Ann Tipton (Kaiser)

Archived Q&A and Reviews

June 2003

Re: Seeking excellent pediatrician
I highly recommend Dr. Tipton at Oakland. She's been great. Kerrie

March 2003

I have a 4 month old daughter and have been very happy with Dr. Ann Tipton-she seems to really know her stuff and is very good with babies. She listens to all of my ''first-time Mom'' concerns and she has never kept me waiting (which was such a pleasant surprise). Kerrie

April 2002

Re: Kaiser pediatrician for a Preemie
I would highly recommend Dr. Ann Tipton at Oakland, Kaiser. I have not had a preemie but she has taken care of my son through a few severe allergy responses for the last 18 months. I worked at Kaiser several years ago and I've never seen a more skilled, thoughtful and kind ped. than Dr. Tipton. She absolutely could handle any challenge put before her. Email me if you want more info. Liza


I am very pleased to be able to recommend Dr. Ann Tipton at Oakland Kaiser Pediatrics. Dr. Tipton has been my son's primary care physician since birth and is a wonderful, caring, skilled physician. Initially, 13 years ago, I thought that perhaps I should choose a male physician for my son so that he would feel comfortable with his doctor in these very combustible teen times. I chose Dr. Tipton because her specialty is adolescent health and her son is the same age as mine! But I had a hard time believing that, in the Kaiser System,she would still be his doctor when the time came. Well, my son has had better luck than I at keeping a Kaiser physician. He says he feels very comfortable with Dr. Tipton. I specifically asked him about his feelings following a very thorough physical and some private conversation time he had with her. I think you would find her most responsive to parent concerns and a teen's desire for some privacy. Vicki

We have worked with Dr. Anne Tipton at Kaiser-Oakland for four years and like her a lot. Our daughter is now fifteen. Dr. Tipton is very respectful of parents' concerns as well as the teen's, making sure that private time is available to each during the visit. Her medical information is up-to-date and she seems to be very available for questions and consults. Margy