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Berkeley, Oakland
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See Also: Lifelong Dental

LifeLong Medical Care! They also have dental, but I have no  first hand knowledge of how it is. I prefer the Ashby campus at the EdRoberts Center right above Ashby BART.  There are drop-in slots, a Wellness Center with acupuncture, aPCP for drop-ins 1 morning a week and llots of  additional group offerings. There is also s Quest lab right there. The OBGYNs are also good. There is  an urgent care on Dwight as well. And they take Medi-Cal!  

When I gave birth almost ten years ago, I was with Lifelong Medical Care- they accept and actually signed me up for Medi-Cal. I delivered at Alta Bates. Check them out- they are at 7th and University in West Berkeley. I still go there and use Carolyn Hand who I believe is a OBGYN Nurse Practicioner. I've always like the folks there and the new facility is great. Alta Bates was amazing. Lifelong sent over a Pediatrician to Alta Bates to check on my son after the birth. It was really a great experience overall.

Dr Tracy White takes Blue Cross Anthem. She's fantastic!

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Jan 2003

Re: Therapist who accepts Medi-Cal and/or Medicare
I recommend LifeLong Medical Care, which provides both primary care and mental health services from a number of sites in Oakland and Berkeley. As a community health center they accept Medi/Medi, and they have excellent expertise with geriatric care. At the least they can provide recommendations. Kristine

Re: Therapist who accepts Medi-Cal and/or Medicare (Jan 2003)
Lifelong (my employer)is a community health clinic which has a clinic in Oakland and one in Berkeley which specialize in geriatrics. We take Medicare & Medi-Cal. Although I am not familiar with the schedules, I believe that both sites have psychiatrists (at least part-time) and other folks who can offer treatment for mental health issues for seniors.

Call 510-704-6010 and ask them for the phone numbers for either the Over 60 Clinic (on Sacramento) or the Foothill site in Oakland.

We have a wonderful, dedicated staff who take excellent care of their patients.

The very best to you & your mother. Depression is tough on everyone, not least of all the family members.