Looking for a wonderful Pediatrician open to alternative practices

Hello parents,

Does anyone have a recommendation for a lovely pediatrician. I'd love to find someone who is nice and warm and open to alternative health practices as well. 

Thank you so much!

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We love our Nurse Practitioner, her name is Lauren Blanchard and she is at North Oakland Family Practice. She is not a pediatrician but is the warmest, loveliest, most caring person I have ever met. She is open to alternative health practices, and very knowledgeable. My son is 17, we saw Lauren and the other caring providers at NOFP for all our pediatric needs. We adore Lauren, and know when we make an appointment to see her that she will really listen, and that she really cares about our entire family. If she were ever to move to another practice we would follow her. 

Sage Pediatrics is really great. I would recommend making an appointment to meet Dr. Maidenberg and see if it is a good fit. Good luck.

Berkeley Pediatrics.  510-848-2566