Kaiser "Hands-Off" Doctor?

Hello, after a family history of bad experiences with health-insured medical practices, I've been happy without health insurance for years, paying out of pocket for occasional care with a focus on alternative care (or seeing doctors in other countries). Now the law requires me to have insurance and my new Medicare goes a long way to paying for it. Can anyone recommend a Kaiser Oakland doctor who doesn't insist on "preventive" care and testing? I'm in good health and want to enjoy it. I guess I'm looking for a doctor who will help me do something health-wise if I feel I need it, but who won't impose on me to do things that don't make sense to me or how I know to care for my health. For example, about 25 (!) years ago, by chance I once saw a nice Kaiser fellow named Ted Tsukayama--I see he's still there--does anyone know him? Or can you recommend someone else you think might be comfortable with this kind of "hands-off" care? Male or female. If I ask, I'm open to a doctor's suggestions, thoughts, opinions, of course, but don't want to feel pushed into things I don't want to do, or judged. Thank you!!!!!!!

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As a 30 year Kaiser member, I have always been the one who had to ask for any care beyond basic preventive. Docs will not push anything in my experience, and you are free to ignore the reminders for mammograms, flu shots, colon cancer screenings and PAP tests. They offer easy home mail in fecal tests for the colon screening, no need for colonoscopies unless the screening finds something abnormal. I don’t think there is anything you need to worry about here.

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I have a clarifying question: if you want to have a "hands off" doctor, why do you need a specific doctor for that?  Kaiser has legions of great physicians.  I've had great experiences for myself and my family.  For myself, I don't have an aversion to preventative care (screenings, routine physicals and labs, intent on finding potential disease in it's earliest forms) and feel I'm able to voice questions if I have concerns about whether to consent to certain treatment plans.

The good news is that if you find a provider you don't feel is a good "fit" you can change them.  I recommend perusing the MD profiles at https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/home/ and see if there is someone you would feel comfortable with.

My $0.02.  Best of luck.