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Feb 2005

My husband and I are really struggling to find a doctor in the Berkeley/Albany/N. Oakland/Emeryville area. The doctor we are seeing now is hard to get in touch with, doesn\x92t return calls (I\x92ve left more than 3 messages), and doesn\x92t seem especially interested in our health (although he is very nice). His office staff is a disaster and has lost records, incorrectly schedules appointments and billed us for work we did not have done. I have checked the archives for new recommendations but many of these wonderful sounding docs are either not taking new patients, do not take my insurance or are too far away. I refuse to believe that I can\x92t get good health care in the East Bay! Can someone please recommend a doctor (female preferred) who is interested in taking care of people, is accepting new patients and has a competent office staff? Icing on the cake would be a doc who will spend more than 2 minutes talking to us and won\x92t try to pump us full of prescription drugs at every opportunity. What we\x92d really like is to find a doctor who is just like our daughter\x92s pediatrician, Janet Perlman, but cares for adults. Any recommendations will be appreciated! Exasperated and (thankfully) healthy

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