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Nov 2004

re: Kaiser in Richmond

We go to Kaiser Richmond and I have to say we've been very satisfied there.

They have a great pediatric dept. Our regular ped. is Dr. Berman but we've seen other Drs. there on various occasions and have been happy with all of them. OB-GYN, same thing... They also have a Women's Health Care dept which is separate (I think) from OB-GYN, and a women's breast clinic. A lot of really nice, caring Drs. Nurses, Aids are in Richmond.

I'm not as familiar with everyone in the medical dept, but I see a nurse practitioner, Marianna Phillipek who is more wholistic minded than many other Drs. and nurses there.

The few times we've had emergencies we've been taken care of immediately and with care that made me feel confident. I'm the type of patient who asks a lot of questions and I do a lot of my own research if I have a specific issue. I've almost always been treated with patience and respect (have seen a few drs. over the years that were a bit too arrogant for my taste, but that's the exception, not the rule). I like Richmond also because it's small, so usually my appointments are on time. Can't say anything about therapists there, haven't had experience with them, but Medical, OB and Pediatrics I think are great. Good luck. anon