Seeking Pediatrician and Kid-friendly dentist in Berkeley

we're moving from San Francisco to North Berkeley this summer and are in need of a recco for a pediatrician and kid-friendly dentist in the North Berkeley/ Berkeley/Albany area. We have United Healthcare PPO and Delta Dental. 

thanks in advance!


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We use Solano Smile as our pediatric dentist. We like the practice.

We use Dr. Karin Schiffman for our pediatrician and Dr. Vivian Lopez for our dentist. Love them both. They both have great rapport with the kids, and are easy to talk to and very knowledgable.

We see Dr. Katsura at Aloha Pediatric Dentistry and absolutely love the practice. They have a North Berkeley as well as Telegraph location.

We love East Bay Pediatrics.

Second the East Bay Pediatrics vote - they have two offices, one on Regent St in Berkeley (across from Alta Bates) and another in Orinda (pretty easy to get to from Berkeley), it's right off the freeway.  We see Dr. Jonah Schey, but he's moving to Boston in August.  We are SUPER bummed, but will switch to another doctor in the same office.

Berkeley Pediatric Medical Group.  Annemary Franks or any of the docs.  You can google them, they have a website that shows all the docs and their backgrounds.