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I'm so sorry your son had a birth injury.  I hope he progress well. My son has special needs and our pediatrician is Dr. Amy Sobel (in Pinole, which should be closer to you and EASY parking!) and I love her. My son's pediatric neurologist is Dr. Jean Hayward (if you need one, she's at Oakland) who is fantastic, SO smart, but while we love her, she is more scientist than therapist.  Good luck!

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I second the recommendation for Kaiser Pinole pediatrics. Small and easy, and our pediatrician (Dr. Cherilyn Brunetti) is wonderful. If you need specialists, they can put in a referral and you can deal with the larger hospitals in Oakland and Richmond. Good luck!

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I find both facilities to be stressful and overwhelming for routine care, especially with two young kids.  I would consider heading out a bit past Richmond to go to Kaiser Pinole.  Since it's not part of a hospital it's small, friendly and with easy peasy parking.  Whenever I go to Kaiser Oakland I have to build in an extra 20 minutes just for parking and finding my way through the huge maze of buildings/offices so it might not add too much time to your overall journey.  Also, an amazing pediatrician is located there, Dr. Elizabeth Bassett.

We live in El Cerrito, and go to Kaiser Pinole for our regular pediatrician stuff. I recommend Dr Mahar there but we've also seen Dr Leo and liked him too. Pinole is much smaller, easier to park, shorter pharmacy lines, etc. You just have to be aware of not booking an appointment there in later afternoon or face rush hour traffic. Same thing to Richmond, really, plus there can be a morning rush hour on 580 toward Richmond when the Richmond Bridge backs up. Welcome to East Bay traffic patterns! :P

If it would work to drive a little further, please don't rule out Pinole Kaiser. Their department of family doctors includes a number of DO's as well as MD's, both have full medical degrees, plenty of MDs are great, but I have found DO's to be more amenable to ALL the things you mentioned. We have a DO who supports parental decisions about vaccinations, you can message me for the name because I don't think anyone wants to advertise seemingly controversial stances out of context. Pinole Kaiser is also smaller, very calm, really easy parking (though Richmond has much better parking than Oakland) and you can still use Richmond for emergencies or anything else that's not at Pinole. 

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Recommendation for pediatrician Kaiser Pinole

Jan 2016

Hi, Was wondering if anyone had experience with any of the following Kaiser Pinole doctors: Diana Mahar, Zhanna Vishnevskaya, Cherilyn Brunetti, Maya Shaw. We're looking for a female pediatrician for our 10 y.o. daughter. Thanks in advance. Anon

If Dr. Brunetti is accepting patients you should grab a spot immediately. She is calm, accessible, and has never missed a diagnosis when other doctors have. My child has been her patient for 11 years, and we are so grateful.

We have seen Dr. Diana Mahar at Kaiser Pinole since our son was born almost 3 years ago. She is great, easy to talk to, she listens to you and will answer questions by email quickly and is just overall a warm intelligent person. We feel lucky and fortunate to have her as our son's pediatrician. Highly recommend

May 2013

Re: Kaiser Pediatrician in the East Bay?
We love our Pediatrician, ELIZABETH LOVE BASSETT MD at Pinole Kaiser. Very easy going, but skilled and super helpful. Very open to our alternative vaccine schedule and other alternative ways of doing things. It's also nice to go to a clinic that is much easier to navigate. Easy parking, quick pharmacy. We never wait long for the doc. It's very nice.

Nov 2011

Can anyone recommend a good pediatrician at the Kaiser Richmond medical center? I was looking for reviews of the pediatricians there, but could not find anything. I am a first time mom, and have lots and lots of questions and concerns, so I would like to find a pediatrician who is very knowledgeable, kind, and who is very patient to answer my questions. Any help is much appreciated. Xun 

I don't know if you are open to the Pinole facility but we see Dr. Anjana Ray. She's very patient and warm. She used to work in Richmond but moved over to Pinole when they opened the new facility (which is fantastic). Kaiser mom

August 2011

Re: Attachment parenting pediatricians at Kaiser
I would highly recommend Dr. Robert Schaff at Kaiser Pinole. We are a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, cloth diapering family and have been with Dr. Schaff since our son was born. When he moved to the Pinole office we followed him, even though it was slightly farther for us (we live in Berkeley). He is excellent- kind, caring, energetic, nonjudgemental, and best of all, he will discuss your child's care with you in scientific terms trusting that you are educated enough to be a part of the dialogue and never talking down to you or condescending. love our ped

May 2010

I'm about to give birth to my first child. We live in Pinole and would love a recommendation for a pediatrician in the Pinole Kaiser. Looking for someone somewhat holistic, and would be willing to work with me on a possibly delayed vaccine schedule. Thank you. dj

Dr. Ray at Pinole Kaiser is wonderful--thoughtful, kind, patient with your questions. Don't know about alternative vaccination schedules, but otherwise she was great with our baby/toddler/preschooler!

Hi. Dr. Cheryln Brunetti is GREAT. betty

Jan 2009

We are thinking about switching to Kaiser because their new clinic in Pinole is close to us. I don't know any Kaiser pediatricians. They say the Drs that are there are Drs Schaff, Ray, Mahar, Leo and Brunetti. Does anyone have any recommendations of any of these docs? Maria

Diana Mahar has to be one of the best pediatricians you will find anywhere. She is kind, incredibly smart, and an amazing doctor. Dr Mahar Fan

We use Dr. Ray as our pediatrician and love her! We live in Berkeley and have been seeing her at the Kaiser in Richmond since our son was born (he is currently 19 months.) With her transferring to Pinole (a less convenient location for us) we considered changing to a new pedi but realized that we enjoy her too much to lose her. She is very caring, great with our son and is easy going with us as well. Good luck! Heather

If the Dr. Ray moving to Pinole is Dr. Anjana Ray, I highly recommend her. Our extended family is into our second generation with Dr. Ray as our pediatrician. She has a very calm and soothing manner, which I loved as a child. She remembers kids and knows what to ask them. If she's still practicing when I have children, I would take them to her with no qualms, whatsoever. If I could find a PCP in adult medicine that I liked half as much, I'd be totally happy with Kaiser. Wish I could see a pediatrician sometimes