Live in East Bay, work in San Francisco: Doctor?

Hello - Random question, but I'm curious what other people do here. I live in the East Bay and work in San Francisco. I've gone to UCSF for my primary care for over a decade as I used to live in SF, and often my appointments are for things that I can do mid-work day, so having them located in SF is usually the most convenient thing for me.

However, for the few times when I am sick at home in the East Bay and want to see a doctor, driving in to SF to see someone clearly is not practical.

So... what do other people that split their time between the two locations do? I'm reluctant to move everything to the East Bay as it's not always possible to get an end-of-day appointment, and to go from my office in SF to an appointment in the East Bay and back would not be practical either (and I couldn't work from home every time I have a random doctor appointment).


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Same history -- we keep going to our doctor in SF.  When sick, I drive in--totally not convenient.  There are these walk-in clinics now, like StatMed that we have occasionally used in the east bay for injuries. 

This is why we like being a part of One Medical. My husband works in SF, I work in Marin, and we live in the East Bay. My primary doctor is in Marin by my office but if I'm sick at home and need to see someone, I can go to their Berkeley or Oakland location. My husband can do the same. It's really great! 

I'm in a similar position - used to live in SF and all my medical care was based there, but have been living in the East Bay for the last three. I have a demanding job and can't take a ton of time away for long commutes to appointments.  (I love my dentist in Berkeley though and refuse to give him up, so every once in a while I leave work early for an end of day appointment.) A few things I do

1. All East Bay appointments need to be early morning or late afternoon, I spend the extra effort looking for providers that can accomodate this

2. The majority of my doctors are still SF based ones but I have switched over time so now the majority of my doctors are located near BART. I know its a weird requirement but makes life so much easier. I BART in from the East Bay and over three jobs have always been near BART (a requirement for me for my job and a manageable commute) so I figure if I keep my doctors near BART, I'll have easy access even if I switch jobs in SF.  This has worked out great. Switching doctors is a pain but luckily there are lots of great doctors downtown so it wasn't too bad.

3. I'm currently pregnant, and struggled with this exact question re: all my prenatal care, especially since I wanted prenatal care at the same facility I'd deliver at.  I was torn between Alta Bates in East Bay and UCSF Mission Bay and ultimately decided to go with UCSF as it is much more convenient for work - with all the frequency of appointments over 9 months, for me and my job that was just more important, and its an equally great hospital. True, I could have to go over a bridge to deliver, but its just as likely to happen the other way around, so i picked easy appointments.

I'm still with my UCSF doc after moving out over a decade ago, totally inconvenient, but I like her.  I've noticed that UCSF has an office on San Pablo now, with an urgent care clinic, perhaps that will help?

Well, I'd like to let you know that UCSF just opened up a new clinic in Berkeley, right at the Emeryville border, on San Pablo.  It's really convenient.  Parking is free.  They have a lot of primary docs, a few specialists and also urgent care available.  I've been seeing a specialist at UCSF at 1500 Owens in the City and now I can see him in Berkeley.  And the last time I went, there was nobody there.  Check it out.

I live in Oakland, work in downtown San Francisco and have found one medical group to be a convenient option.  They have offices all around the city, and now Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland too. I can typically get last minute appointments quickly, although not always with my primary doctor. But for planned physicals and tests, I’m easily able to see my primary physician. They treat common ailments over the phone or through an app, which is helpful. One thing to note is that one medical charges an annual fee but you can always call and ask if it can be reduced or waived.

I worked in San Francisco for 9 years while living in El Cerrito. I stuck with doctors and dentists close to my house and always tried to get my appointment first thing in the morning, thus only missing about an hour of work in the morning.

This might be not be something you would want to do or can do, but if you can get Kaiser insurance, you can be seen wherever you want whenever you want. My partner works in SF and goes to Kaiser SF for daytime appointments. We live east of the tunnel, so for appointments at night or on the weekends, she goes to Kaiser Walnut Creek. She knows doctors at both places and feels good going either place. 

My husband is in your situation. We live on the East Bay and he works in SF. His doctor is 5 minutes from our house. It's great because if he is sick he can just roll out of bed and go to the doctor or pick up medication. If it's another type of appointment then he goes to the appointment early in the morning, then goes to work, or else he comes home early from work to go to the appointment. I can't imagine driving across the bridge sick, just to go see your doctor.

I'm in the same situation and have been very happy with One Medical, which has offices in SF and in the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville). I like that I can go for a mid-day appointment in SF for something non-urgent, but if I'm home sick, I can get an appointment near my home.

I live in the East Bay and work in San Francisco. I have a One Medical membership and have really liked it. I can go to any of the offices in the city if I need to pop out to a standard appointment while I'm at work, but if I'm really sick and want something close to home, they have offices in Oakland and Berkeley that I've gone to.

Yes, it's tricky. If you have Brown & Toland for your docs (or Mills Peninsula, or some other medical group that allows you to go to UCSF) then you can't usually see doctors in the East Bay. BUT UCSF and John Muir just opened a joint facility in Berkeley on San Pablo in June, and I think you could go there! It's called the Berkeley Outpatient Center. Might be worth a look.