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RE: Kaiser Pediatrician ()

Our son goes to William Ong in Walnut Creek and we have been very happy with him. 

Hi, were new to the neighborhood too and just took our LO to Dr. Nick Huynh. He's in Walnut Creek but respected our choices. Very close to great shopping, so you could make it a fun day!

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Jan 2016

RE: Current recommendations for Kaiser Pediatrician WC

We see Dr. Rona Bar-Din at Kaiser Walnut Creek and we LOVE her. She is fantastic. With that said though, we have at some point or another over the years seen all of the pediatricians at Kaiser Walnut Creek, and honestly can say that we have liked all of them. Dr. Randy Bergen in particular was great. I really don't think you can go wrong. So grateful to have great health care for my kids

Aug 2014

RE: Pediatrician/Kaiser alternative med/alt vaccines

My child sees Dr. Lynn Arsenault at Kaiser Park Shadelands in Walnut Creek. Although she encourages me to follow Kaiser's medical recommendations, she respects my rights as a parent to delay vaccinations. I don't see her more than once a year because my child has never been ill enough to need a trip to the doctor. Happy Kaiser Parent

July 2014

My wife is expecting August 26th and we're looking to find a female pediatrician in the Kaiser network either in Oakland or Walnut Creek. Any recommendations out there? Otherwise, it is eeny, meeny, miny, moe... Many thanks in advance to the BPN network! As first time parents BPN is a wonderful resource! Stephen

We have been taking our kids to Dr. Rona Bar-Din at KP Walnut Creek for years and think she is great. Caring, efficient, and experienced. I'm not sure if she is accepting new patients or not. On several occasions, we have had to see other pediatricians there for urgent needs when Dr. Bar-Din was out of the office. We've liked every pediatrician we've seen. Congratulations on your new child

June 2013

Hi. We are new to Kaiser system and looking for pediatrician at Walnut Creek. Someone who has good manner with children and is patient with questions from parents. I will have a newborn in July who needs care as well as a 3yo toddler. Thanks! skys mom

Our pediatrician is Dr. Rona Bar-Din at KP Walnut Creek. We really like her. Because of the various times when we've needed appointments immediately, we have met almost all of the pediatricians there, and I have to say, we haven't had one yet that we didn't like. We've been especially impressed with the doc who's the head of the department - I think his name is Dr. Berger (or something like that). Hope that helps. Really like Kaiser Walnut Creek

Oct 2012

I'm due in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone has a Kaiser pediatrician in Walnut Creek that they love? I had picked my primary and ob just randomly based on who had the first available appointment, but would like to be more thoughtful when it comes to my baby. Roz

My child sees Dr. Lynn M. Arsenault at Park Shadelands in Walnut Creek. She is kind, responsive and open minded, and I have been very happy with the care she has given my child. Happy With Kaiser Dr.

Dec 2011

Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Rahul Parikh, or Dr. Chandran Shanmugam? These seem to be the only 3 pediatricians accepting new patients at Kaiser walnut creek. Alternatively, Dr. Maria Borquez and Dr. Charles Hearey at Park Shadelands are also accepting new patients. Anyone with experiences with these doctors? We are vaccinating on an alternative schedule, don't like to routinely use antibiotics or any medicine really. I'm just looking for someone who's opinion I can trust and doesn't just hand me a ''handout'' when I have a question. Thanks! Tired of driving an hour to the pedi

Dr. Charles Hearey at Park Shadelands is very experienced and has a good reputation .

One thing you should know about Kaiser, especially for pedi, is that it has very good coverage and you will not have to wait to be seen right away if needed. So if your doctor is not immediately available, you'll get an appt with another MD in the office. In that way, you can see what other docs are like, and can change toanother MD at any time. Also the panels open up from time to time, and you can switch to another MD without any problem. Plus Kaiser has readily accessible phone advice from both RNs and MD phone appts. Kaiser also has an accessibility through the internet and you can e-mail your doc with questions and concerns that you don't necessarily feel you need an appt for.

I've been pleased with the ease, expertise and accessibility at Kaiser for my family. happy with Kaiser

April 2010

My husband just got a new job that has Kaiser health insurance and I enrolled at the Walnut Creek location because I heard it was better than the Oakland location (we live in Oakland). We had our first pediatrician appt for our 7 month old daughter yesterday and really didn't like the doctor. She was extremely curt and borderline rude, and seemed very rushed and disengaged. I'm disheartened that this is our first experience w/ a Kaiser doctor. I really loved my daughter's previous doctor at East Bay Pediatrics (Tracy Evans-Ramsey) and would love to find someone like her. I guess I just appreciate a good bedside manner, and would like someone who is a good listener and seems like they really like children. Can anyone recommend a pediatrician at Kaiser Walnut Creek or Oakland? Mary

Dr. Lynn Arsenault at Kaiser in Park Shadelands in Walnut Creek is just who you are looking for. She has two young children of her own and never tires of my endless questions. She has a very calm bedside manner. Park Shadelands may be a little further from the freeway for you but parking is easy and the campus is very calm versus the hectic hospital in Walnut Creek. Happy Mom

hi mary, read your inquiry on search of pediatrician at kaiser walnut creek. our son sees Dr. Randy Bergen; he's excellent with children and is a great listener. he takes his time and we never feel rushed. good luck. happy mommy minkim

I've been with Kaiser a very long time and have experienced the good and bad at both the Oakland and the Walnut Creek facilities. Honestly, you are no more or less likely to find a ''better'' doctor at either location, so go with the location that's most convenient to your daily life and look for a doctor you like there.

We take our 10 month old son to Dr. Jennifer Tenney at Kaiser Oakland and she is WONDERFUL. She's extremely patient and calm, has a great bedside manner, and explains things clearly. She's also very prompt about responding to emails, which I appreciate. The only negative thing I can say is that she is frequently behind schedule, which I tolerate because I know it's a direct result of her being very patient with her clients. I wholeheartedly recommend her. Maia

Editor note: reviews were also received for Kaiser Oakland pediatricians

Feb 2010

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any reccomendations/advice regarding pediatricians at Kaiser Walnut Creek. I am due in May and would like a pediatrician who can be open minded about the whole vaccination issue as well. Thanks in advance! jenni

Congratulations! I have an 8 month old who has been seeing Kirk Hahn, MD at WC Kaiser since he was born there. I had a lot of questions about the sheer number of vaccines and Dr. Hahn worked with me to create a slowed down schedule. We focused on the big deal stuff first and went from there.

Overall, we've really been happy with Dr. Hahn. He's got a very calm demeanor, is down to earth and a good listener. I've never felt rushed. Also, he responds almost immediately to email, which has been great. I was advised to find a young pediatrician so we could have a continuous relationship with him - and Dr. Hahn fits that bill.

Enjoy your new baby! You'll love the First Steps Clinic at Walnut Creek,too. Happy Kaiser Walnut Creek Mom

May 2009

Re: Kaiser Doc Recommendations?
Hi - We go to Kaiser Walnut Creek and have been very happy with our pediatrician, Dr. Kimberley Klein. She is very approachable and friendly, and has been great with my infant son. Happy to answer any specific questions. jaia

Feb 2009

Re: Pediatrician needed in Orinda area
Dr. Kirk Hahn is a fabulous pediatrician with Kaiser Walnut Creek. Kaiser is great because everything you need is under one roof and you never need to worry about an office accepting your insurance. Best in your search

Aug 2008

My husband recently changed jobs and we now have Kaiser health insurance. I'm looking for recommendations for a pediatrician, pediatric allergist, pediatric dermotologist, gynocologist and internist/primary care in Walnut Creek. (My youngest has eczema, serious food allergies and asthma.) Thanks! Jennifer

We love our daughter's pediatrician. She's at Park Shadelands, so the parking/traffic is much easier than the nightmare that is driving and parking downtown. Her name is Kai Kai Lam.

March 2007

I would appreciate any feedback and recommendations members have about pediatricians at Kiaser Walnut Creek. In particular, if you have had any experiences with the doctors there who treat asthma. The most recent recommendations date back to 2005. Thank you, Andrea

My 5 year old son has asthma and has been treated by a number of different pediatricians at Kaiser Walnut Creek, including Dr Bar- Din, Dr Parrikh, and Dr Bergen. We have been very happy with every pediatrician there that we have seen, and we have seen alot, as his condition often called for an emergency appt where his regular pediatrician was not available. In my opinion, the pediatrics department at Kaiser WC is absolutely wonderful and I don't think you can go wrong with anyone there. Happy Mom March 2005

I've checked the web site, and the latest recs for Walnut Creek Kaiser pediatricians were in 2001. Can anyone recommend a pediatrician there for our 9-month daughter? The qualities important to me are: good listener, answers questions patiently and thoughtfully, not dogmatic about sleeping arrangements (we cosleep). If you have negative reviews of particular pediatricians in Walnut Creek, please send them to me individually. Thanks! Deborah

I highly recommend Dr. Randy Bergen. He's the only pediatrician I've had for my kids (ages 5 and 1.5), and he's just excellent - great listener, compassionate, objective, soft- spoken, intelligent, and completely trustworthy. You can't go wrong with him. He'll spend a lot of time with you and he never makes you feel ridiculous for any question or concern you have. He's also very well-read on current research in all areas relevant to children's health - it's great to get an immediate, well-informed opinion on any health issue that may come up. Feel free to e-mail me with any other questions you may have. Kate

We are very pleased with our daughter's pediatrician at Kaiser WC. She is Dr. Dorothy Hassler. Dr. Hassler has been our daughter's pediatrician her whole life, which is now 6.5 years. One of the things I like best about her is she always asks if we have any questions, and always takes the time to answer them to our satisfaction. I like her bedside manner as well - she's very kind and patient. lori


Hi, Does anyone have any experience with the Kaiser location in Walnut Creek? Specifically any recommendations for pediatritians? I've heard that the waits could be really long, has anyone had that experience there? Thanx, Richa

We see a wonderful pediatrician in Kaiser Park Shadelands: 320 Lennon Lane, off Ygnacio Valley Road, Walnut Creek, named Mary Ann Martino. She is down-to-earth, intelligent, sympathetic when necessary and I don't recall waiting an inordinate amount of time for a scheduled appointment. Hope this helps! Claire

Our daughter has a wonderful pediatrician at Kaiser Walnut Creek. Her name is Dorothy Hassler. She came highly recommended by numerous people at the time we were looking. The other Kaiser pediatrician who also came highly recommended was Randy Bergen. We have had very good experiences with Kaiser W.C.'s pediatricians. The times we have had to see a pediatrician other than Dr. Hassler (e.g., urgent care same day visits where we couldn't get in with her or she wasn't working - she doesn't work on Fridays), we have found all of the other pediatricians so far to be very very good. In terms of waiting, yes, even when you have an appointment, it takes a while to get in. I always have snacks, books and toys to keep my daughter occupied and hope it doesn't take too long. Lori