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2821 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley

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RE: Pediatric dentist ()

510 848-4430 Vivian Lopez. She's very patient, good at her work, has kind assistants and her office has funky stuff for kids to play with- old technology like a typewriter, adding machine, telephone, etc. My kid is very anxious and is on the autism spectrum and we have felt very comfortable there.

We use Dr. Karin Schiffman for our pediatrician and Dr. Vivian Lopez for our dentist. Love them both. They both have great rapport with the kids, and are easy to talk to and very knowledgable.

Dr. Vivian Lopez and assistants are great. I wouldn't say we achieved zero tears with every procedure, but I always felt the staff was even more patient and definitely more wise than I was. My preteen kids are still totally comfotable with going there despite some fillings, a retainer, one extraction, and a spacer. So they must be doing something right! With a 14 month old it sounds like it should be just cleanings and inspections though, so shouldn't be too many tears. Then again, I'm not sure I brought my kids to the dentist that young.

Update: I did go to three dentists who all said the same thing. I really loved Dr. Vivian Lopez. She was patient, competent, and non-judgmental. We are most likely to go with the silver diamine fluoride to delay fillings under general anesthesia. Although it will stain caries black, we are willing to wait and see. 

We have seen Vivian Lopez for years, great staff and sensitive to needs and issues of all types of kids. Highly recommend 

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Nov 2011

Re: Pediatric Dentist Recommendation
We LOVE Dr. Vivian Lopez at 2821 Telegraph, 2 blocks North of Ashby, at Oregon. 848-4430. She has been great for our son who has sensory processing disorder and is very fearful. Thanks for reminding me, we need an appointment! Bonnie

Re: Dentist/periodontist for dental-phobe teen
I would suggest seeing Vivian Lopez , DDS on Telegraph. She sees older teens and children . Try Carole Grimme for the gum surgery. My son who is 18 had this done and it went actually very well. She is calm and very supportive. We have great experiences with both of these. anon

Nov 2010

Re: Kids Dentist in Berkeley accepting Delta Dental
Try Dr. Vivian Lopez on Telegraph at Oregon. She's amazing and accepts Delta. Love my kids' dentist!

May 2010

Dr. Vivian Lopez was Pediatric Dentist for my kids who are now 20 and 23! She is great with kids and never pushes you to do anything prematurely. She and her staff have just the right approach to make kids (and parents) really comfortable. We have been so happy with her that I haven't even pulled my 20 year old out yet, to see an adult dentist. She is on Telegraph, just north of Ashby. Her phone number is 848-4430. Satisfied!

Dec 2009

Re: Delta Dental Rec. Needed
Regarding your search for a Pediatric kids have been seen by Vivian Lopez for years. She is very kind, gentle and has wonderful support staff that have been with her forever. They are all gifted with children and my kids have never had any less than good experiences there. She is located on Telegraph Ave near Oregon St. I highly recommend her. shojo

Sept 2009

Re: Pediatric Dentist in Berkeley
We've been very happy with Vivian Lopez on Telegraph. 848-4430

April 2009

Re: Healthy Families dentist
My kids have done very well with Dr. Lopez, office on Telegraph near Ashby. She has great assistants and other dentists to complete her practice. My daughter, now 12, went thru maybe 4 other scary dentists before Vivian when her teeth became broken and all -- and both my kids have stayed with Dr. Vivian Lopez all these years. I think she even sees some college students who haven't yet left home.

Point being: she is smart, observant, socially savvy, and talked me thru an emergency one Sunday nite even before she was our actual doctor. She was so patient and thorough and asked all the right questions. I cannot say enough good things about her!!! I wish I had her phone number handy, but look her up online or in the phone book. Or call me and by tomorrow I will find her number!

You'll be pleased. Plus her office waiting room has a bunch of old typewriters, which kids find fascinating! And books and journals. And balloons and prizes after all those scary procedures. She and her whole practice are just terrific.

FR ( mother of a 12 and 9 year old)

Nov 2008

Re: Dentist for Autistic Child
We just switched (at Dr. Doshi's recomm.) to Dr. Vivian Lopez (510) 848-4430, in Berkeley. She and her staff have been extremely patient, experienced and adept at getting x-rays, cleanings and exams completed.

Feb 2008

Re: Holistic children's dentist
I am English too, and understand the different atmosphere vis a vis natural medicine. Having said that, I cannot say that the dentist I am about to recommend is particularly natural health in her orientation! However, she is very relaxed as well as caring. She and her staff are marvelous with kids. I have never felt pushed with anything, either. She maintains that so much about teeth is genetic and never made me feel terrible about my son's shocking amount of cavaties!

By the way, I sense a sea change in attitudes in dentistry generally: my own dentist has gotten very excited about xylitol and recommended to me that I brush with Spry, which is full of the stuff and sans flouride... they have this paste for kids too... Hope this helps

Vivian Lopez: 848 4430. SHe's on Telegraph in Berkeley and excepts Delta insurance as well as those paying without! Susan-Jane

Jan 2008

Re: Pediatric Dentist
Vivian Lopez is a pediatric dentist on Telegraph in Berkeley. She's very competent and works well the the children. Her office staff is great too. Her phone number is 510-848-4430. rishida

Oct 2007

Re: Dentist for kids that takes Delta Dental
I highly recommend pediatric dentist Dr. Vivian Lopez. My now 10-year-old has been seeing her since she was tiny. Offices are not fancy (i.e., not hi-tech). She gives good solid care, has a super nice staff with procedures very oriented toward kids (they get to wear sunglasses and play with toys to distract them, and get a balloon and sticker at the end). They put on videos only for longer procedures. Telegraph near Ashby, 848-4430. Nicole M.,

May 2007

Re: Need a warm and competent pediatric dentist
Vivian Lopez is a great pediatric dentist. She's smart and nice and very respectful. I think she's great-my kids have seen her for years. She's on Telegraph in Berkeley-848-4330

June 2006

Re: Pediatric dentist for first timer?
Try Vivian Lopez in Berkeley. She has a pediatric practice and she and her staff are great with kds. My daughter has been going to Dr. Lopez since she was two. anon

Feb 2006

Vivian Lopez in Berkeley is wonderful, my kids have seen her since they were little. I highly recommend her.

April 2004

Wondering if anyone has any recent experience with Dr. Vivian Lopez? She comes highly recommended by my dentist (Dr. Marchelle King) but looking for some recent parent recommendations. thanks.

My two kids go to Vivian Lopez and we like her a lot. She is calm and gentle with the kids and clear and helpful to us parents. We recommend her. lmorrison

We think highly of Vivian Lopez, and she is not our regular ped. dentist . She saw my daughter once when her regular dentist was not in his office and was very kind and smart during her assessment of what was going on in my daughter's mouth. Ultimately, it was nothing, my daughter had abraded her gum, but she took my daughter's complaints of pain seriously, esp. because my daughter has compromised enamel. Her office is not so swank with all of the bells and whistles intended to entertain our little darlings, but she was very competent, very nice, and I was impressed that she saw a non-patient, on a Friday, without any fuss.

HI. I go to the practice which includes Vivian Lopez, but my son sees Dr. Cheng -- who only works on Wednesdays. She is very sweet and gentle and we went about six years ago when my son had 8-10 cavities. It was a very traumatic time for me -- as the prior dentist refused to treat my son after he put laughing gas on him and son kicked when something hurt. Another dentist wanted to put him under total anesthesia. Dr. Cheng's office offered me an alternative ---a sedative, so most of the cavities could be treated. Lately, my son hasn't had any cavities -- so I am pleased with Dr. Cheng's work -- she is thourough and careful. The office staff is supportive. Dr. Lopez wasn't taking new patients at the time we joined the practice. Cornelia

May 2003

Vivian Lopez in South Berkeley is great. She's respectful and positive and thoughtful. alice

August 1996

Vivian Lopez, DDS, has been super with our two boys, now 6 and 10. She has always handled well our energetic and/or fearful sons even when he required a root canal at age four. She also gives out great (I mean, mega-cool!) stickers (and not lollipops) at every visit. Her office is at 2821 Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley (just a couple blocks north of Ashby). Phone is 848-4430.

I'd like to recommend a good children's dentist in Berkeley - Vivian Lopez, DDS, 2821 Telegraph (near Ashby), (510) 848-4430. Dr. Lopez & her staff are great with kids. My daughter first saw Dr. Lopez when she was 2 1/2 (she's now 7 1/2), and she looks forward to every visit!

Dr. Vivan Lopez, who is a pediatric dentist on Telegraph somewhat north of Ashby 848-4430, and who took great care of my kids' dental health until Dr. Solarz' practice opened.

Re: Good Children's Dentist
Vivian Lopez is an excellent children's dentist and has an office on Telegraph Avenue (near Ashby) in Berkeley. I have also been impressed with how well the assistants interact with the children.

I've hesitated to get involved, because I haven't had strong feelings about my kid's dentist, but especially after reading the other notes, I would certainly recommend Dr. Vivian Lopez on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley near Ashby. She is very nice, good with both my kids - encouraging but no guilt tripping about brushing, flossing, cavities, etc.. She writes up little patient reports that my 8 yr old daughter loves to keep as reference. (The report say things like - great patient! or remember to let mom help you brush! etc. with a reminder to the parent about scheduling the next visit, issues, etc. )

I used to be annoyed at the time the office visits took, but I've smartened up and schedule both my kids first thing in the AM, and we're out an hour or so later. She may be a bit 'interventionist for some people (sealants, laughing gas, X-rays) but she is well-mannered and low pressure if you don't want to go that route. The office is sometimes busy, the toys and books are a bit worn, but thats irrelevant to me now that my kids know what going to the dentist is about. My daughter had a cavity filledwhen she was 5 with no trouble, and Dr. Lopez was very patient and responsive with my 4 year old son this morning when he didn't want his teeth cleaned. She humored him, relaxed him and then checked his teeth anyways, advising me to let the cleaning go this time since his teeth were fine.