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April 2012

Re: Pediatrician, PCP and Gynecologist reccomendations
You know, you don't have to have all your family's doctors at the same Kaiser facility. If you already have, say, your OB at Oakland, keep it and move some of the others to Richmond if that's more convenient. (That's what I did - it's not like you see your OB very much if you're not pregnant anyway.) You can get your prescriptions at any facility too. But in fact, let me really recommend the Pinole clinic. If you're in N. Berkeley or north, it's as easy to get to or more so than Kaiser Richmond; it's small so easy to navigate, and parking is a surface lot (!!!). After moving closer to the Richmond facility, we got a Richmond based pediatrician who... argh. long story. Both my kids now have a pediatrician in Pinole who we love. Kaiser Pinole works for us

Sept 2010

Re: Good OB and delivery at which Kaiser?
I did not have any complicated pregnancies or risk factors with my pregnancy, but for my third pregnancy I saw Dr. Tracy Seo, who now works at Kaiser Pinole. (She used to be at Richmond.) I've decided that I will continue to see her in Pinole, I loved her that much. She always made me feel like she would be happy to sit and talk with me, even though I know she was really busy. She was very good at ''reading'' my hesitations and was very good about pausing to investigate them.