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Seeking recommendations for a Kaiser Oakland family doctor (for myself and my 5 year old daughter). Or, a primary care doctor and/or a pediatrician would be appreciated.  My child is not keen on going to the doctor, so I really need someone who is very kind & personable, who will melt the heart of a skeptical kid. Thank you! 

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My toddler and I love Dr. Angelica Zen.  She is amazing.   She is both a GP and pediatrician.  We both see her.  Not sure if she’s still taking new patients right now but worth a try!

Please note that she’s currently on maternity leave until Dec 2020 but will be back in the office after that time. 

Dr. Lindsay Pierce-Sternberg is great with reluctant kids and gives them lots of space! She’s a family practitioner, so we all see her and I like her as an adult doctor as well. 

Our pediatrician is Dr. Lisa Turman and we love her! She's really friendly and relaxed; takes serious things seriously and is good at right-sizing the rest. 

If you go the family practitioner route, I can recommend my GP Nancy Palmer, MD (her office is in the Fabiola building on Howe, in the Family Medicine clinic). She's very personable and kind, always remembers me, and I think would do well with kids. She's also an excellent clinician and knows how to navigate the Kaiser system. We have a separate pediatrician at Kaiser Oakland whom we adore (Jennifer Tenney), but if I wasn't as happy with our Peds then I would consider having the whole family see Dr. Palmer. Good luck! 

I don't have a family doc recommendation but our pediatrician is just lovely. He's very kind, very patient, extremely attentive, and attuned to our son's and our needs-- we're really happy with him.  Dr. Daniel Junge https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/providers/danielpjunge