Holistic Berkeley pediatrician who accepts out-of-pocket pay?


We are relocated to Berkeley in 2 weeks with our 24 month old. We have city employee insurance from New York City (EmblemHealth GHI), which unfortunately will not cover any doctors visits in Berkeley through the time my husband is employed to work remotely by the DOE. Can anyone recommend a Berkeley/Bay Area pediatrician to us? I suppose we'll be paying 100% out of pocket, I've never been in this position before so I'm not sure how it works (but  maybe the bright side is we'll get more choice in who we get to have as our Ped?). We had a home birth and still breastfeed at age 2, if that gives any insight into what I mean by "holistic" :) Thanks!

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I highly recommend my son's pediatrician, Dr. Amy Maidenberg of Sage Pediatrics. The practice is located on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, very close to Berkeley. I think she's exactly what you're looking for in terms of a holistic doctor. She is very sharp, good at seeing the big picture, and carefully considers any medication or intervention. In addition to that she is warm and great with kids. In fact, the only thing I don't like about going to her is that she doesn't take insurance -- so since you can't use yours here anyway you might as well check her out! There's also a yearly fee, but if you are here for a shorter time perhaps it could be prorated or something. It would certainly be worth asking. http://sagepediatrics.com/