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July 2003

Re: Physician for elderly mom
Hello - I work for Lifelong Medical (finance dept) which has two geriatric clinics - the Over 60 clinics in Berkeley and in Oakland. I am sorry you are having such trouble finding a physician for your mother. It sounded like you were closer to Berkeley so I would recommend the Over 60 Health Center in Berkeley (3260 Sacramento). It has wonderful doctors who specialize in working with the elderly and I am almost positive they are taking new patients. Dr. Jacqui Richter & Dr. Floyd Huen are wonderful - I am sure the other doctors are as well.

If interested call member services at 704-6010 (they register new patients) and they can sign you up and make an appointment for you. The best of luck to you! Anonymous

Jan 2003

Re: Therapist who accepts Medi-Cal and/or Medicare
I recommend LifeLong Medical Care, which provides both primary care and mental health services from a number of sites in Oakland and Berkeley. As a community health center they accept Medi/Medi, and they have excellent expertise with geriatric care. At the least they can provide recommendations. Kristine

Re: Therapist who accepts Medi-Cal and/or Medicare (Jan 2003)
Lifelong (my employer)is a community health clinic which has a clinic in Oakland and one in Berkeley which specialize in geriatrics. We take Medicare & Medi-Cal. Although I am not familiar with the schedules, I believe that both sites have psychiatrists (at least part-time) and other folks who can offer treatment for mental health issues for seniors.

Call 510-704-6010 and ask them for the phone numbers for either the Over 60 Clinic (on Sacramento) or the Foothill site in Oakland.

We have a wonderful, dedicated staff who take excellent care of their patients.

The very best to you & your mother. Depression is tough on everyone, not least of all the family members.