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Our family is moving from Chicago to Berkeley this weekend & my 4 year old son is in need dental care.  He has had a bad experience with the two dentists in Chicago & it is very important we find a pediatric dentist that is warm, nurturing, & will let parents go to the back with their child. Any recommendations would be helpful.  Thank you in advance.

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We love Alameda Pediatric Dentistry- they are GREAT with kids! They have an office in Oakland.

Both my picky daughters liked Aloha Pediatric Dentistry. I liked that they had many locations that were convenient as we moved a few times.
-mom of 2

These guys are recommended a lot on BPN for good reason:  Aloha Dentistry in Berkeley.  They really know how to work with children.  My youngest has just graduated from Aloha to a regular dentist, but the years going to Aloha were happy and stress-free.  Yes, parents can hover over their kid if they want to during the visit. The kids, and optionally their parents, are in a big examining room together, which I think reduces the anxiety for kids when they see other kids getting their teeth checked. They are a great dental practice.

My family loves our pediatric dentist in downtown Oakland. Its the practice of Dr Denise Allen Bass on the corner of 21st and Broadway. They are amazing. My 2 1/2 year old son has had an exam and they brushed and counted his teeth. My almost 5-year-old daughter has had that, as well as two or three cleanings. Neither one of them had any problems (aside from anxiety beforehand). The staff and the doctors are all pleasant and friendly and they talk in a mild tone. There are toys/books out front and a giant fish tank, through which you can see the exam/cleaning room. They will give your kids toys. My children beg me to go to the dentist because the bribery has work on them completely.

Thank you so much for all your input.  It really helped!

We have seen Vivian Lopez for years, great staff and sensitive to needs and issues of all types of kids. Highly recommend 

My kids go Dr. Nicolas Ching of Childrens Dentristry. When they were younger they appreciated the tv playing cartoons to distract them. Dr. Nick, as he is called, has a great manner with the kids. He is very genuine and friendly. They have a chair for the parent to sit in right next to the table the children lie down on. He does a good job of explaining issues and has always been patient and helpful when I have questions.