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Hi, my elderly parents with complex medical issues are moving to Alameda from the east coast. My dad already has referrals to UCSF docs for his cancer care so my parents are looking for primary care doctor(s) that are associated with UCSF. They are willing to cross the Bay for primary care, but I am also looking for possibilities at the John Muir/UCSF facility in Berkeley. The BPN reviews I have found are mostly for family medicine but wondering if anyone has recommendations for a primary care provider who is good at working with older people. Thank you!

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If your dad is going to be seeing a UCSF oncologist, then I think there's a lot of value in also keeping his primary care in the same system.  If you're not opposed to crossing the bridge, then I'm a fan of a lot of the geriatricians at the UCSF Center for Geriatric Care, located on Geary & Arguello. (This is assuming your parents are at least 70).  My own parents have gotten primary care there and appreciate a lot of the conveniences they offer, too, such as on-site lab draws.  Dr. Pound is particularly wonderful, but I think they're all pretty solid providers.

My mom sees a geriatrician (but she's in Los Angeles), and likes him.  It's like a primary care doctor for older people.  Here's an article about the specialty:   UCSF has geriatricians, if you are interested.