Another source for East Bay doctor reviews (esp. Kaiser)?

Does anyone have advice about a good one-stop-shopping way in ADDITION to Berkeley Parents Network to find existing community reviews of East Bay doctors, or where you can ask for recommendations for help with a particular issue or specialty? The recommendations here are super-helpful, but as I age out of the "active-parenting" category, I wonder if there's any broader source for this than a parents' group. (Just searching the internet rarely turns up anything that feels reliable, and Yelp reviews feel like current patients who are afraid to give less than 5 stars, mixed with people who are giving 1 star because they're mad about a slight.) I'm interested in Kaiser in particular, but "general doctors that include Kaiser" would be good enough.


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Dear Anonymous, 

There's nothing like the Berkeley Parents Network!  Our kids aged me out of "active parenting" in 2017, but I still use BPN all the time -- as recently as yesterday, when I was looking for a handyman plumber. 

By the way, when our doctor retired from Kaiser, he highly recommended that we choose Dr. Suresh Rangarajan at Kaiser Oakland.  I was dubious at first, because his web page shows he has a focus on children, but my husband (now 85) and I have been seeing him for five years now, and we love him.  He's super smart, kind, and knowledgeable.  When my 54-year-old cousin joined Kaiser, I recommened him to her, and she loves him, too.  (As for his background, he grew up in the Midwest, and has children in college, I think.) 

I also find recommendations on Nextdoor.