Adult primary care doc in Berkeley or Oakland

Does anyone have a great adult primary care doc in Berkeley or Oakland (Bart accessible)? Bonus if they are male and/or black (or have lots of experience and comfort with patients of color). We are not part of kaiser. Thanks!

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Sutter East Bay on San Pablo Ave in Albany has many great doctors including several who fit that description and I would highly recommend.  One new doc I saw meets your demographic checklist and he was so patient and thorough and attentive, and I also like a few women docs and NPs I've seen there (they span many demographics so you can request your preference or take whoever is available first). I believe they're walking distance from El Cerrito Plaza BART stop. 

I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Rollington Ferguson. He is a cardiologist by training but serves as my mom's PCP and has been a godsend to us. His offices are in Pill Hill about halfway between the 19th Street and Macarthur BART stations.

Dr. Floyd Hyuen in Oakland is a great internest and primary care doctor. He is the husband of former mayor Jean Quan. He was my doctor for years at Lifetime Medical in Berkeley, hen he moved his practice to oakland.