Looking for a pediatrician at Richmond Kaiser

I need to choose a pediatrician for my new baby at Kaiser Richmond. Any recent recommendations? 

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If he's accepting new patients,  Elio Gizzi is fantastic. He's the head of training for the East Bay Kaiser residents so he tends to be up on all the latest research, but he's also very experienced and knowledgeable. He caught my daughter's VSD just with the stethoscope (which the cardiologist was impressed by) and he correctly diagnosed something that had been misdiagnosed on my son when we were away on vacation. He's bedside manner is also a lovely mix of attentive and reassuring - as in he listens and takes things seriously but doesn't panic. 

We adore Dr. Gizzi! He is so smart, funny, kind and experienced. We chose him because he trains the new Kaiser pediatricians. 

Congratulations on your new baby!  We especially love Dr. Molina Patel, Dr. Martha Hernandez, and Dr. David Ferrazares -- but really, every pediatrician we've seen over the past 13+ years has been excellent, at every developmental stage.

Margaret Desler! She’s got  a great mix of medical/real life mom of 4 perspectives. She’s professional but warm and personable. I’ve never had any issues getting recommendations to specialists when I had concerns. Good luck! 


Hands down, Dr. S. Backus is the best.