Suzanne Bodor, MD (Berkeley, CA)

I see Dr Bodor who shares the office with Dr Klebanoff. I am very happy. Every doctor in that office is excellent. Appointments are never rushed. The quality of care I've received has been consistently high. 

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3000 Colby St Suite 200 Berkeley, CA 94705
Oct 2009

Re: Internist that's a smart diagnostician and concerned with the whole person
I see Dr. Suzanne Bodor in Berkeley, and she is amazing. I can't recommend her highly enough. I have never had a doctor who is so concerned about my well being and actually takes the time to listen to me. The only drawback is that she doesn't take any insurance, but her office will provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company. My insurance company always ends up covering about 2/3 of the visit. Heather

I don't know Janet Perlman, but I have been seeing a rather new (to the area) doctor: Susan Bodor (510) 845-7751. I have been going to her office for years and find them very organized and pleasant, even cheerful! Dr. Bodor is through, takes her time and is very approachable. I like her a lot. She is located on Colby Street just across the street from Alta Bates Janet