediatrics and our pediatrician. We've seen many doctors there over the last 15 years and I've been happy with most of them. Richmond Kaiser is small and the wait is never long.

Feb 2006

Re: Black Pediatrician
We go to Karen Sorey at Richmond Kaiser. We found her through BPN. She is very warm and friendly and good with our daughter. She's not so Berkeley/alternative -- e.g. she recommended Dole fruit cups as a way for our daughter to eat fruit -- but she was cool about spreading out vaccines and answers all our million questions. anon

January 2005

I've checked the website and haven't seen many recent recommendations for good pediatricians at Kaiser Richond who may be taking new patients. Can anyone recommend a good doctor for both infants and older children? If you recommend someone, it would be helpful to also let me know if s/he is a resident. Thanks!

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Karen Kruger at Richmond Kaiser. She's been our pediatrician for a year and we've been very happy - she relates very well with the kids, follows through with her referrals and is very open, easy to talk to, and generally seems very on top of things, and is very kind. She's also kinda ''Berkeley'' in demeanor so it was a good transition for us as we were leaving the BPMG, which we loved. skybluemamma

We love our pediatrician at Kaiser Richmond - Dr. Susan Lindheim. She is available when needed, has a good sense of humor, is calm and low-key, and most importantly, knowledgeable and caring. Not sure if she is taking new patients, however. Seth

We see Karen Kruger for our son at Kaiser-Richmond. She is simply wonderful, experienced, kind, and can really talk with kids. I'm sure it helps that she has four children of her own. When we started Kaiser two years ago, she was available then, having just moved from Children's. You can request a list of available pediatricians from Kaiser-Richmond and they should send you a list. [also got a list for gynocologists and internists]. Assuming everyone is well qualified, I chose someone who looked nice and seemed to look like someone I'd like to talk with and my instincts turned out to be right. Plus their descriptions tell you if they have kids or not. good luck! Happy Kaiser Mom

Our pediatrician at Kaiser Richmond is Karen Sorey. I highly recommend her - she has a really great way with the kids, great with the parents, treats us as if we just saw her last week, even if its been months since we last saw her. We never feel rushed with her, she takes as much time as is needed. My son asked to have her as his doctor after seeing her for an urgent care appt. When needed, she has readily sent us to specialists.

I can also highly recommend Susan Lindheim, we just didn't see her because our children are friends. Hallie

We have used Dr. Joseph Browne at Kaiser Richmond. He was taking new patients last I knew. My kids like him and he spends time listening. Also speaks Spanish if that's of interest! SM

Oct 2005

Hi, my family and I just moved to the Bay Area with our 5 month old baby. If anyone can recomend a good Pediatrician at the Richmond Kaiser, which the closest to our home, we would very much appreciate it. Emily

We love Dr. Horner at Kaiser Richmond. She is gentle with babies and patient with new parents. She clearly loves what she does. We've brought our child in for the most minor things (a slight fever, check ears after a cold but before a flight) and she treats us with the same respect as when we bring our child in for her check-ups. This was important to me. In general, all the Kaiser Richmond pediatricians are great...and if you can't see your ped, but need an urgent care appointment, you'll still get great care. Yep, I actually like Kaiser

Two great Kaiser Richmond pediatricians are Karen Kruger and Robert Scahff. In general, this group is terrific! Good luck anon

My sons have been going to Dr. Edmund Leo at Kaiser Richmond. He has always appeared, calm, unhurried and genuinely concerned. He has good listening skills and we've been pleased with his advice and care. Donna

March 2002

Re: Kaiser pediatrician flexible on vaccines
Dr. Karen Sorrey at Richmond Kaiser has been my children's ped. for 3 years now. I love her, and my girls have a wonderful relationship with her also. I have found her to be very educated with vaccinations and seems open to my opinons/ideas regarding when to get them. Although I have always gone with her advice and the schedule they are supposed to be, she has also held off on some until the next well child visit, which seemed to me that she is flexible. By the way, she is a woman of color. Kerri


Does anyone have recommendations re: pediatricians at Kaiser in Richmond? We have two girls, ages six and three, and an infant boy. Mary

I would highly recommend Dr. Robert Schaff at Kaiser Richmond. I have a one-year-old son and Dr. Schaff is the only pediatrician we have seen. He has a very calm and gentle manner. I have been very happy with both Dr. Schaff and the entire staff at Kaiser Richmond. Good luck! Anon. please.

We really like Dr. Susan Lindheim. She's been our daughter's primary pediatrician, and we find her to be very thorough and careful. Our son likes Dr. Mahl, and he seems competent too. Don't know if either of these physicians are taking new patients. I've also heard that Dr. Brunetti is good. She's a local girl; daughter of two educators in Berkeley. parent of 13 yr old girl and 10 yr old boy

I highly recommend Dr. Schaff at Kaiser Richmond. He has seen our 14 month old daughter since birth and has been warm, gentle, patient and all around the best doctor I have ever met. He carefully monitored our daughter when she had a large drop in weight, and was thorough without being alarmist. My sense is that many doctors would have dismissed this problem with a 'wait and see' attitude, but I really appreciated that Dr. Schaff took the time to make sure she was doing okay. The office staff clearly likes him, and we have sent two friends to him, both of whom are very, very happy with his care. The whole pediatrics staff at Richmond seems to be very good. Good luck! Kelly

When I posted the same question 4 months ago, 4/6 people suggested Dr. Cheryl Brunetti. We switched to Kaiser when our baby was 2 months old & now she is 8 months old. So far, so good. I like the way she explains things -- she describes the biology of whatever is wrong & she's very nice - Irene D

My two favorites(I've tried out quite a few)are Dr. Brunetti (female) and Dr. Schaff(male) both we're respectful of our decision not to vaccinate and not do antibiotics at the drop of a hat. M.K.

I recommend Dr. Cherilyn Brunetti at Kaiser Richmond--my son (now 19 months old) has been her patient since he was newborn. She always seems to enjoy seeing my son, and talking to us, and answering our many questions. Her answers are satisfying (she really listens to the question), and her manner is friendly, pleasant and very gentle. (note: I have recommended her before, as have others, I believe, but I couldn't find anything but Dr. Burman in the archives either.) Lisa

Dr. Burman is my boys' pediatrician so he is who we see most often. I have seen several other drs. for Urgent Care though and here are my comments/recommendations. (The first three I saw over a year ago so my perceptions are a little dulled by time, but they are all still there. The last I just saw last week.)

Dr. Margaret Dessler - She is warm and friendly. She has young children herself so is ''up'' on current info about them. And if this is a concern, she is also very breast feeding friendly.

Dr. Ahwah (I could be totally off on the spelling) - She is good, but I felt she was a little clinical for my tastes.

Dr. Lindheim (or is it Lindstrom... sorry) - She was very warm also. I haven't seen her with a baby, just a toddler... he liked her.

Dr. Mahl - He was pretty laid back... didn't pooh, pooh me when I was concerned. He examined my baby while I held the baby on my lap. It was a little awkward, but it seemed like a good idea since he had no way of knowing that my baby would have been just as happy kicking the crinkly paper as sitting with me.

Hope that list helps you pick. Generally, I would say that the peds. at Richmond Kaiser are all really great. That department is always hopping but the staff and drs are always friendly and comforting. I have never been rushed out of a room after an apt (like when my baby decides to nurse just as the apt is ending). You should be in good hands. If you are not sure what you want to do, just make sure you see a different dr everytime you go to urgent care so you can try them all out. Rose

I definitley suggest Dr. Robert Scaff. I have a 10 month old son and he loves him. Dr. Schaff is at the Richmond Kaiser Clinic and is very professional. He does not rush you through appointments and is always open for questions and gives wonderful advice. He is very gentle and even when my son fusses he is very good at working around him and getting him to calm down. I am 22 years old now but growing up I did have Dr. Burman as my pediatrician. He was a good doctor but when I was between the ages of 7-11 I had started to gain alot of weight. I feel now that if maybe he had either put me on a diet or gave me some type of eating plan I would not have gained the excess weight that I am still fighting today. I believe that alot of doctors ignore the fact that children today have eating problems and I think it is partly the parents and the doctors responsibility to address these health problems early on in the child's life. You may want to really look around at the other pediatrician's at Kaiser besides Burman. I really think though if you go with Dr. Schaff you will be very happy. Good Luck!! Anon

I am very familiar with all of the Pediatricians at Richmond Kaiser and you can not go wrong with any choice. All the doctors are board certified Pediatricians and trained at some of the best pediatric training programs in the country. You just need to pick someone who matches your interests. They have a few older physicians, many younger, most with children of their own and covering every background/race conceivable. There is a brand new member of their department I know very well. Karen Krueger is from Chicago, trained at Texas Children's Hospital, has young children of her own, and has been an ambulatory faculty member at Oakland Children's Hospital for the past decade. She is open minded, considerate, and not at all dictatorial, but will explain the science behind decisions if needed. She has won awards at Oakland Children's Hospital for her expertise and bedside manner including the coveted ''Miraclemaker Award.'' A Father and Pediatrician


Does anyone have a recommendation for Richmond Kaiser pediatricians who are accepting patients? We are looking for someone for our newborn son. Would prefer a female doctor. Also has anyone had experience using Kaiser with Healthy Families or MediCal? melwood

re: Richmond Kaiser pediatrician...We are very happy with Mel Burman. He's the chair of the dept I believe, but more importantly, he ANSWERS HIS OWN PHONE and responds very promptly to messages. I've also heard from parents of older kids that the nurse who works with him is a great resource for parents re: communication with teens, problem-solving, etc. Our son is 2.3 now and has been pretty healthy, so we've only met face-to-face a few times, but I've talked with him many times by phone and consider him a great resource at this stage too. Tony

I'm a nurse/parent educator there and I think all of the doctors are tops! I've been there 10 years and my children have seen most of the doctors over time. I P.S. Dr.Burman isn't taking new patients. (He will take siblings of people he sees). Rona

Dr. Mel Burman has been our pediatrician (my boys are 10 1/2, and 6) since my older son was an infant. He's always playful, caring, kind and knows his stuff. He seems to be open to some alternatives to western medicine which I appreciate a lot. When my younger son was about 18 months old he had a badly infected lymph node in his groin. After an unsuccessful round of antibiotics Dr. Burman arranged for us to be admitted to Childrens. He called us from home that night to check on my son and gave me his home phone number (which he'd done another time during an urgent situation). He reminds me of the old time familyl doctors that made house calls. He's a real gem. June

I recommend Dr. Anjana Ray. She has been the pediatrician for both my kids (ages 7 & 4.5) since birth, and we've been very happy with her. She takes the time to answer my questions, and I don't feel rushed. She has also called sometimes with extra info or check-ins, when it's been warranted--I've appreciated her willingness to follow up. When I've advocated for my child (as with requesting the dead polio virus vaccination versus the live one, even though it may not have been the standard procedure, or doing vaccinations in 2 or 3 trips rather than all on the same day), she was more than willing to do what I wanted. This is the main reason we stick with Kaiser--we are happy with pediatrics in Richmond. Dr. Berman and others are also very nice--I've never had a bad experience in the pediatric dept. And that's saying alot (after 7 years!). Roxane


I strongly recommend a pediatrician at Kaiser in Richmond. We live in Albany - from there Kaiser Richmond is easier and faster to get to than Oakland, so depending on where you live in Berkeley, it may be a good bet. The physician is Dr. Melvin Berman. He is the Chief of Pediatrics at Richmond. He is kind, funny and patient and seems to really enjoy each child. He encourages parent questions. His responses are straight forward and pragmatic. On several occasions when we have gone in for urgent care appointments weekends or evenings when Dr. Berman was not available, we have seen other Richmond pediatric staff, all of whom have been kind and helpful. Andi


I have a wonderful pediatrician in Richmond at Kaiser: Dr. Melvin Burman. I have been told that he also works some days at Alta Bates in Berkeley. Kim