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Congratulations on the new job! 

We love Dr. Desler in Richmond Pediatrics. If she has room on her patient list, I would meet with her. My daughter loves to see her, even when sick, even when shots are coming. She listens, she follows up, she truly cares. 

Dr. Wang in Family Medicine is great for adults, but we don't have any experience with her for kids.

Good luck!

I go to Kaiser Richmond and I find it much easier to deal with than Oakland - there are usually no waits, it's clean and calm.

I love my primary doctor - Melinda Glines.

I've seen two OBs, Rachel Hartshorn and Lester Refigee and both are kind and wonderful. Don't know about their experience with over 40 and cancer, but I recommend them as thoughtful doctors who are good at listening.

Our pediatrician is a man, so I can't help you there. Good luck!

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New to Kaiser

Dec 2011

Dear friends at BPN! I made the switch to Kaiser during the last open window period, and I am looking for recommendations for a primary care physician at Richmond Kaiser. Oakland Kaiser might also work for me. Also a good gynecologist recommendation would be great. I am a woman in my mid-fifties, a mom, a sports nut in pretty good shape -- I don't go to the doctor that often, knock on wood! But I would like a skilled person who respects my intelligence and listens. Those are my only requirements. many thanks! new Kaiser person

I joined Kaiser last year and love it. I chose the Richmond site because of its many options; my husband likes the Pinole site. Time-wise they are about the same for us in terms of getting there from where we live in N. Berkeley. I chose Lolly Schiffman for my primary doctor based on the recommendation of two women I know, and I chose Tracey Flanagan as my gynecologist (she is the head of the department there). (I am in my mid-fifties and am quite fit.)

Dr. Schiffman is smart and no-nonsense. I had been in physical therapy through my primary care doctor for awhile with shoulder pain. When I joined Kaiser, I went onto their symptom checker and realized I probably had bursitis, not the tendonitis I had been diagnosed with. I told this to Dr. Schiffman on my first appointment and she agreed with me and gave me cortisone shot on the spot, ending months of discomfort in two days' time. I like that she listened to me and treats me like an intelligent person. Although I don't have a lot of issues with my health, I think that if I did, I would trust her judgement. I like Dr. Flanagan, as well!

I can't say enough good things about Kaiser and wished I had switched earlier. Fantastic offerings of classes, too (I took the 8-week meditation class last spring as well as a nutrition class with my 15 year-old son). I have gone in for lab tests and had the results within hours--and have gotten an email from Dr. Schiffman within 24 hours explaining the results and any recommendations to me the very next day. And I love getting my HRT prescriptions in the mail. No more bother and fuss. Can't say enough good stuff about Kaiser

Kaiser Richmond Primary Care Doctor for array of issues

Nov 2011

I'm looking for a good primary care doctor for my husband and the last recommendations for Kaiser Richmond are from a few years back. He needs someone who can truly be a ''project manager'' for his health care needs, since he has an array of issues and specialists he needs to see (sleep apnea, anxiety/depression, bad back, high cholesterol, etc.) It would also be great to find a doctor with early morning appts - like 8am or earlier. Thanks!

I use Dr. Linda Dubins at Kaiser Richmond and I really like her. She is very proactive, listens well, and presents options for treatments. When I first started with her, she found several health problems I had suspected and some new ones and got them under control. I feel so much healthier after a couple years of her care! C.

Dr. Edward Smyth at Richmond Kaiser

Sept 2011

Does anyone on this forum have experience with Dr. Edward Smyth, in Internal Medicine at Kaiser Richmond? I am considering selecting him as my primary care physician. Thank you! Anonymous

I enjoy him as my PCP. He is maybe in his 40's, but seems to have his practice well in hand. I also think he does a good job listening and educating his patients. Cheers! Deborah

Recommend MD at Kaiser Richmond?

Sept 2011

Hi, I need to pick a primary care doctor at Kaiser in Richmond. I'd prefer someone who is very approachable, open to holistic alternatives, and will ''let me drive'' (see themselves as a consultant, not an authority). I have no huge health issues, just some hormonal imbalances (menopause, thyroid) and allergies. I'd prefer someone over 40 but that's not a must. Thanks for any advice! T

I have only seen her once or twice but I really liked Dr. Constance Noel. I already have a Primary but I have seen her on a urgent care visit and I really liked her manner and she did seem very open and helpful. I also see Dr Fogleburg as my GYN and she is also more open to holistic alternatives. B.

April 2011

Re: Kaiser Richmond physicians
I have found fabulous doctors at Richmond Kaiser: Dr Rachel Hartshorn - OB DrSarah Horner - pediatrician

Jan 2011

Can anyone share their experiences with Dr. Dubins at Kaiser Richmond? I see she is taking new patients, and am considering selecting her as my GP. Thanks! Anonymous

I am a current patient of Dr. Dubins and have been very happy with her. I am in my late 40s and very healthy (so I don't see her often); however, when I do see her, she is very personable, listens patiently, communicates clearly, and is respectful of my questions/concerns. I would definitely recommend her. Satisfied Patient

2010 - 2009 Reviews

Aug 2009

My doc at Kaiser Richmond retired and I need a new one. If you have a physician you like, please let me know. I'd prefer a woman but I'll go with a male doctor if he's really understanding. I tried one doc but he seemed flippant and I did not feel as though I was taken seriously. Appreciate your input! thank you

I highly recommend my doctor: Dr. Heather Wolf. I've only seen her a few times, but for *very* different issues. Each time, I've found her to be thorough, extremely competent, and a good listener. She was randomly assigned as my PCP, but I am very happy with her. But, at KP, you can try as many doctors as you want until you find someone you like. Happy with Dr. Wolf

I HIGHLY recommend Dr Kruger in Richmond. She is fabulous - a wealth of knowledge and interacts so sweetly with my 2 yo daughter. She's always very responsive to my emails and phone calls. Can't say enough great things about this doc! happy Kaiser member

Heather Wolf is my primary care physician at Kaiser and she is great. Also have heard good things about Dr. Valentine. Best of luck. Keren

2008 - 2007 Reviews

March 2008

Hi, I am looking for recommendations for both a primary care doctor and an ob/gyn doctor at Kaiser Richmond. I was not able to find any recent recommendations in the archives. I did see some positive posts for primary care doc Bonney Steuble, but she isn't taking new patients (or at least isn't listed on the Kaiser web site as being available). Any recommendations for either primary care or ob/gyns at Kaiser Richmond are appreciated! Thanks! anon

I used to have Dr. Steuble at Richmond Kaiser, she has since retired. I have found the NP who took some of her patients to be excellent. Marianne Phillipek (sp?) is wonderful, I have had to only see her a few times, and I was really impressed by her. She tends to have a more young and healthy approach to my issues (minor aches and pains) than my previous doctor who would prescribe me a medication to cure me w/o taking the time to view my chart or understand that drugs aren't always agreeable with me. I recommend NP Phillipek. And I can't speak highly enough of my ob/gyn and NP in women's health department. Pam Mullins and Dr. Fogelberg are really great women, down to earth, practical and very knowledgeable. I appreciated having both of them available to me during my pregnancies and for my regular check ups. All 3 of these practitioners have been great about email & telephone follow ups to questions I pose on their website or advice lines. I am generally very healthy a! nd physically active but if something major ever happened to me, I am confident that my practitioners know me well enough and I trust them to take the best care of me.

Nov 2007

Can anyone recommend a good PCP at Richmond Kaiser? Thanks.

Dr Elizabeth Thomas has been my PCP for about 7 years. She came highly recommended from a friend, who is a doc at Kaiser Richmond,and a nurse prac, who treated me for many years. Jim jimmyk

I have been seeing Dr. Pamela Valentine for several years and am very happy with her. She sees me as a whole person, takes the time to talk with me about my concerns, and makes good referrals to specialists as needed. Dr. Valentine's patient

2006 - 2005 Reviews

Oct 2006

My Richmond Kaiser physician (Bonnie Scott-Steuble, MD) is retiring. Anyone have a recommendation for a good Kaiser Richmond internist? My preference is for a middle-aged female doctor (one just ahead of where I am developmentally :-) ), but most important are these characteristics: experienced, competent, thorough, a good listener, works as a partner with the patient Wendy

I think my internist, Joanne Uomini, meets all of your criteria (because I have pretty much the same criteria as you!). She works part-time (I think only 2 days per week) so you are less likely to be able to see her for an urgent appointment, but I haven't had any trouble scheduling routine and follow-up appointments with her Melissa

2004 & Earlier

Oct 2004

I have checked the archives and don't see recent recommendations for this question. I am a new member of Kaiser Richmond and need to select a primary care physician. Please respond with any recommendations .

I have seen Dr Steuble and Dr Hobart. I saw them as an urgent care visit. I really liked them both. It would just depend on if you are wanting to go with a female or male Dr. My regular Dr is Dr Chan. Also very good.

For primary care at Kaiser Richmond: I've been very happy with Naomi Torgersen as my Ob-Gyn. For general practice, I've seen Joanne Uomini only a couple of times but thought she was great. Both women seem very Kaiser-savvy (really important, I think, to get someone who has a good understanding of how the system works), personable, and willing to go the extra mile to get the right thing done. Melissa

Feb 2002

Can anyone recommend a primary care physician (woman) for me at Richmond Kaiser. I want someone progressive and who will talk and listen well. Thanks!

My primary care physician is Doctor Bonnie Steuble, and I've been really happy with her. I can't really speak to how progressive she is, but I feel she always listens to my concerns, takes me seriously, and is cautious and thourough without being panicky. I have found many doctors to be somewhat arrogant and dismissive, so I was very happy to find her. Good luck! happy Kaiser patient

September 2002

My husband needs a new primary care physician at Oakland Kaiser and we have been sent a list of available doctors. Has anyone had any experience with the following doctors: Edward Seegers, Thomas Sharpton, Anthony Ko, Lloyd Stockey, Raymond Davis, Steven Coppola

Anthony Ko is my primary physician. I've only seen him once, for a check-up. He seemed young, friendly, open and conscientious -- he called me a few days after my appointment to follow-up on some test results that were very mildly abnormal. I haven't had any real medical issues since he's been my doctor, but from my limited experience he seems fine. robin

Somebody asked about several doctors at Kaiser. I just returned home from an appointment with one of them -- Dr. Lloyd Stockey. This was my first appointment with him and he was very pleasant, easy to deal with, straightforward with his advice, and helpful. He is now my ''primary care physician'' and I'm happy about it. - Sharon