Primary Care Doctor for Young Female Adults

Need to switch from our pediatrician to a primary care doctor who's very good with young women, especially those lacking some confidence.  Thanks for recommendations in Oakland or Berkeley.  

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I've been thinking about that too, as my daughter is getting close to aging out of pediatrics; I had an appointment for myself last week with Dr. Samara Nebenzahl at Sutter on Milvia and thought she would be really good.

We love our pediatrician, Sarah Handlesman, with East Bay Pediatrics.  My two boys have been seeing her since they were babies (they are both now preteens) and her interactions with them has changed as they have grown (so they don't feel like they are seeing a "baby doctor.").  I bet she'd be really great with girls, I believe she has 2 daughters approx 9 and 11.

I would most definitely reach out to some of the wonderful Naturopathic Doctors we have in the area.  Karen Peterson, Aumatma Shah are a couple of names that come to mind.  Cutting edge.