Sutter Health Primary Care

Berkeley, CA

2500 Milvia Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

Also at this address: Sutter Health Ob/GynsSutter Health Pediatrics

  • Primary Care Physicians: Josephine N. Agbowo, Alia Lilienstein,Samantha Malm, Shannon McCune, Samara Nebenzahl, Grant W. Wang

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  • New to town and need a doctor

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    I'm new to the Bay Area and I have wacky insurance, so I am looking for a new doctor.  It looks like Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation in Oakland at 350 30th St Ste 100 will accept my plan, and the doctors there are Shirley Tucker Harris and Alan Cohen, and the NP is Wilson Mak.  Does anyone have experience with this practice?  I'd love any input. Thanks in advance.

    I have had a very good experience with this practice and with Wilson Mak in particular--efficient but still very personable, responsive to online messages, thorough and smart. Lab on-site and good online medical record system.

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Look into Sutter on Milvia in Berkeley. I've never experienced any wait time (over maybe 3 minutes) on the phone for scheduling, and when I've needed urgent nurse or on-call doctor support they do a call back thing generally within 30 minutes. They have great email support for non-urgent things too. I use them for my own OB/GYN & primary care as well as my kids pediatric care.

I've been thinking about that too, as my daughter is getting close to aging out of pediatrics; I had an appointment for myself last week with Dr. Samara Nebenzahl at Sutter on Milvia and thought she would be really good.