UC Care

Parent Reviews

I have UC Care and have had this option for several years.  It is not cheap, esp for family coverage, but I have been very happy with the options available to us.  (I still have my Brown and Toland based internist and Ob-Gyn, and see both UC and Sutter based specialists.  I have a chronic condition which requires visits to a number of specialists every year, and my daughter has a condition that requires annual labs and imaging.)  

I'm in exactly this situation. I believe the only other option is to switch to UC Care (the PPO plan), which is much more expensive.

We have a similar healthcare situation in our family: specialist at UCSF, but want to have access to primary care nearer home in the East Bay.  UC Care works fine for this.  Costs more, but if you have a serious, complicated medical condition as we do, it is worth it.  Best of luck.

I work for a UC and use UC Care.  It's a bit more expensive, but you have the flexibility to choose where you want to go.  UC Care is administered through Anthem Blue Cross and since you go to UCSF a lot, the copays may be lower since they are "in network".