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  • Hello BPN - Do you have an elderly parent/relative who loves his/her/their primary care physician? It can be Kaiser or any healthcare organization in the Richmond to Oakland corridor that takes Medicare. An additional plus if doctor is Cantonese-speaking. Also my husband and I are part of Kaiser Oakland, so we don't know about other healthcare organizations in the area and would love to hear about them. Do you love your healthcare "network" (PCP, specialty doctors, local hospital, etc.)? Thanks! 

    Check out Dr. April Fredian in Oakland. My elderly mother with dementia sees her and we love her. She accepts Medicare which covers the appointments but charges an annual fee (~$2000) so that she can be more accessible to her patients. I have her cell phone number and can text or call her seven days a week if something urgent comes up - and she responds! She really understands geriatric medicine and is such an attentive and skilled doctor. I've been so happy we switched to her from the bureaucratic, giant, impersonal practice my mom was going to previously. That kind of practice is fine for someone like me who is relatively young and healthy, but elders (and their worried family members) need a more personal approach. 

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Doctor for my elderly mother

Dec 2011

My mother, who is 84, will be moving to the Berkeley/Oakland area in January. She will need a good doctor to coordinate all of her care. Does anyone have recommendations for good doctors in Berkeley or Oakland? She will not be a member of Kaiser. Thank you. East Bay daughter

I'd try and get her into Dr Sear's practice in Orinda if you can. She's tops. I wish I'd taken my dad to her( but he insisted on staying with a doc who was giving him inferior care at his multi-level care facility who came to the facility) He might have lived longer if I had insisted on the change JM

MD for my mother with dementia

Feb 2010

My mother has recently moved to assisted living in the East Bay due to moderate to severe dementia. I was very excited to enroll her with the Over Sixty Clinic in Berkeley, after hearing great things. They are also affiliated with Alta Bates Medical, our provider. However, the MD we have seen twice has been extremely disappointing and honestly does not seem to understand dementia. Dr. Andrea Thatch was also highly recommended, but is not taking new patients. I am wondering if anyone can recommend an excellent MD at Over Sixty Clinic (or other Alta Bates provider) who specializes in dementia...or, willing to change clinics all together if there is an outstanding provider in the Oakland/Alameda/Berkeley area.

Hi, Two years ago I had a very hard time finding any docs who do geriatric psychiatry in the East Bay with openings. I think, then, that the best option is to go to the UCSF clinic that specializes in dementia. I know the drive sucks, but that's the place that has the best care I know of.

If you want to look on the web for names of geriatric psychiatrists(in case any are taking patients now), look at the website for the American Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry ( I think that's the name of the big one) and search their list of board certified geriatric psychiatrists. You can also look at the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology website. I think they are the ones who oversee the board exam, so they probably also have a list of who's passed the test in the bay area. Good luck! JM

Need a new doctor for my elderly mom

Jan 2010

Has anyone had any experience with either Dr. Steven Rosenthal or Bruce Robertson? Both are in San Leandro on E14th street. I am looking for a new doctor for my elderly mom who needs a lot of patience! Thanks

Have you looked into the Over 60 Health Center in Berkeley, they specialize in working with seniors and offer amazing care.

Doctor who can make home visits for 93-year-old

August 2008

My 93-year-old mom-in-law needs a doctor who would make home visits to her at Lakeside Park (dementia home) off Lake Merritt. Her immediate problem is stimulating her appetite, as she's living on Ensure. She's unable to walk well at this point and tires quickly. Any suggestions?

Greetings, In regards to your 93 year old mother in a Dementia Unit who is no longer eating or able to walk. I am wondering if you have considered Hospice care for her. Of course I do not know all the details of her illness and decline but the things you mentioned are common with people facing end stage dementia . Hospice nurses would see and examine her weekly and help her obtain the best quality of life. They are experienced in issues like the ones your mother is going through. If she is in the Dementia Unit at Lakeshore, I encourage you to talk to Josie about it, she has lots of experience with this. Hope this helps, and good luck. signed, a Hospice Nurse

Patient GP for elderly mom

April 2008

Hi, I am looking for a good, patient general medical or geriatric practitioner for my mother who is elderly. Any ideas for Oakland area, or San Leandro? Thanks. concerned daughter

Dr. John Good is great for geriatrics. He's on Telegraph in Oakland. I'm sorry I don't have his number. He was my elderly momt's physician for several years. He's very caring, returns phone calls, a really nice guy (I thought he was someone I could be friends with) and seems to be a good doctor. I'm sure he's in the phone book. I know he sees all age people but I think he has a large geriatric following. Good luck. anon

I have been so impressed with the care my mother has received from the doctors at the Over60 Clinic. They really understand how to take care of older folks, and they are enthusiastic about it too. While my mom was in Alta Bates for a few weeks last fall, I got to meet a number of Over 60 docs doing rounds there. They were all kind, had time to talk and listen, and really gave her such excellent attention and care.

Doctors for aging parents in Walnut Creek

June 2007

My parents are moving to the area, probably Rossmoor in Lafayette. My mother, in particular, has had arthritis since she was 30 and has a number of health issues over the years. I would like to find a set of good doctors (primary doctor, wound care, and rheumatology) in the Walnut Creek area to help ease the transition. It would be good to have doctors who are experienced with older patients. Help!

Both my parents in Concord, and my in-laws in Walnut Creek, all in their 80's, are happy Kaiser members. They go to the main large Walnut Creek hospital and also make many visits to Shadelands, Kaiser's more outpatient facility off of Ygnacio Valley Rd. I'm not a Kaiser member myself, but I know my parents believe they're receiving the best health care of their lives; they've been with Kaiser for about 4-5 years since their previous plan dumped its senior program. Of course we all hear negative stories about the plan, but I think it's a great way to go in Walnut Creek, where I live too. Suzanne

Doctor who makes house calls for elderly woman?

June 2007

I am taking care of an elderly woman who lives in Oakland. It is very difficult to get her to go visit her doctor, for a variety of reasons. She also says that she never wants to be hospitalized and would like to die at home, when her time comes. If she gets sick at some point, I doubt that she would want to go see her doctor or go to the ER. I have heard that more and more doctors are making house calls these days. Has anyone had any experience with a doctor who does that? Is there anyone you would recommend? The Caregiver

We have been happy with THE OVER 60 CLINIC here in Berkeley. They have been helping us with my 96 year old MIL for about 11 years now. They have been great with ideas & resourses. A nurse comes once a month to check her. (Not a Doctor though) The nurse does a full check includeing blood samples. Those results lead to vitamin & fluid adjustments and we have a frail but very healthy old gal due to the careful monitering.

They have reffered us to home bath givers, hair stylists, wheel chair & equiptment,, with the nurse coming here so often.....she gives us pointers to make it better all the time. The office there made the $ part really easy for us. Also, we have phoned our nurse directly a few times and she came right over.

For Doctors, I don't know if they do make house calls but you should ask them. We have had experience with 3 of them & they were great. Coincidentaly, my HMO Primary Care Physisian, David Teegarden who I adored because he alway recomended alternative methods, excersize, & vitamins, retired from his private practice and works there now. They have really helped us!

Physician for elderly mom

July 2003

Help!!! / Every physican I have called (3) to try to get my 90year old mother (who is quickly going downhill mentally and emotionally) either has a year long waiting list or doesn't take medicare and once they know she is a medicare patient won't let us pay out of pocket because it would be medicare fraud. I have sat on hold waiting for 20 minutes, had phone calls not returned, been passed from person to person getting nowhere. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! Does anyone know of any drs. in the Bkly/Oakland general area that will take a new patient with medicare and give her a complete assessment/ bloodtest etc. We need to do this quickly. Thanks for any help. June

Hi there, Try West Berkeley Family Practice ......704-6000. I know they take medicare/medi-cal and take patients of all ages. cris

Hello - I work for Lifelong Medical (finance dept) which has two geriatric clinics - the Over 60 clinics in Berkeley and in Oakland. I am sorry you are having such trouble finding a physician for your mother. It sounded like you were closer to Berkeley so I would recommend the Over 60 Health Center in Berkeley (3260 Sacramento). It has wonderful doctors who specialize in working with the elderly and I am almost positive they are taking new patients. Dr. Jacqui Richter & Dr. Floyd Huen are wonderful - I am sure the other doctors are as well.

If interested call member services at 704-6010 (they register new patients) and they can sign you up and make an appointment for you. The best of luck to you! Anonymous