Seeking Kaiser primary care physician for my husband

I'm looking for a great primary care physician (at Kaiser Oakland) for my husband. My husband is 40 and has anxiety about doctors and hospitals, but is also concerned about his health (weight and anxiety, among other things). I'm looking for a doctor with a fantastic bedside manner, who will take the time to speak with him and suggest tools to help him, rather than just tell him to lose weight and read the various pages on the Kaiser web site. I love that Kaiser shares bios of their doctors, but I'm hoping to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation and has a great recommendation. Thank you.

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I go to Dr Vassallo-Deluca at Kaiser Oakland, and have been really happy with her. She reallllllly takes the time to listen, and if I ask for something that isn't standard protocol she will take the time to listen to why I want it and see if she can help me meet my goals.

My adult daughter feels the same way about the health professional as your husband. Her doctor, Dr. Teshina Wilson, is wonderful. She takes time to talk about my daughter's anxiety and work at solutions for it (counseling, medication). Dr. Wilson is at the Kaiser medical offices in Pinole. Regarding the nutrition aspect, Elizabeth Leong is a registered dietician who works in Oakland. Her business is Bay Area Diabetes and Wellness Center, but clients don't need to have diabetes to see her. Her number is 510-922-8208, and I think you have to be referred through your doctor.   She is very supportive and helps her clients to succeed in weight loss and really learning about proper nutrition so they can choose their own foods and lose weight gradually and to keep it off.

I think I wrote your post a few months ago, with not much luck. On our own we found Dr. Nash at Kaiser Oakland - he has a great manner, is kind and patient, and even picked up on things we'd never thought of checking! What a difference from his last 2 doctors who basically both invalidated his experiences with his body and health! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Nash! Good luck!