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We go diligently to our experienced and well-regarded pediatrician for regular check-ups, but they last all of 15 minutes, and provide no real insight into the nature of the girls' development, nor does the doctor really address our questions outside of the conventional medical fold. We are looking for someone who is trained as a doctor, but is thoroughly versed in more "holistic" approaches to health, particularly of young children. We are open to either a pediatrician or a "family doctor" who can see all of us, but are really looking primarily for our two young daughters. We already have a resource pool of acupuncturists, homeopaths, chiropractors, etc., so we are seeking a physician who is perhaps an N.D. or a functional medicine doctor. We live in the East Bay, so would love to find a practitioner there, particularly for acute matters if a visit is called for last-minute, but if you know someone amazing over either bridge, please let me know. Please note: Pediatric Alternatives in Mill Valley (highly regarded) is *not* accepting new patients. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Dawn Jacobson, MD, functional medicine, in Walnut Creek, is welcoming, and thorough. She practices a few days a week. My appointments with her went 75 minutes each. And I'm fairly healthy!  She integrates, if you wish, an Ayurvedic approach. Highly recommend her, perhaps best in conjuction with someone who does traditional testing/has that equipment. (Office is next to Heather Farms.)          dawnjacobsonmd.com

I strongly recommend Dr. Joan Margaret. Her website is old, but the care and wisdom I receive from her and the circle has been life changing for me.


Hmm, maybe the problem is your insurance or your practice. My kids go to Berkeley Pediatrics and I'm pretty sure each child is allotted 30 minutes for an annual well-check. With 3 kids, it feels like we spend an entire afternoon there!  Our pediatrician is thorough and spends time with all of us together, me and each kid together, and the older kids alone. We cover lots of ground. I've liked all of the docs that we've seen there, with the exception of one who is no longer with the practice.  But I'm honestly not sure if my (excellent and expensive) insurance dictates the length of the well-check visit, or if it's a Berk Peds thing.

Have you tried Dr. Jennifer?


We like her practice.

We use Dr. Amy Maidenburg of Sage Pediatrics in Oakland for my two daughters. Amy is thoughtful, takes as much time as needed (easily an hour), is personally available for consult around the clock, and takes a very holistic approach. She even did a house call after the birth of my second daughter! She is well networked and specializes in young children. My kids love her home-like office on Piedmont Avenue, garden outside, and most of all their relationship with her! http://www.sagepediatrics.com/