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Hello BPN! 

I am new to the Piedmont area and am seeking a referral for a great pediatrician for my toddler, preferably a female doctor. Please let me know if you have any referrals to a good pediatric dentist as well. I'm willing to travel outside of my neighborhood, but closer is always preferable. 


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Berkeley Pediatrics is an amazing practice. Annemary Franks is my son's doc and I cannot recommend her enough. The entire practice is amazing. 

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We LOVE Dr. Katya Gerwein at Stanford Children's (Bayside Medical Group) in Berkeley. She is very supportive, factual and talks directly to the child. She has been so helpful after having a chain of terrible experiences at different Berkeley practice. We will be moving in a couple of months and she is one of our health care providers that I will truly miss :( 

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East Bay Pediatrics! We love all the doctors there. They have offices in both Berkeley and Orinda. 

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We love Dr. Amy Maidenberg!  It's very personalized care and her office is small and sweet.  I've taken my kids to her for years.  I really trust her judgment and my kids love her.  She's out of network, but I find the added price worth it for the value.  She is very reachable by phone and email, and super quick to respond.  She's on Piedmont Ave.  Good luck!