BF-Friendly Pediatrician Kaiser Berkeley/ Richmond

We welcome any recommendations for an integrative breastfeeding/ co-sleeping friendly pediatrician at Kaiser Berkeley or Richmond locations (or at least one who doesn’t feel the need to be negative about these choices as we round the year mark). Looking for feedback from parents of toddlers rather than infants as the rhetoric seems to shift drastically after the 4 month mark. 

I’ve had a challenging series of interactions with our current pediatrician and am looking forward to switching insurance carriers later this spring and the opportunity to select a new provider.

Suggestions for PCP for adults also welcome!
Thank you! 

Parent Replies

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Dr. Tenney at Kaiser Berkeley has been totally chill about extended breastfeeding & co sleeping. She is generally very chill, razor sharp, very curious, and we love her as a pediatrician. 

Dr. Junge was in the Kaiser Oakland Office but is now in Berkeley medical offices. I found him to be very supportive of our decisions (I breastfed into toddlerhood). 

Dr Kaaren Nelson-Munson at Kaiser Berkeley (family medicine) is great. Currently we have a 2-yr-old who nurses and co-sleeps and she is fully supportive. We also had an awful series of interactions around these things with our first Kaiser pediatrician, and switched because of it... Since she's in family medicine she sees adults too.

4 months?? Do you mean 4 years? I'm sort of kidding, but really - you're getting talked to about weaning around the 1 year mark? That's... interesting. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jennifer Tenney (formerly at Kaiser Oakland, now at Kaiser Berkeley, which is a wonderful campus). I honestly believe you can do no better when it comes to Pediatricians. She is all the things: supportive, informed, conscientious, caring, friendly, super smart! I breast-fed my youngest until he was almost 4! It was just at bedtime for the last 2 years or so, but it was fine. One caveat: Dr. Tenney's "panel" may be full - I don't know that she's accepting new patients - but you can always try! 

Kaaren Nelson-Munson at Kaiser Berkeley- she's a family practice doc so can see both kids and adults. Was very supportive of breastfeeding, including into toddlerhood. 

Dr. Jennifer Tenney. She’s wonderful. 

In my experience, Kaiser is super pro-breastfeeding. The materials I've gotten from Kaiser recommend breastfeeding for "at least" the first year. My baby is nearing the one-year mark and we're still breastfeeding, and our pediatrician (Dr. Jennifer Tenney) has been supportive and never suggested I should stop. I don't know about co-sleeping, but I don't think anyone really cares about co-sleeping once a kid is around 1 since there's no plausible danger anymore, and if it works for you, it works! 

Dr. Christina Sullivan at Kaiser Berkeley