More recent dentist review for Dr. Lopez?


I've read nice things about Dr. Vivian Lopez, a Pediatric Dentist in Berkeley but  not much recently.. Does anyone have first hand experience with her recently? Does she provide kind and up to date treatment? Does she focus on dental health or dental appearance?


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We love Dr. Lopez!! She’s very kind and good with kids and my daughter gets pumped about the balloons and little prizes she hands out. Ha. She does take insurance, I believe. Call to ask which ones. 

My 2 kids (ages 9 and 12) have been going to Dr. Lopez since they were toddlers and we love her. So far it's just been for cleanings and fluoride treatments as my kids have no dental issues, so it's straightforward. She is kind and caring and talks to my kids about healthy eating for teeth care. She definitely is down to earth and all about dental health. She recommended us to an orthodontist to check one of my kid's overbite. 

Our family has been seeing Dr. Lopez for the last 15 years or so.

We love her and her staff so much. They are kind, patient and gentle.  My younger son loves going to the dentist (really!)!

My older son is now too old to see her but my younger son has been seen by their staff for the last 13 years and I can say that they are honest and focus on the dental health of the child. I value Dr. Lopez's opinion regarding orthodontia and other treatments. I highly recommend her!

Our daughter has been seeing Dr. Lopez for 9 years and she's always had a positive experience. Dr. Lopez is really great. To your question about her focus, I'd say it's health over appearance. She emphasizes eating healthy snacks that promote tooth health, flossing, brushing, etc. Super kind and seems up to date to us, but I'm not exactly in the loop on the most current dental treatments :). Happy to answer more questions if you have them. Also, the office is well-run, nice, never wait long, etc. 

I love Dr. Lopez. She has given 3 fillings to my now 6-year old daughter and has done a great job. My daughter also lost her front tooth following an accident when she was 4 and Dr. Lopez had been watching the adult tooth and surrounding teeth, keeping tabs but didn't need to intervene. She is friendly to the kids, down-to-earth. Friendly heigenists there too. I would say she focuses on dental health vs appearance, although did warn us that my kid will need braces (I appreciated the heads up).

I feel like her skills are up to date. The dental offices and perhaps equipment could probably use some updating, although I feel like it is still good and sometimes shiny dentist equipment means higher prices or unnecessary treatment (but I'm skeptical of most dentists so take that as you will). Overall we've been happy! 

We seem to be the exception but we had an awful experience when our daughter was between 4 and 7 years old. She is scarred to this day by the way Dr. Lopez filled some cavities in baby teeth without enough painkiller (despite our daughter screaming), and later removed some baby teeth (recommended by our orthodontist), with only local anesthetic (again, screaming). We found Dr. Lopez to be surprisingly apathetic to our daughter's fear and pain. We were really stupid not to switch dentists sooner. It's still traumatic to get our now 15-year old to the dentist, even though she's had no issues at the new dentist, and she shudders and points it out every time we drive past Dr. Lopez's office.