Family Medicine practice in Oakland/Berkeley?

Our family used to see Emily Lash at East Bay Family Practice but then they became Stanford, she moved back East and many providers have left the practice. I'm looking for a unicorn -- Knowledgable providers who have time to get to know us and answer questions with efficient support staff (no long waits in the office or especially on the phone for scheduling and triage) -- a practice where providers and staff and patients all feel well taken care of. We are trying out the new John Muir in Berkeley but the phone wait time to schedule appointments or ask questions is ridiculously long. 

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Look into Sutter on Milvia in Berkeley. I've never experienced any wait time (over maybe 3 minutes) on the phone for scheduling, and when I've needed urgent nurse or on-call doctor support they do a call back thing generally within 30 minutes. They have great email support for non-urgent things too. I use them for my own OB/GYN & primary care as well as my kids pediatric care.

One Medical has a family practice office in Oakland. Meets your criteria!