Do you have a Blue Shield Doctor that you love?

Sadly, my primary care doctor of 20+ years has just retired. So, I'm looking for someone new. Preferably someone who is caring and a good communicator and with a kind, competent office staff as well. I'm wondering whether anyone has any recent experience with Dr. Carolyn Klebanoff, Dr. Deena Neff, Dr. Anthony Jones or Dr. Andrew Ross? Thanks so much for your help and advice!

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I have been seeing another doctor in Dr. Klebanoff's office for more than a decade and have on occasion seen her as well. They are all fantastic--possibly the best primary care physicians I've ever seen. Each of the doctors in that office takes time to truly listen to their patients. The only drawbacks are that the office staff isn't great (although not a deal breaker), and they don't take most insurance. 

I see Dr Bodor who shares the office with Dr Klebanoff. I am very happy. Every doctor in that office is excellent. Appointments are never rushed. The quality of care I've received has been consistently high. 

I have been a member of Dr. Jones' practices for 5+ years and really appreciate the clinician's I've interacted with. I had Dr. Lisha Wilson first and after she left the practice, I'm now with Jaime Young (NP). I've been happy with bedside manner, their generally non-invasive approach, that they take my concerns seriously, and that they're light touch. I highly recommend them.