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  • Kaiser "Hands-Off" Doctor?

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    Hello, after a family history of bad experiences with health-insured medical practices, I've been happy without health insurance for years, paying out of pocket for occasional care with a focus on alternative care (or seeing doctors in other countries). Now the law requires me to have insurance and my new Medicare goes a long way to paying for it. Can anyone recommend a Kaiser Oakland doctor who doesn't insist on "preventive" care and testing? I'm in good health and want to enjoy it. I guess I'm looking for a doctor who will help me do something health-wise if I feel I need it, but who won't impose on me to do things that don't make sense to me or how I know to care for my health. For example, about 25 (!) years ago, by chance I once saw a nice Kaiser fellow named Ted Tsukayama--I see he's still there--does anyone know him? Or can you recommend someone else you think might be comfortable with this kind of "hands-off" care? Male or female. If I ask, I'm open to a doctor's suggestions, thoughts, opinions, of course, but don't want to feel pushed into things I don't want to do, or judged. Thank you!!!!!!!

    As a 30 year Kaiser member, I have always been the one who had to ask for any care beyond basic preventive. Docs will not push anything in my experience, and you are free to ignore the reminders for mammograms, flu shots, colon cancer screenings and PAP tests. They offer easy home mail in fecal tests for the colon screening, no need for colonoscopies unless the screening finds something abnormal. I don’t think there is anything you need to worry about here.

    I have a clarifying question: if you want to have a "hands off" doctor, why do you need a specific doctor for that?  Kaiser has legions of great physicians.  I've had great experiences for myself and my family.  For myself, I don't have an aversion to preventative care (screenings, routine physicals and labs, intent on finding potential disease in it's earliest forms) and feel I'm able to voice questions if I have concerns about whether to consent to certain treatment plans.

    The good news is that if you find a provider you don't feel is a good "fit" you can change them.  I recommend perusing the MD profiles at https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/home/ and see if there is someone you would feel comfortable with.

    My $0.02.  Best of luck.

  • Kaiser Oakland general practice doc

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    Seeking recommendations for a Kaiser Oakland family doctor (for myself and my 5 year old daughter). Or, a primary care doctor and/or a pediatrician would be appreciated.  My child is not keen on going to the doctor, so I really need someone who is very kind & personable, who will melt the heart of a skeptical kid. Thank you! 

    Jia Wang at KP Oakland is wonderful. She is kind, attentive and responsive. 

    My toddler and I love Dr. Angelica Zen.  She is amazing.   She is both a GP and pediatrician.  We both see her.  Not sure if she’s still taking new patients right now but worth a try!

    Please note that she’s currently on maternity leave until Dec 2020 but will be back in the office after that time. 

    Dr. Lindsay Pierce-Sternberg is great with reluctant kids and gives them lots of space! She’s a family practitioner, so we all see her and I like her as an adult doctor as well. 

    Our pediatrician is Dr. Lisa Turman and we love her! She's really friendly and relaxed; takes serious things seriously and is good at right-sizing the rest. 

    If you go the family practitioner route, I can recommend my GP Nancy Palmer, MD (her office is in the Fabiola building on Howe, in the Family Medicine clinic). She's very personable and kind, always remembers me, and I think would do well with kids. She's also an excellent clinician and knows how to navigate the Kaiser system. We have a separate pediatrician at Kaiser Oakland whom we adore (Jennifer Tenney), but if I wasn't as happy with our Peds then I would consider having the whole family see Dr. Palmer. Good luck! 

    I don't have a family doc recommendation but our pediatrician is just lovely. He's very kind, very patient, extremely attentive, and attuned to our son's and our needs-- we're really happy with him.  Dr. Daniel Junge https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/providers/danielpjunge

  • I'm looking for a great primary care physician (at Kaiser Oakland) for my husband. My husband is 40 and has anxiety about doctors and hospitals, but is also concerned about his health (weight and anxiety, among other things). I'm looking for a doctor with a fantastic bedside manner, who will take the time to speak with him and suggest tools to help him, rather than just tell him to lose weight and read the various pages on the Kaiser web site. I love that Kaiser shares bios of their doctors, but I'm hoping to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation and has a great recommendation. Thank you.

    I go to Dr Vassallo-Deluca at Kaiser Oakland, and have been really happy with her. She reallllllly takes the time to listen, and if I ask for something that isn't standard protocol she will take the time to listen to why I want it and see if she can help me meet my goals. 


    My adult daughter feels the same way about the health professional as your husband. Her doctor, Dr. Teshina Wilson, is wonderful. She takes time to talk about my daughter's anxiety and work at solutions for it (counseling, medication). Dr. Wilson is at the Kaiser medical offices in Pinole. Regarding the nutrition aspect, Elizabeth Leong is a registered dietician who works in Oakland. Her business is Bay Area Diabetes and Wellness Center, but clients don't need to have diabetes to see her. Her number is 510-922-8208, and I think you have to be referred through your doctor.   She is very supportive and helps her clients to succeed in weight loss and really learning about proper nutrition so they can choose their own foods and lose weight gradually and to keep it off.

    I think I wrote your post a few months ago, with not much luck. On our own we found Dr. Nash at Kaiser Oakland - he has a great manner, is kind and patient, and even picked up on things we'd never thought of checking! What a difference from his last 2 doctors who basically both invalidated his experiences with his body and health! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Nash! Good luck!

  • Fat-positive doctors at Kaiser Oakland

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to identify primary care doctors and pediatricians at Kaiser Oakland who are fat-positive, or who at least aren't fat-phobic and who take the medical concerns of fat people seriously, not only attributing them to their weight. I'd like this information for myself but also feel it would be a good resource for the whole Berkeley Parents Network community, as this is hard information to obtain through official review sites.

    [Moderator Note]  There was a question about this last month that received 11 responses.  See Kaiser pediatrician who won't comment on child's weight 

    My (fat) friends see Dr. Gretchen Mellow at Kaiser, Oakland. She doesn't tell them to lose weight or comment on their weight or anything. They like her a lot. btw, I'm fat too...but my doc is not Kaiser. 

  • Hi there - I'm looking for an Oakland based primary care physician for an adult who is currently taking patients.  Anyone you'd like to recommend?  Thank You!

    Dr. Stella Pierre has been my primary care physician at Oakland Kaiser for over 12 years. She is compassionate and engaged with my health issues. She also usually has same-day appointments open whenever I need an urgent care appointment. I am happy to recommend her. Feel free to email if you have specific questions. 

  • Kaiser Family Medicine practitioner

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    We recently switched our medical insurance to Kaiser, and need to choose a primary care physician. We are looking for family medicine providers, and I'm wondering if anyone has had recent experiences with any of these doctors: Stephanie Chau, Savita Gopal, Thuy-Tien Le. We have a 10 and 14 year old, so must be someone good with those ages, as well as adults. Thanks,

    Hi! I don't know if she's accepting new patients, but I see Nancy Palmer, MD at Kaiser Oakland (in the Fabiola building on Howe) and she is a Family Medicine provider. She's friendly and smart, and very responsive to questions via email... I think teenagers would like her as well. 

  • New Kaiser Oakland Doctor Needed

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    Looking for recommendations for a new GP/Internist at Kaiser Oakland for my husband- prefer someone patient who doesn't offer drugs as the first solution every time and has respect for someone raised in another country (doesn't assume his accent means he's not intelligent).  Do you love your doctor?? If so, please share! TIA

    I love Dr. Aguilera-Ledesma. I don't know if she's accepting patients, but I've been very happy with her care. She is very open to discussions about non-drug solutions and she herself is from another country, so I don't think she'll assume people from other countries are unintelligent. She is listed under Spanish-speaking providers, but I don't speak Spanish so she is available for anyone. 

  • Hi there,

    Kaiser Oakland has several DO's (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). I'd like to switch to one of them. Can anyone recommend one? I have a few names: Dr. Priscilla Torres, Dr. Barbara Olkiewicz, Dr. Claudia Hsieh. There are others who seem to be available. Prefer a woman and a doctor who has experience with my age group (50s).


    I'm not familiar with the others, but Dr. Hsieh is my primary care physician. I really like her -- she's down-to-earth, frank, and open-minded. I haven't had any pressing medical issues so far (knock on wood) so I can't speak to a more urgent/intense medical situation, but I do feel comfortable with her as my physician.

    I have seen Dr. Barbara Olkiewicz  once. She is on maternity leave right now until later this year. She was alright I thought she seemed a bit out of it and distracted, that being said I was her last patient of the day and she was pretty pregnant so it could have just been that combo.

    Hope you find what your looking for.

    My primary care doctor at Oakland Kaiser is Nailah Thompson who is a DO.  I picked her after my previous doc retired because I had seen her once in urgent care when I was having upper respiratory issues after a cold, and she really helped me, and she struck me as congenial, no-nonsense and practical.  I think my only reservation about Dr. Thompson is that she is young and I'm old, and she doesn't really get the Berkeley aging hippie mentality. She keeps bugging me about things I would never do, like not eating processed food.  But in general I think she is a good GP and gets things done, and makes referrals as needed, so I would recommend her.

    I've been seeing Dr. Torres since she started at Kaiser, at least 10-15 years ago. I think she is great. I don't know what her experience with different ages is. I believe when she first started, she took adults and teens. I think she was one of the first DO's that Kaiser hired, which is why I began to see her. I'm 45 and started having symptoms from perimenopause when I was 37. I have dealt with some medical issues because of the hormonal changes. While some of my issues have been handled by my ob/gyn and specialists, Dr. Flores has always been helpful in making referrals and has also helped me navigate and stabilize worsening migraines that have required several medication changes and adjustments. I tend to be pretty proactive in my own care and feel that she has been supportive of that, as well.

  • Primary Care Docs at Oakland, Kaiser

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    Most of the recommendations for Doctors are very old.  Does anyone have a recommendation for an Oakland Kaiser Primary Care doctor.  I am 68 years old, and I do not take medications.  I am looking for a female doc. who is kind and not a big pusher of medications.  Thanks so much.

    I like my Kaiser Oakland primary care doc, Leah Bowser. She does not seem to be a big pusher of medications. In fact, I suspected I didn't need a hypothyroid medication I was on (even though I had been told by a previous doctor that the condition it was treating was invariably permanent), and she was fine with me going off the drug for a while and doing follow-up testing to see what happened. (Tests came back fine without the drug, so I'm drug-free now.) Note that she is on pregnancy leave until January.

    I love Dr. Nora Emon. I've been with her for almost ten years and her bedside manner, and expertise, is the best!

  • We're switching to Kaiser from Anthem Blue Cross and seek recommendations of GPs or Internists who are good listeners, respectful and kind. Sense of humor is a bonus!  I prefer a female physician.  Also appreciate your tips on navigating Kaiser since we're new to HMO system.  Thanks for your referrals.

    I don't know whether she is accepting new patients, but I have been very happy with Dr. Jean Rowe.  She seems to fit your criteria !!  Good luck. 

Parent Reviews

RE: Kaiser MD for young adult ()

We like Dr. Alex Fu at Kaiser Oakland - he's family practice, so he sees all ages. He's young, personable and available, and video, phone and in-person consultations have all gone well.

RE: Time for a new GP? ()

You're not being unrealistic.I'd say that your recent exchanges/interactions with this doctor have been sub-par (and I'm a nurse practitioner). If your husband likes his GP then just have him message that doctor and ask him/her to add you to their practice. It's quite simple. People change GPs all the time, especially at Kaiser. There are so many to choose from, don't waste time with anyone you don't trust or even don't "click with". Or if you don't want the same practitioner as your husband, I can recommend Nancy Palmer, MD at Kaiser Oakland - she's in Family Medicine and I would definitely call her both approachable and proactive. She always remembers me and is good with follow-up. Call the number on the back of your card and just say you want to switch GPs. Good luck!

I was happy with my family doc at Kaiser, Dr. Kaaren Nelson-Munson https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/providers/kaarennelson-munson

When I had Kaiser, I went to Oakland CA. I found Margaret Park MD, internist, and liked her.

I can recommend Nancy Palmer, MD at Oakland (she's a family practitioner, as opposed to "internal medicine"). If she has a crazy patient caseload (and i'm sure she does) then I can't tell... she remembers me and is warm and personable and just seems to be paying attention. (And I'm only in there a couple times per year.) When we've had phone appts she calls on-time. She emailed me after a surgery just to check in, even though I hadn't expressly told her I was scheduled for the surgery. Maybe see if she's accepting new patients?

I had my first appointment yesterday with Dr. Sherman (gyno) out of Oakland and was very impressed. She knew her stuff, was funny and smart and (in response to your eastern criteria) mentioned acupressure during our appointment so is possibly open to alternate modalities. She has kind of a sassy New Yorker vibe which, as an east coast native, I adore. I've had to email her twice already and both times she replied in less than an hour.

Dr. Sternberg-Pierce is my GP and I've found her to be very accessible and warm as well. I've actually only met her in person maybe a handful of times because she lets me do almost everything via email (which I love and request). I've never had to fight her to get treatment or referrals for anything.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Seeking phenomenal Kaiser GP and specialists!

Dec 2011

After years of sitting on the fence, I've switched from HealthNet to Kaiser. My reluctance stemmed from the fact that -- through years of trial and error -- I had found a primary care physician and team of specialists who I trusted and who took great care of me. My hope is that it won't take years at Kaiser before I feel I'm receiving the same level of care. Please tell me about doctors in Kaiser who you feel are exceptional. I have a science background and prefer doctors who treat me as an intellectual equal and who are willing/able to talk about the science behind the medicine. Caring/compassionate bedside manner is, of course, also preferred. I'm particularly looking for: 1) a female family doctor/general practitioner 2) a female OB-GYN 3) a pediatrician 4) endocrinologist for treatment of Hashimoto's thyroiditis -- I'm on combination therapy (levoxyl and levothrionine) and would like to maintain this 5) orthopedic surgeon (for knee surgery that I have long delayed but need to take care of) Thanks for recommendations. anon

I've been very happy with both my Kaiser OB, Erica Breneman, and my GP, Tali Ziv (both at Oakland) and would highly recommend both. I like them both for the same reasons---they respect me and take any concerns I have seriously, and are always very direct/honest (including when they don't know what's causing a symptom or problem), which I appreciate. They're also both very responsive if I call or email with questions (sometimes even responding late at night or over the weekends). In general, I think you need to be proactive at Kaiser to find doctors you like (and happily, there are lots of great ones out there!) You can switch online, which makes it pretty easy---if you don't like a doctor, don't be shy about choosing a new one. Also, the Kaiser online system will often show doctors as not having open panels. Your options are either to wait and try again (often they seem to have openings at the beginning of each month) or to contact the doctor directly if there's a reason you'd like to see her (specific expertise, etc.) because some doctors will add you even when they aren't officially open to new patients. So don't stress if you pick out a few doctors you'd like to see and then the system says you can't see them. We've been really happy with Kaiser, and also switched somewhat begrudgingly since we were happy with the various doctors we saw with Healthnet. I have come to greatly appreciate Kaiser's streamlined care---I love that my doctors talk to one another and email each other when there's something the other should know, and having testing and other procedures all under one roof has been wonderful. Happy Kaiser patient

Kaiser Pinole or Oakland doctor recommendations

Dec 2011

We are going to be covered by Kaiser starting in January, and would really appreciate recommendations for primary care doctors for adults and teenagers. We live in El Cerrito, and can go to the Pinole or Oakland offices. From what we've seen traffic and parking-wise, Pinole seems like an easier site to visit, but there aren't as many practioners there. Thanks! Laurie

For adults and teens I highly recommend Drs. Kiang and Flores in Internal Medicine. If you are a woman, you can also choose to have an ob-gyn doc as your primary instead. Dr. Perry, Dr. Liu are wonderful. As for parking, the new Broadway building is super easy to park at. And the BART shuttle from MacArthur is reliable and very user friendly. Rachel

I highly recommend Dr. Nandi at Oakland Kaiser. She is wonderful, personable and knowledgeable. She's also close in age to me (30s) and we both became mothers around the same time. All of the staff at kaiser Oakland are just absolutely amazing, no complaints there. I would definitely recommend making the drive there for your care. Fan of Oakland Kaiser

Spanish-speaking physician in E. Bay Kaiser?

Sept 2011

My husband is a Spanish speaker with limited English skills and he's been not happy with his current primary care physician who is bilingual. He wants to change but it is not easy to find bilingual English/Spanish speaking primary care physicians. Does anyone have a recommendation for a bilingual physician who they are happy with either at Oakland or Hayward Kaiser? Gracias! Searching For a Good One...

My doc at Oakland Kaiser is really compassionate and he's a great listener. He happens to be bilingual too. I think he's great. Dr. Walter Acuna: http://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/provider/walteracuna Lisa in Oakland

Kaiser Dr supportive of alternative health methods

Sept 2011

Hi, I need to pick a primary care physician at Richmond or Oakland Kaiser. I currently see an Acupuncturist and Homeopath for my health concerns. Dr. Joan G. Heinsheimer, my Doctor, retired My personal experience with allopathic medicine has been abysmal. I take my health into my own hands, live a healthy lifestyle, and do my own research. I'm seeking a Doctor who can appreciate this and treat me as a fellow adult who also has a working mind with the important knowledge of my body & its history (Dr. Heinsheimer treated me w/ this kind of respect). I am entering my mid-forties and understand that finding an M.D. is important. Help! Jennifer

Dr. Walter Acuna at Kaiser Oakland is 100% onboard with my use of alternative therapies. He's also a great listener. Lisa in Oakland

Kaiser Internist - Gay Friendly

July 2011

I am looking for a gay-friendly internist at Kaiser Richmond or Oakland. I am a middle-aged gay man and a dad, looking for someone thorough, approachable and non- homophobic. Thanks!

Dr. Kiang at Kaiser Oakland is very LGBT welcoming. She also is the best primary care doctor I have ever had. Ever. She has been an incredible advocate for me getting the right care quickly. She is also highly regarded by her colleagues. She happens to have a few openings in her panel now since she just stepped out of some admin responsibilities. Kaiser Member Services in Oakland and San Francisco also has a list of doctors who are LGBT friendly but I don't know any of them personally. Kath

Carl Violano is an LGBT-friendly internist at Kaiser Oakland. You can go on Kaiser's website and read his blurb. If he isn't accepting new patients you can read through the profiles of the docs and it's usually pretty clear who is LGBT- friendly from those. sara

I can highly recommend Dr. Stephanie Scott at Kaiser Oakland, although I have no idea if she is taking new patients (I sadly haven't figured out how to check without telling Kaiser I want to change doctors, which I don't). On the gay-friendly front, she is a lesbian mom of 3. On the doctor front, she is just really sensible, and has been particularly great for issues like my chronically strained ankle (referral to a PT), and even with advice for some things I couldn't get covered by Kaiser (suggested myofacial therapy for my back pain, which has been enormously helpful and provided a lot of self-help skills, even though it wasn't covered). If she has an opening, snag it! Carrie

May 2011

I'm seeking recommendations for an excellent, personable and smart primary care doctor at Kaiser Oakland. I'm 54, female, reasonably healthy with some chronic conditions. Who do you recommend? Thanks for your help... Anon

I highly recommend Dr. Raymond Yu. Dr. Yu has been my physician for nearly 20 years (beginning during his internship/residency). He's a great listner, completely focused on overall health and wellness, and always willing to refer patients to specialists as needed. Tiffany

Female Primary Care Doc at Kaiser Oakland

Feb 2011

I am looking for a new primary care provider at Kaiser Oakland, preferably female. The following doctors are accepting new patients: Priscilla Flores, Ritu Singhal, Safa Magid, Jean Rhow, Maria Luz Webster-Longin, and Katarzyna Rapa. Any feedback on recent interactions (good or bad) would be much appreciated. Thanks. anon

I'm new to Kaiser Oakland and have had only one occasion to see Katarzyna Rapa, but I thought she was personable, thoughtful, and non-condescending-- I will definitely go back to her. Pleased Patient

I recently saw Dr. Flores in urgent care at Kaiser Oakland to treat a bad cough. My regular doctor was not available that day. Dr. Flores seemed genuinely interested in helping me, gave me useful advise and followed up that evening with a phone call. Good luck anonymous

Primary Care Doctor at Kaiser Oakland

Jan 2011

I'm switching to Kaiser and looking for a primary care doctor, preferably female. Has anyone had positive experiences with any of the following doctors? Safa Magid, Shruti Gandhi, Ritu Singhal, or Hai-tao Tang? These are the only doctor shown as available right now. Is there a way to have access to a doctor whose not on the ''available'' list.

Ritu Singhal has been my primary care physician for a year or two. I find her reassuring, caring, and intelligent, and am thus far sufficiently satisfied with my interactions with her that I'm sticking with her.

Kaiser Oakland Male Doctors

Jan 2011

My husband has never found a male doctor that he loves at Kaiser Oakland. Any recomendations? Thank you doctorless

I really like Dr. Charles Whitehill. He is newer to Kaiser, but takes time to talk to you and was a great listener and responded to all emails and calls when I had a medical concern. anonymous

I haven't met Dr. Dennis Ing, but my husband has seen him for several years and likes him.

Male Doctor at Kaiser Oakland -- Dr. Vic Silvestre is a good pick, if he has openings for new patients -- a periodic problem with Kaiser is finding a primary care provider who has openings for new patients -- took me 4 years to find one when my previous doctor retired. Dr. Silvestre is smart, compassionate, and a great communicator. When he feels that you need the services of a specialist, he makes it happen without a lot of hoop jumping. I've been very pleased with him. Informavore

2010 - 2009 Reviews

Looking for a doctor at Oakland Kaiser

Dec 2010

My family is looking for a new doctor at Oakland Kaiser, now that the UC plans have gotten so expensive. I would appreciate your comments.

I see Kimberly Reynosa at Oakland Kaiser and she is great. Very positive, thorough, and always responsive. Never hesitates to provide a referral either. She's a great choice! UC Kaiser too

Male internal medicine doctor at Kaiser Oakland?

Oct 2011

I moved to the Bay three years ago and haven't had a check-up since. Now that I'm 40, I think I have to be a little more responsible, but have no idea how to find someone good at Kaiser Oakland. Can anyone recommend a male internist/general practitioner who is smart, willing to listen, and willing to answer questions? overdue

My husband goes to Joseph Jordan at Oakland Kaiser. He saw him for an initial ''first patient consult'' and has gone 2 other times in 4 years (sinus infection, headache problem). Each time he felt like he was friendly, straightforward, and honest. Happy Kaiser Family

I like Dr. Kirk Stumpf at Kaiser Oakland. He is low-key and affable, which I like. He picks up on the important stuff (like following up on blood pressure checks) but doesn't nag too much about the details (like my overly prolonged weight reduction plans). He promptly answers my email questions, and when I have suggested changes to my prescriptions, he has been agreeable. On my first visit with him, he spent close to an hour taking my medical history and just getting to know me and making me feel comfortable. The last time I went in for a check-up, I happened to have an annoying rash that I'd been trying to ignore, and he made me a same-day appointment with a dermatologist. I really appreciated that. I'm not a high maintenance patient so I can't say how he'd be for a more demanding person, but for me, he has just the right amount of laid-backness combined with responsiveness. anon

My husband sees Dr. Joseph Kim and has been very happy with him. anon

Dec 2009

Re: Kaiser Primary Physician Walnut Creek
If you are willing to go to Kaiser Oakland, I would like to recommend my primary care physician, Tali Ziv. She has been my primary care doctor for the past 6 or 8 years. She is caring, attentive, thorough and communicates well. I feel like I have an advocate for my health in a sometimes big system. Highly recommended. very happy Kaiser patient

Sept 2009

My doctor recently got promoted and is dropping most of her current patients as a result. I'm looking for a new primary care physician at Oakland Kaiser (preferably a female). Ideally I'll find someone who is comfortable with patients who also see alternative health care practitioners. anon.

I wonder if we had the same Kaiser Oakland Doctor! This just happened to me too but they assigned us to Chantel Morrison who is new to Kaiser and an Osteopath. I met her last week and totally liked her! I told her about seeing an acupuncturist, taking herbs, and getting cranio-sacral work done and she was super supportive. I liked my old doctor, but I think Chantal will be great too! kaiser fan now

Aug 2009

Hi - Wondering if anyone has recommendations for adult primary care with Kaiser Oakland. There is not too much that is recent on the site and with the limited number of doctors taking new patients I am hoping to gather as many recs. as I can! Thank you! Maggie

Dr Silvestre has been good so far for my wife and I. She is confronting a medical issue and I have confronted mine recently and found him accessible and helpful. visits are quick and efficient, emails are answered, phone calls returned when absolutely urgent. The kaiser system is imperfect, but they serve a large population efficently. Good Luck

June 2009

My usual Kaiser doc has left and I've been assigned Douglass Crawford as my GP in Oakland. Anyone out there with experience with him? I'm a very healthy woman and want to stay that way, and I'd like a doc who can grease the Kaiser wheels for me and has something new to say (i.e. I've practiced in medical environments so not really interested in a re-hashing of standard recommendations, want someone up on the new and latest). I actually rarely see my GP, but when I do it's because I want to think something through with them rather thoroughly. Thanks for any feedback you have on him. anon

My partner recently started using Dr. Douglass Crawford at Kaiser Oakland and so far he is pleased with the service. Dr. Crawford was personable, thorough and on time for the appt. Also my partner recently sent Dr. Douglass Crawford an email (non urgent) and my partner received a response within 48 hrs which is good since the previous doctor at Kaiser never responded to emails. So far everything seems to be working out! Happy

Female primary care doctor?

Jan 2009

I'm looking for a primary care Dr. (preferably female) at Oakland Kaiser. Those that have been referred by friends, are no longer accepting patients. Is there a way to get into a Drs. care whose practice is closed? Thank you

Dr. Eileen Kim has been my PCP for the last 8 or so years. She is very personable. I also very much like the fact that she is good with email questions posed through the Kaiser website. This has saved me from having to schedule an appt and then go in; rather she'll shoot a prescription to the pharmacy and I can just pick up what I need very quickly. For instance I had a cough at night and I was able to get some cough syrup and a good nights rest. Hope this helps!

2008 - 2007 Reviews

Dec 2008

Does anyone have any info about Dr. Rosemary Hernandez, Kaiser Oakland? I need to choose a new primary care provider and she is the only woman accepting new patients. anon

I have had dr Hernandez for a while and I can't say I am too impressed. I hardly ever go to the doctor and the few times I have seen her she did not really explain what was going on or listened to me really. It felt like she pretended to listen but had her own opinion upfront anyway. I am actually considering switching myself. I am not looking for a buddy buddy doctor but one whom I feel listens to patients and does not try to give you drugs right away without considering anything else. good luck to you. c.

June 2008

We just moved up to Oakland and would really appreciate some recommendations for a good personal physician at Kaiser Oakland. Either Internal Medicine or Family Practice would be fine. Not many MDs are accepting new patients so if you have any hints on how to get into a closed practice I'd appreciate that too. Thanks much Reva

My husband and I both see Dr. Nora Emon at Kaiser Oakland. We cannot recommend this personable, very smart, willing to listen MD highly enough. Dr. Emon fan

Jan 2008

I've started a new job with Kaiser insurance. After fifteen years with the same wonderful doctor (she delivered my daughter - she was the doctor for the both of us) I am weary of moving to Kaiser. The recommendations on the BPN site are a little dated so I am wondering if anyone with Kaiser can recommend a fabulous doctor for my daughter and I (Oakland, Walnut Creek or Marin). Thanks for the help! Nicole

You did not mention the age of your daughter but i guess you are both looking for an Internist? I would suggest Jackie Kiang. She is new to Kaiser Oakland, coming from Bay Spring Women's Group in SF. She is from UCSF Med School, has a good bedside manner and is a winner! Her panel is open or at least it was a few weeks ago. shoshana

I do not think Kaiser (Oakland) has family practitioners, but my husband and I have been happy with Dr. Stella Marie Pierre in internal medicine. Best of luck. monica

Nov 2007

Hi, I noticed there weren't many responses for women GP's at Kaiser Oakland. Each recommended doctor was only recommended once, by one individual.(Not as reassuring as seeing multiple recs for someone) Can anyone report a good (or bad)experience with any of the following doctors, or recommend someone else? These are the ones I'd love feedback on: Jennifer Slovis, Kathleen Grannan,Leila El-Wakil, Gail Martin, Leslie Brickner -Goth, or Fran Spector? I'd like to see if any doctor is recommended by more than one person, so I'd love to encourage people to respond if they have an opinion. abigail

I saw Leila El-Wakil for a few years and really liked her. She was a great doctor and very kind. I only stopped seeing her because my insurance changed with a new job. Wendy

I've only seen Jennifer Slovis twice. I was not impressed with her at all on the first visit. She seemed like one of those doctors who needed to work on her bed-side manner (smart and knowledgeable but snappy). On the second visit, she redeemed herself. I came to her with an incredibly sensitive, emotional physical ailment (to be truthful, an eating disorder) and she took incredible care of me. She made sure that my physical and emotional health issues were addressed in an incredibly supportive and caring manner and for that I have the utmost respect for her as a physician. She might be every woman's cup of tea but she's a straight shooter and a great doctor.
Slovis Is Alright With Me

March 2007

We recently moved to the Bay Area, and we need to find a new pediatrician for our son and a good family practitioner for us. We are flexible on location, but Kaiser Pleasanton or Oakland would be most convenient. It is especially important for us to find a pediatrician who is a good listener and who doesn't make parents feel rushed during visits. Thanks! Rebecca

We love Leslea Brickner-Goth in Oakland. She is kind, a great listener, sensitive, proactive, very professional, knowledgeable and open minded. We can't say enough good about her. I'd recommend her very highly. Bonnie

Feb 2007

Does anyone have a primary care physician to recommend at Kaiser Richmond (preferably) or Oakland? My husband isn't happy with his current provider. The archives don't have many Kaiser recommendations, and no recent ones. Thanks! Sandra

I recently received a recommendation from a health care provider whom I respect. She gave me the name Arthur Bakal. I've read his web page and he sounds intelligent and caring. You might want to check him out. Kaiser Oakland patient

If you call Kaiser to locate a new primary care physician, they'll give you a choice. Write down the names and check out their web pages to ''shop'' for the best choice for you. That's how I found Lloyd Stockey, who has turned out to be the best doctor I've ever had. Top-knotch. Young, new/latest education, local born/raised, good values, caring, smart as a whip, energetic, upbeat, Mr. Perfect. He is truly amazing. I wish I could bottle the formula used for raising this wonderful person, and use it for our kids! Dr. Lloyd Stockey Fan Club

Jan 2007

I was wondering if anybody had good or bad experience with Dr. Denise Fuson (General Practioner). I am not sure if I should keep her as my doctor because she seemed not to take my concerns very seriously.Maybe I am just wrong and too sensitive ?? I've seen her only 3 times so far. It's also impossible to talk on the phone with her. It's always the nurse calling me back but she can't answer my questions. Does anybody have recommendations for a good GP in Oakland (Kaiser) anon

We just got a new internist, Shannon Garrigan, for my daughter when she turned 18. She is new to the Kaiser system and was a little behind schedule, but she was caring, knowledgeable and she spent a lot of time with my daughter. My daughter is at college so she asked her to email her in a few months about her response to a medication change. I have Dr. Slovis and my husband has Dr. Van Huynh for our general doctors and they are wonderful and easy to reach. When a doctor's practice is full they refer you to a new doctor and we find Kaiser docs spend more time with you than private practitioners. Judy

Hi, I was not pleased with my first visit w/ Dr. Fuson. I didn't find her to be a 'problem solver.' She denied me a p.t. referral. I attended the back class she recommended, and was told that I should make an appt. and see her again and then request p.t. etc.(I don't like what muscle relaxants do to me, and that's the protocol at Kaiser--meds before pt) I just haven't had the energy to see her again or switch. Meanwhile I pay chiropractors and personal trainers and never go to kaiser (hmm...). It's on my list to switch personal physicians (again!) and get some p.t. But I would concur that she is unsympathetic, not really a people person, or a listener. This is based on one visit for back pain--not something traditional medicine is very good for (which I why I wanted p.t., see above). It may be she is an able diagnostician etc. etc.I've gotten great care from Kaiser in other departments (OB, Ortho) but really regret that my personal physician went into management and that I'm having to shop for another. do post if you find someone good! anonymous

2006 - 2005 Reviews

Dec 2006

Help please!! I just found out that I need to join Kaiser and I am not happy. I need to pick a Dr. ASAP in the Kaiser Network. I would like to find a Dr. who is fat friendly and will not scream DIET the first time that he or she sees me. I perfer the Oakland location and for the Dr. to be a woman(neither is a must). If you have any good suggestions, please respond. Thanks Jean

I have been a Oakland Kaiser member all my life and am a big woman without any shame about it and have seen MANY drs there, most NOT fat-phobic or preachy about weight or exercise issues. I see Dr. Jennifer Slovis and she's a straight shooter(skinny tho she may be). I brought the possibility that I may have an eating-disorder and she was non-judgemental, non-preachy. She took care of me as a person not as a problem and for that she has my ultimate respect. I highly recommend her. Also several Nurse practioners in OB/GYN were very supportive to my particular needs and concerns as a big woman in both my pregnancies(sorry forget their names-there is an exceptional Australian or New Zealander NP, also a straight shooter who was excellent). Don't worry about Kaiser, you can find the right dr just for you if you're willing to try them out. You can change primaries as many times as it takes if you need to. No one seems to care. been there

Dec 2006

I checked the archives and am hoping for some more recent recommendations for a Kaiser primary care doc. We had Dr. Lawrence Sirott for a few years and just LOVED him. Unfortunately he had to retire this year for health reasons. Do you have a caring, skilled doctor at Kaiser Oakland that you just can't say enough good things about??? Thanks!! diana

I've been impressed with Dr. Eileen Kim in my limited interactions with her (i'm a pretty straight forward case). She seems caring, knowledgable and considerate. I got her when she was pretty new to Kaiser and i don't know if she's currently available for new patients. That is what makes it hard to find a Kaiser doc -- getting recommendations for one that is available! Good luck dan h.

August 2006

Can anyone comment on their experiences with Dr. Acuna at Kaiser Oakland? We are new to K-O and have to choose a primary care physician. We're looking for a great listener. Thanks j

My husband has Dr. Acuna at Kaiser Oakland and loves him. He's young, friendly, smart- and smart enough to know when to call in a second opinion himself, as he did when D. had a mole that changed. I accompanied him on one visit and observed that Dr. Acuna is a very good, effective listener. (My own GP is young and smart, but I wouldn't call her friendly.) BTW, I'm getting prenatal care at KP Oakland and it's been great. We both really feel like we're at a small practice where our docs and the staff know us and each other Anita

March 2005

My current physican at Kaiser is leaving his practice, and I need to find a new GP. I've checked the archives but can't find any recommendations for a female physician at Kaiser Oakland who is knowlegeable about hypothyroidism, from which I suffer. I'm in my late 40s, so I would like to see someone with a good understanding of menopausal issues, and who understands what it is like to busy mom of 3, who works part time. Thanks in advance!

I checked about getting a new doctor at Kaiser Oakland and was told that they are currently only assigning patients to male doctors. (I moved recently, so my current doctor is in Martinez.) A doctor will take new patients until their ''panel'' is full, and then will not take anyone else. (Sometimes you can get around this - but don't ask me how.) All the female doctors are already taken. Anon

Good female physician at Kaiser, Oakland: I highly recommend my GP, Dr. Gail Martin. Dr. Martin, in addition, to being as competent and knowledgable as you'd want your GP to be, has never hesitated to refer to me a specialist when I've needed it (even when I haven't realized that I needed one!). She is also more friendly and compassionate than most doctors I've dealt with who tend to be more business-like. I've also found her listening skills to be excellent, given the context that ALL Kaiser physicians are incredibly pressed for time. I can't speak to her experience with particular conditions however. Call Kaiser or check out their web site for that kind of information on the doctors. Brenda

I checked www.permanente.net and it seems there are no female physicians with open panels right now at the Oakland site. You could call patient services and see if they have more information. Any medicine doctor will be knowledgable about hypothyroidism as this is very common and a core subject that we study. Dr. Leslie Brickner is good and is a mom who works part time, you could try to get on her waiting list for when her panel opens up. Dr. Fran Spector is also very experienced and really nice. In OB/gyn I would recommend my doctor, Dr. Laura Minikel, she could treat your hypothyroidism and deal with menopause concerns as well. Finally, if you can drive to the Alameda site, I notice that Dr. Janice Azebu's panel is open. She is very good, easy to talk to, is a mom and should be around for a long time. Hope this helps. Female physicians are in demand, their panels fill up fast, so keep checking www.permanente.net to see whose panel has opened up. Valerie

March 2005

Can anyone recommend a great Kaiser primary care physician? I looked on the Berkeley Parents website, but didn't see anything that particularly stood out. We (2 adults in 30's) need someone who is a real person with good listening skills. We're especially looking for someone that won't brush off our concerns or dismiss symptoms in lieu ordering neccesary tests. So often it seems HMO doctors dismiss real complaints, saying we appear healthy and aren't in a high risk group. Anyone have advice on dealing with this, either? Thanks for the help!
Desperate for a good Doc

I really love my PCP at Kaiser Oakland - Dr. Michael Clement. He is caring, warm and takes time to talk to me about any issues and concerns I may have. That said, I do not call him much and see him about once a year. He tends to be pretty busy - not sure how open his panel is for new patients - but he is terrific.
Happy with Kaiser

My husband and I use the same doc at Kaiser Oakland. His name is Dr. Edward Cohen, Fabiola building, 4B (510-752-1160). We have moved several times and still use him due to his incredible listening skills. He was the first doc I ever had that sat down, looked me in the eye and said, now what seems to be the problem? He's not trying to get out the door while you are on your list with ''one more question...''. I haven't any experience with him regarding ''necessary tests'' or not. However, I have gone in for both back pain and sore arms/wrists (pre-carpal tunnel symptoms)with wanting information on how to nip it all in the bud before I actually am in the hospital with these problems. (ie: preventative care, which Kaiser is supposed to specialize in). He was very caring and responsive to the fact that I was trying to help myself before it got worse. Anyway, we love him. I hope he is taking new patients, because he wasn't a few years ago, but that could have changed by now. You could give it a try though.
Love my doc!

I highly recommend Lawrence Sirrot. He fits your description to a tee. Hope he's got openings available for you. If so, tell him I sent you. Alison

I am a hospital physician at Oakland Kaiser. I would recommend either Dr. Roy Forrest or Dr. Everett Hsu. Both are personable and very knowledgable physicians. Both currently have open practices. I have dealt with both frequently and they are very nice and truely concerned about their patients. You can read about their credentials and select them online at www.permanente.net Since panel availability varies, in the future berkeley parents network members can go to this site to see whose panel is open at that time and read about the physicians online. My experience is that Kaiser physicians order tests when they are needed and are not impeded what so ever by the HMO. There are always risks and benefits to consider when undergoing tests. The most important thing is that you can talk to your doctor, and that he will listen to your concerns and explain things to you well. The best way to find a doctor is to schedule an appointment to meet them, if you don't click, no hard feelings, just try out someone else until you find the right chemistry. It's a very personal relationship and the first person you meet may not be the right one for you. Valerie

2004 & Earlier

Nov 2004

Can anyone recommend a primary care provider for a 50 plus male who has just become eligible to use the Kaiser Permanente Health Care System in Oakland. The main requirement is good communication skills, clinical expertise and experience. No major health concerns at this time.

Lawrence Sirrot. Can't say enough good things about him. anon

May 2004

I am switching to Kaiser insurance for the first time, and need to find a primary care doctor for myself, a 40 y.o. woman. It can be a man or woman, at richmond or oakland, age not important. What I do want is someone caring, thoughtful and respectful, who listens and who is at least open to alternatives, such as homeopathy and acupuncture. All the listings on the website are at least a couple of years old, and I do need someone who is still taking new patients. thanks! Lucia

If you are willing to consider someone other than a doctor for your primary care, I can highly recommend Linda Franz, N.P. SHe met all the qualifications you mentioned plus in my interactions with her she seemed to really take her time and showed a fair amount of insight into health problems I had (eg discussed the possible social and emotional aspects as well as the purely physical.) She is based at Kaiser Oakland.

April 2004

My family has just switched to Kaiser and I need to find a good primary care physisian for myself. I'm 53, male, looking for good diagnostician (at Kaiser Oakland) who is a good communicator and willing to answer questions, give info and work with patient. (This is starting to sound like a ''personals'' message!) I've seen the recs on the website, but there is only one note more recent than 2 years old. Thanks in advance. rg

I had Dr. Wilson Tse. He seemed very attentive (though busy) and willing to answer many preventitive type questions. He even called me at home when I was ill. impressed

I am a 54 yr old male, if it helps; my physician is Dr. Ted Tsukayama, with whom I have been very satisfied. I don't know if he is taking new patients. Larry Sirott, recommended in 2000 on the website, was my physician many years ago under another health plan, and I liked him too. good luck!

July 2002

Any recommendations for male doctors at Richmond Kaiser, first choice or Oakland Kaiser, second choice, as primary care physicians? My husband is 50 years old and is in need of a primary care physician. He is in good health but would like to find a doctor he could have confidence in should he become ill and need medical attention.

I like my primary care MD - Dr. Hobart Edson. He seems to be very thorough, patient, etc. He's at Richmond. I've only seen him maybe 3 times, but was very satisfied, and got no grief about referrals or whatever. michael s.

I just had my first routine check-up with Dr. Chanatip Suksang (Oakland).I found it rather shocking that he sat and talked with me for more than fifteen minutes -before- starting the exam (Q about history, habits, prompting me about concerns), which is something I've never had happen in my 20+ years at Kaiser; they're always in such a rush there, but he seemed genuinely interested in finding out what I need. Very friendly guy, and very thorough. I'm making him my primary. He just joined Kaiser this year (2002), so, unlike most of the recs listed on the site (I know, I went through them all recently), his practice isn't full yet. Gwen

June 2003

Can anyone please recommend a general practioner or internist at Kaiser Oakland? My husband just switched to Kaiser because he had to. Since he likes his old doc, and HATES the Kaiser phone tree, he is extremely disinclined to get set up with a new doc. I am gettting worried that he will not take care of some pressing health issues unless I can get some recommendations for specific docs. He is in his late 40's. Thank you in advance! worried wife

I highly recommend Dr. Lawrence Sirrott - 752-1160 - at Kaiser Oakland, Fabiola Bldg on Howe Street. He's a good, caring doctor who listens to questions and concerns, responds well, and genuinely seems to like his work. Anon.

Nov 2001

I have had Dr. Arthur Bakal as my primary doctor for several years & really like him. I am very particular in who I select and have had several awful docs since I moved here. As I have worked in both clinical health & health research for 20+ years, who knows their stuff is critical. In addition, I wanted a practitioner who had informal bedside manner and would work with me, knowing that I also use a variety of other healing practices, e.g. accupunture, chiropractic, etc. For instance, Dr. Bakal referred my migraines treatment to clinician using biofeedback (which I wanted) instead of opting only for medications, which are cheaper and I have tried with varying success. The only downside I found is it's a busy practice. Martha

Aug 2000

Both my husband and myself are looking for a personal physician at Kaiser Oakland. Again, thanks to those who previously recommended doctors, but none of them are taking new patients at this time!! Below is a list of those doctors who are; most, but not all, were new to Kaiser in 1999. We are looking for a doctor who is careful, thoughtful, accessible, will look into something she/he doesn't know about, and isn't negative about a patient's use of alternative medical approaches on occasion. Someone who is particularly knowledgable about cardiac-related issues would be a plus. Thanks! Joan

I started seeing Jennifer Slovis last December. I've only seen her twice, but I'm very pleased with her. She listens to you, has good suggestions, etc. Barbara

I can Only speak to Dr Rybczynski's personal sides, she's my tenant ! She is a nice person and seems like she'd be an excellent Dr. She is great with kids and lives close to Kaiser!? Daniel

I want to share my experience with a female Oakland Kaiser MD I would definitely *not* recommend. Dr. Jeannie Yip was highly recommended to both my mom and me. We both saw her twice and found her to be cold, unfriendly, and inattentive. During my initiation exam, she completely ignored my charming baby and neglected to do a breast exam until I insisted. The last straw for me came when I was prescribed antibiotics. Dr. Yip had her nurse call to tell me to take stronger pain medication and decongestants. When I reminded the nurse that I was breastfeeding, she replied, Dr. Yip says you should stop breastfeeding. When I responded that this was not an option the nurse said, Dr. Yip says that you can always start again later. Not kid friendly *and* clueless. I, too, am in the market for a new doctor. Karin

Hi. Several of you have asked about recommendations for primary care/General Internists at Kaiser Oakland. I am a primary care physician relatively new to Kaiser Oakland via UCSF. I am also the proud mother of a 3 yr old and an 8 month old. Because I've only been at Kaiser for 1 yr, my practice is not yet full. However, the wait for a new pt appt is 2-3 months usually, I believe. Best chance of getting an appt with me is to call on Fridays. If you're told I have no new pt appts, call the following Friday, as I've been told more appts will open up each Friday. I enjoy providing care to adults in all stages of their life, but must say it's fun to care for parents of young children, as we have something particularly in common over these years. I very much like having more than one family member in my practice (i.e. partners). I also see Spanish-speaking patients. Feel free to bring your kids to the visit if you choose! (Just no major dialogues about me on the internet- I'm camera shy, thanks). Tali Ziv

May 2000

General Medicine: Kathleen Grannan
Dr. Grannan is great, listens and is willing to take input from patients. She sometimes reaches for the presciption pad, but respects my desire to take the least amount of medications possible.

March 1998

Oakland Kaiser Physician recommendation: Dr. Leila El-Wakil Good person, good doctor and very smart. Martha

I only see women doctors/nurses, so sometimes it takes a little longer to get an appointment. I just signed up for a personal physician at Oakland Kaiser this year and I saw Dr Julie Morial she was nice, and I thought she was quite thorough. She took my family health history, gave me an exam, and sent me for a complete blood work up, and then mailed me the results with an explanation. I was impressed.