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I highly recommend my son's pediatrician, Dr. Amy Maidenberg of Sage Pediatrics. The practice is located on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, very close to Berkeley. I think she's exactly what you're looking for in terms of a holistic doctor. She is very sharp, good at seeing the big picture, and carefully considers any medication or intervention. In addition to that she is warm and great with kids. In fact, the only thing I don't like about going to her is that she doesn't take insurance -- so since you can't use yours here anyway you might as well check her out! There's also a yearly fee, but if you are here for a shorter time perhaps it could be prorated or something. It would certainly be worth asking.

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We love Dr. Amy Maidenberg!  It's very personalized care and her office is small and sweet.  I've taken my kids to her for years.  I really trust her judgment and my kids love her.  She's out of network, but I find the added price worth it for the value.  She is very reachable by phone and email, and super quick to respond.  She's on Piedmont Ave.  Good luck! 

We interviewed Dr. Maidenberg of Sage Pediatrics ( and really liked a lot about her practice but it was a little outside our means so went a more traditional path with Alameda Pediatrics ( and love them. 

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April 2013

Re: Holistic Pediatrician for our 10 month old
I adore Dr. Amy Maidenberg at Sage Pediatrics on Piedmont in Oakland. She's not only the perfect holistic Pediatrician for my 2 year old son, but she's also the mom of a toddler, so I know she's going through the same issues herself (vaccinations, etc) and can relate on a new-parent level. Ashley

Dr. Amy Maidenberg of Sage Pediatrics is AMAZING! She's knowledgeable, kind, and holistic. She also does home visits for newborns, how great is that! Dr. Amy has a lovely office on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland: Best, Ellen

Jan 2012

Re: Pediatrican or Family Doctor open to Alt Healing
There is a lovely practice called Sage Pediatrics in Oakland. I recommend Dr. Amy Maidenberg there. I was pleased by her gentle approach and ability to listen and offer information in a way that very much felt like she was supporting my choice as a parent. Given that I have more alternative perspectives than my husband and my mom when it comes to health, I was also really impressed at how well Amy was able to respectfully communicate with all of us in the same appointment. She also did a home visit, which felt so right for a small baby. I also appreciate that Amy is the mother of 2 little ones herself. If you'd like to contact her, the number is (510-984-6169) and their website is Trina

Dec 2011

Re: Friendly professional pediatric grp w/great staff?
Try Amy Maidenberg of Sage Pediatrics in Oakland. She's attentive, extremely knowledgeable, available for appointments and always quick to respond herself to my calls. I've never gotten the sense that she's watching the clock; well appointments last about an hour. She'll make house calls too, which is great since I have two toddlers under the age of three. Dr. Maidenberg instantly diagnosed a rare skin condition that my daughter suddenly developed and was just as quick to reassure me that it was totally benign. I like too that she's open- minded about holistic and other alternative treatments. Krysten C.