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Jan 2009

Re: Looking For Good Women's Health doctor
I've been going to Dr. Mary Lynn Miller in Orinda, 925.254.2008. Dr. Miller is smart, kind and thoughtful in her approach. Not sure about her views on alternative medicine, but has seemed pretty open minded in my visits. I got sick just before the holidays and they were able to get me in the same day. That goes a long way in my book. It's a bit of a drive, but well worth it in my mind for good medical guidance. The office is clean, staff is organized and the parking is easy. MB

Feb 2008

Re: Lamorinda doctors
In Lamorinda, you can't go wrong with Dr. Mary Miller. I also have Blue Shield PPO, so I know that will work for you. She is great, as is her staff. (925) 254-2008, 89 Davis Rd Ste 220, Orinda

In my experience, Mary Miller, MD in Orinda, is excellent. She's board-certified in internal medicine. Her physician's assistant is excellent too.
Glenda in Orinda

Oct 2006

Re: need a new doctor
I have been a patient of Dr. Mary Miller's for about 5 or 6 years. I don't go in that often, but I really like her and her approach. She is easy to talk to and open minded. For example, I have an auto-immune disease and she has been supportive of my choice to pursue eastern medicine rather than take drugs. Also, her practice doesn't seem to overbook appointments and I am rarely kept waiting.

I just signed up with Dr. Mary Miller in Orinda. She came highly recommended. I've only had one appointment with her but I was impressed by her thoroughness and ease in communication. I didn't see your original request so feel free to reach out to me if I didn't answer your question. -Tina Tina

I've seen Dr. Miller twice, and her PA once, and have no complaints. I've always gotten an appointment promptly, the staff is polite, and Dr. Miller knows her stuff (the PA, not so much). But my friend also saw Dr. Miller and had a real conflict with her -- I don't know all the details, but Dr. Miller wouldn't return her calls, and then my friend ended up getting a letter from Dr. Miller firing her as a patient. Hard to say who's at fault, but my friend found it pretty upsetting Nicole R.

Jan 2006

Re: Seeking Adult Primary Care Physician in Lamorinda

Dr. Mary Miller in Orinda is very good. She is easy to talk to and has a great manner with her patients. She takes my concerns seriously. I have an auto-immune illness and see a acupuncturist and herbalist for it, and Dr. Miller is supportive of that. Her number is 925-254-2008. Her office is on Davis Rd. (I think), right near the Hwy 24 (toward Walnut Creed) onramp. anon

I've been once to Dr. Mary Miller in Orinda (she's also recommended in the archives) and I liked her. She sat down to talk to me, took the time to listen to multiple concerns I was having, and generally made me feel comfortable. Her office staff was admirable, also. Nicole

Re: Physician who has time for longer appts (Feb 2005)
I highly recommend Dr. Mary Miller (925-254-2008) who has a practice in Orinda, not too far from Berkeley. Dr. Miller is very dedicated, spends lots of time with patients and is very thorough. You get a sense that your interests come first.