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Alta Bates Medical Associates 2850 Telegraph Ave Suite 120 Berkeley, CA 883-9883


Doctors in this practice: Bakal, Nicola Hanchock, Roger Iliff (retired), Shannon McCune (now 2500 Milvia), Amal Sawires (now Kaiser Richmond), Teng, Tidyman, Wu, Stephen Whitgob (retired)

March 2010

Re: Good female prim. care doc in Alta Bates or Hill?
Wow, I could've written the same query a year ago, except I'm ''an educated, inquisitive, overweight, caucasian woman who is trying to lose weight and get control of her health.'' I really like Dr. Amal A. Sawires (2850 Telegraph Ave, cor. Oregon, #120 Berkeley, 94705 (510) 204-8150). Staff's busy, but professional; she gives unhurried, undivided attention, answered all my questions thoughtfully/thoroughly; I like her. --still too fat; but fitter (& hopefully phatter)

Oct 2009

My long-time doctor, Roger Iliff, is no longer seeing patients in the ABMA Berkeley office. Does anyone have any experience with the other doctors in this office: Dr. Sawires, Dr. Wang, Dr. Michele Shute, or Dr. Shannon McCune? Thanks. Leslie

I've seen Dr. Sawires once so far, having been in the same situation (former doc. retired). I liked her: she was patient, intelligent, well-spoken, answered all of my questions. I did not feel hustled in-and-out. Her office has followed up w/reminders for next check-up, mammogram, etc. So far, so good! --Happy

June 2009

Re: Primary Doctor Recommendations
I signed up with Dr. Amal Sawires, and have liked her very much so far: she was attentive, didn't rush, actually took the time to listen to my responses to her questions, and was insightful with her answers to my questions - and was not dismissive of the ?'s I did ask. Look at the Dr. Finder @ the Alta Bates site for more info; here's her basic contact stuff: Amal A. Sawires, M.D. 2850 Telegraph Ave. @ Oregon, Suite 120, Berkeley, 94705 (510) 204-8150. Good Luck --Happy Sawires patient

Oct 2008

Re: HealthNet primary care doc you love?
I love Nicola Hanchock, M.D. at 2850 Telegraph, Ste. 120, in Berkeley. 510-204-8150. She's absolutely wonderful, and has the added advantage of being an Internist. She'd probably be my first choice if she has openings, is a lovely, helpful and terrific primary care doctor. Judy

Sept. 2004

Re: Primary Care for my (stubborn) husband
My husband (stubborn!) and I (not very med-oriented!) are also in HealthNet/Alta Bates. He goes (as little as possible; the lure for a physiclal is it is a good excuse to miss work) to Dr. Tidyman and I see (fear of death/why not get your physical?) to Dr. Whitgob. Aside from the inherent humor in their names, both are down-to-earth, no nonsense types who get the job done. What stubborn doctor/phobe could ask for more? Doctor phobe plus

May 2004

I am seeking a new primary care physician, can anyone recommend or comment on any of these doctors in the Alta Bates Medical Associates group in Berkeley: Whitgob, Iliff, Teng, Bakal and Wu. I have checked the website, but a different set of docs seems to be listed under this practice.

I have been involved with this medical group for years. I have seen Dr. Bakal and Dr. Teng, but Dr. Wu is my PCP (he's also the President of the ABMA, if that bares any weight). He's a very wonderful and compassionate guy while being straightforward about my health. I never feel rushed when I see him, and I like to talk! Dr. Teng is very sweet but very difficult to understand (heavy accent) and therefore doesn't suit my needs....but she as well as Dr. Bakal who is one of the original drs. of the group are eqully competent. Good luck.