Carolyn Klebanoff, MD


3000 Colby Street Suite 200, Berkeley, CA 94705

I have been seeing another doctor in Dr. Klebanoff's office for more than a decade and have on occasion seen her as well. They are all fantastic--possibly the best primary care physicians I've ever seen. Each of the doctors in that office takes time to truly listen to their patients. The only drawbacks are that the office staff isn't great (although not a deal breaker), and they don't take most insurance. 

My doctor retired and my insurance assigned me to a new dr.  — Carolyn Klebanoff. And I already like her a lot! And I can’t say I’ve ever had a primary care doctor that I really thought was great. They’ve all just been fine. But after doing a new patient video call with Dr. Klebanoff, I now feel like I have a PCP that is great   She was super responsive, friendly, communicative. 

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Sept 2008

Re: Looking for Oakland Berkeley female MD
Carolyn Klebanoff is fantastic! She was my doctor for many years. Unfortunately, she stopped taking our insurance and could no longer be my primary care physician. I still went to her a few times and paid out of pocket because I value her experience and opinions. She is very knowledgeable, straightforward, and she takes the time to talk with you about your situation. I would still be her patient if it weren't for the insurance issue, but I am pleased with the referral she gave me for a new doctor. Lucy