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I am having a hard time with my new doctor in Pinole, who doesn't seem to read my chart or pay attention to what I've told her. I had have this nasty flu going around for 2 weeks now, even had to go to the ER Saturday last week. My doctor has just sent me an email suggesting I take Flonase (which I've been on for years) and Benzonatate, which was prescribed by the ER doctor.  I get it that Kaiser doctors have ridiculous patient caseloads but she just doesn't seem to be paying attention. We've also had two phone appointments where I've been waiting at the appointed time and she says she's called me 3 times and left voicemails but I got no calls or voicemail. Anyway...I'd love to find a doctor who can remember who I am and what I'm taking, preferably in Oakland or Richmond. 

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I see Dr. Sarin in Pinole. He's actually great, quick responses to email, always reviews my chart, and gently guides me to better self-care. He's new to Kaiser 2 years ago with many years of experience under his belt.

I can recommend Nancy Palmer, MD at Oakland (she's a family practitioner, as opposed to "internal medicine"). If she has a crazy patient caseload (and i'm sure she does) then I can't tell... she remembers me and is warm and personable and just seems to be paying attention. (And I'm only in there a couple times per year.) When we've had phone appts she calls on-time. She emailed me after a surgery just to check in, even though I hadn't expressly told her I was scheduled for the surgery. Maybe see if she's accepting new patients?

When I had Kaiser, I went to Oakland CA. I found Margaret Park MD, internist, and liked her.

I was happy with my family doc at Kaiser, Dr. Kaaren Nelson-Munson

I absolutely LOVE my Pinole Kaiser MD.  I can recommend her very highly.  Her name is Dr. Abalos-Merino.  I hope you can get hooked up with her.