Looking for a PCP with holistic approach

Does anyone recommend a primary care physician that offers a holistic approach? I have Sutter Health Plus HMO and would love to find a covered physician that I can align with in a health partnership, someone who appreciates a wellness model vs. a disease model. I would love to find a physician who prioritizes nutrition, and is willing to have a conversation about vaccinations/flu shots etc. instead of just repeating the CDC recommendation. 

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I would recommend not focusing so much on the PCP, but on finding the right the nurse practicioner in the PCP's office. In my experience, nurse practicioners spend much more time discussing and listening, and providing whole-person advice (sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, in addition to following CDC recommendations). I don't have one to recommend specifically at the moment, but at my previous doctor's office I always asked for my annual appointments with the NP.

Francine Yep, at Sutter Oakland (pill hill). I was referred to her by someone who has chosen not to give some vaccines to her child. Dr. Yep (who goes by Frannie) is a family physician, so I see her too. I struggle with chronic inflammation and gut issues. Since I had already tried her first-line approach (diet), she gave me a referral to a functional medicine doctor in Berkeley. Insurance doesn't pay for that, but I mention it because this shows that she is not locked into a narrow medical model. I think she received some training in traditional Chinese medicine, though I may be misremembering.