West Berkeley Family Practice

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June 2006

Can anyone reccomend a Family Physician who takes Medi-cal in the East Bay?

West Berkeley Family Practice takes Medi-cal. They are a good practice. anon
Physicians reviewed: Amy Gordon
August 2001

Re: Recommendation for inexpensive pediatrician.
Try West Berkeley Family Practice. It is sliding scale. They will help you with med-i-cal or other insurance programs. We have been most happy with the care and you do not have to live in Berkeley to use the services. Cost starts at $15 for office visit. They offer CHPD program ( free check-ups and vaccinations). Phone is 704-6000, located at Addison and Sixth. Deborah

I wanted to add to may recommendation for West Berkeley Family Practice. Member services there can help with interim insurance before med i cal begins. They also will refer you to Childrens Hospital with any extra care you need. Deborah