Looking for Kind and Compassionate Ob/Gyn MD, NP, or Midwife


I recently switched from Kaiser to Anthem Blue Cross and am looking for an Ob/gyn located somewhere between Pinole and Berkeley. I am a very sensitive person (which can be both a strength and a challenge) who doesn't like going to the doctor/traditional medical facilities and I have some anxiety related to that. Does anyone know of any particularly kind, compassionate, supportive and understanding ob/gyns in a more relaxing setting nearby to work with during pregnancy and childbirth? Open to an MD, NP or midwife. Thank you in advance!

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I recommend the midwives at Pacifica Family Maternity Center (http://www.pacificamaternity.com/). Such a beautiful and calming place and I don't think you can get better prenatal, birth, and postpartum care than what they provide. http://www.pacificamaternity.com/

I'd recommend Michelle Borok http://michelleborok.com/nourish/. She is an incredible midwife we used in the birth of our kid. She also works with a biller that might get you a reimbursement from Anthem. Best of luck! 

Dr Tracy White takes Blue Cross Anthem. She's fantastic!