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Sept. 2004

Re: Primary Care for my (stubborn) husband
My husband (stubborn!) and I (not very med-oriented!) are also in HealthNet/Alta Bates. He goes (as little as possible; the lure for a physiclal is it is a good excuse to miss work) to Dr. Tidyman and I see (fear of death/why not get your physical?) to Dr. Whitgob. Aside from the inherent humor in their names, both are down-to-earth, no nonsense types who get the job done. What stubborn doctor/phobe could ask for more? Doctor phobe plus

My husband's primary care physician is Dr. Stephen Witgob. He likes him very much. Dr. Whitgob does not rush you, answers all your questions and is very thorough. My husband also says he has a sense of humor and a good bedside manner. When my husband had a back problem, after the exam, Dr. Whitgob gave him some reading materials and preventive advice. Dianne